Title: Caged Bird
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Side; Shiki x Izaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Rape, Slight Cross dressing

Izaya's POV

I really can't believe my eyes as I watch the blonde woman lay on the ground. Heh…I guess everyone in this damn place is a dirty cheater. Not really that I can say anything. Still, I feel anger start to erupt inside of me. That slut is getting married to Shizuo and the bitch doesn't like him either!

Fate really is a cruel bastard.

I close the door as quietly as I can. I wonder though what would happen if she knew that I knew about her little secret~ A smirk graces my lips before a turn around and coming face to face with another man. I'm taken back by the sudden presence and nearly fall, but before I can completely lose my balance, the man grabs my wrist and pulls it roughly forward.

"What's this? A spy?" The man has short red hair and bandages on the side of his face. I pull my wrist harshly out of the man's and put some difference between the two of us. I reach for the knife that I normally have hidden away in my kimono but curse under my breath when I realize that I don't have it. My back fully meets the wall as the man pins my arms above my head with one hand and grabbed a sword sheath in the other.

"How dishonorable of you." The man says as the sound of metal running against metal fills the air of the hallway. The tip of the blood is pointed towards my chin and I tilt my head back to avoid being cut. I don't let the man see fear; instead I just smirk and play off the situation like I am in complete control. The two of us glare at one another and he seems to be getting pissed off at my challenge. The man is about to run his sword through me but then his blade falls to the floor from another object colliding with it. I look over to the side to see the sword lying on the floor with a knife lying on top.

"Chikage-san, I ask that you unhand my friend immediately." The hallway echoed lightly with the sounds of footsteps as the blonde samurai walked towards us.

Heh…he always has the best timing. I shoved the red haired man off of me and got out of my embarrassing position. The man's face scrunched up in annoyance as he looked at the blonde samurai.

"Heiwajima-san." Shizuo walks over to us and glances at me before looking at the other man. You could almost see the tension between the two.

Heh, how cute~ Shizu-chan has a rival~

"I believe you're over stepping your boundaries, Chikage-san." Shizuo growled out as he tightened his fist, causing his very pronounced muscles to become more visible. How the man ever managed to get the body of a sex god is beyond me.

"Over stepping boundaries? Why I am just protecting the palace from possible threats." The red haired man said as he slid his sword back into its sheath.

"Izaya isn't a threat so leave him the hell alone!" Shizu-chan yelled, surprising even me. Dammit Shizu-chan, control your damn emotions or we're both going to be dead!

The man looked over at me again and ran his eyes up and down me. Tch, talk about dishonorable.

"I didn't know you were such good friends with a Geisha, Shizuo-kun." His face twisted into a more amused expression as he looked back at the blonde. Shizu-chan opened his mouth to reply but I swiftly cut him off before he could completely blow our cover.

"Shizu-chan and myself are no more the your friendly acquaintances~" I began as I walked over to the inquisitive blonde to put my hand on his shoulder while keeping my perfect mask in tact. "He is just being the Good Samaritan and helping those in need." Turning my body fully to Shizuo, I gave him a silent glare to give him the hint to play along. Thankfully, he seemed to take the hint.

"Yeah." His muscles noticeably relaxed as he looked down at me with those beautiful caramel eyes of his. I felt a pang in my heart as I turned to face the other man and put on a fake smile.

"Ah…my apologies…"

"Orihara Izaya." A flash of something went through his eyes, an irritating emotion that I couldn't quite identify which annoys me.

"Shizuo-san!" All three of us turned to see a man with dreadlocks walking towards us and Shizuo's fucking slut fiancé closely behind.

It's so fascinating. Before today, I would have never thought of myself as the 'jealous type'. Something about that blonde bitch just caused my blood to boil.

"Tom-san…Vorona…" Shizuo walked right passed me and over to his betrothed. I'm not going to lie, it hurt like a bitch. The envy I have for that woman and she doesn't even return his feelings!

Wait…he didn't have any feelings for her either.

This whole thing is just one fucked up mess.

Vorona walked forward and took her place next to her blonde fiancé. I couldn't help but notice that her hair as a bit of a mess on her one side.

"Vorona-san, did you fall? The left side of your hair looks slightly disheveled." I said innocently. I simply couldn't help myself~

Vorona's eyes widened as she quickly brought her hand up to that side of her head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the dreadlocked man take a light inhale in. I nearly chuckled but was silenced when Shizuo sent me a deadly glare.

"Going to defend your fiancé, Heiwajima-san?" Chikage said in an amused tone which caught me off guard. "A lady should ever be spoken to that way."

Pitiful excuse for a woman if you ask me.

Shizu-chan didn't say or do anything though; all he did was silently glare at the red headed man. I think it's safe to assume that these too don't really like each other.

"Shizuo-san, you should get going…your father would be very displeased if you skilled out on your training again." The dreadlocked man said. Shizuo turned and faced the man to give him a slight nod before turning back to me. Our eyes locked and I felt my breath get caught in my throat.

"I will be back later." Before I get a chance to reply, he turns and starts to walk down the long hallway with his bride to be and the guy with the dreadlocks. I'm not sure why…but those words just pissed me off. Shizu-chan can't just fuck me and leave!

This is the first time that I think Shizuo might have used me…

It causes my heart to strain at that thought, but as I watch his back fade away, the reality of the situation started to really set in. He seduced me…even though he knew we could never be together.

This is really too short...I'm so ashamed of this...I need some inspiration. This chapter has bee lingering on my computer for days and I just can't...seem to finish this chapter x.x So I will make the next chapter twice as long for compensation but I really need your support guys or I think this fic will die ;_;