Title: Caged Bird
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Side; Shiki x Izaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Rape, and Slight Cross dressing

Izaya's POV

It's so odd. Ever since I met this man, my emotions have been running haywire. It's almost like I have lost control of my body and have been completely taken over by a lustful being; A creature inside of me that has been causing these foreign feelings to bloom. It was so despicable. I absolutely hate it and I hate myself for dropping my barriers and succumbing to the horrendous emotion; the emotion that only Shizuo Heiwajima has ever been able to invoke in me.

I couldn't tell you how long I've been just standing here gawking at the man. Judging from the annoyed expression on Shizu-chan's face, it must have been awhile.

"Hey! Are you listening to me?" I blink as the man waves his hand in front of my face. I swat it away immediately and glare at the man.

"Yes Shizu-chan, you don't need to treat me like a child." He lets out a sigh and runs his hand through his sweaty blonde hair.

"You can't just listen can you? If they catch yo-"

"Why?" I ask catching the man by surprise. His eye lifts up in pure confusion. Of course I don't blame him. The man is dumber than a box of rocks. Even if he could somehow read my thoughts, I highly doubt he would be able to interrupt them with that pea sized brain of his.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I really want to be angry at Shizuo…but, for some reason, I can't fully bring myself to hate him. There is a part of me that wanted to just jump into those strong arms of his and have him take me away to a secret world that only we know, while the other part of me is simply sick by the very sight of him.

How did things ever get this complicated?

"You knew…didn't you?" His head tilts slightly as his caramel orbs swirl with confusion.

"Knew…what?" My glare intensifies as my fingers twitch with a tingling sensation to smack the blonde. Shizuo looks me over and opens his mouth but I'm quick to cut him off from any mindless bullshit he is about to spout.

"This whole time…you knew that your family was the one that sold me into this life style. You came to the Okiya…looking for me…didn't you?" I look at him straight into piercing eyes of his and tighten my fists. "This whole time, you knew that you were the reason I was miserable!" Shizuo's expression relaxes a bit which lets me know that he understands what I'm talking about. There's no sound but the rustling of the air as my anger level maintains at a high. The samurai has a very calm expression on his face which is very unsettling. After a few moments of silence, he takes a step forwards and reaches out to caress my face. He remains calm and composed as he runs his strong fingers down my jaw bone and underneath my chin. I think it's supposed to be a calming gesture, but it's only making me more impatient and angry.

"It's not like that." His voice remains calm and cool. He leans forward slightly and looks deep into my eyes as if he is trying to penetrate my hard exterior and reach the soft side of me that he now know exists. "I just-"

"Where are Mairu and Kururi?" I say as I shove his hand away. Shizuo takes a moment to recover before he too starts to look unpleased.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I finally snap and completely lose myself to the anger that has built up within me.

"My sisters! Where the fuck are they!?" Shizuo glares at me.

"I don't fucking know!" I lunge forward and shove the man forcefully with little success.

"You do! You know!" I push him once again and he stumbles backwards. "Tell me! Tell me!" I quickly take the opening and go forward to shove him again but the beast within the man seems to have been awaken and he begins to fight back. He grabs my hand forcefully and pulls me into him with one rough tug. I grit my teeth and bring up my other hand to land a hard punch on the side of his face. The punch takes him completely off guard and I manage to wiggle my arm out of his death grip. The adrenaline rushing through my veins causes me to lounge towards the man and I attempt to kick him, but he manages to grab my ankle with crushing force. I groan slightly from the pain feel myself leave the ground as he throws me across the training area. My back meets the cherry blossom tree causing some of the petals to start falling down and rain around us. I can feel an extreme amount of pain in my back, but I can't bring myself to let the samurai to win.

I wasn't going to let him have one over on me once again.

Shizuo starts to walk towards me with a challenging look in his eyes. I smirk slightly and slip my hand in my kimono to click flick my trusty knife his way. Caramel eyes widen as he suddenly dashes towards the side to avoid the flying weapon. I push myself up to my feet run towards the man again. Once I get close enough, I jump on top of him. The momentum of the collision causes us to collapse to the ground with me on top of the blonde's groin. I pull myself into a sitting position bury my hands in the samurai's blonde locks. His head is pulled towards me as I mercilessly yank his hair up but the roots.

"Tell me where they are!" The piercing scream rings out throughout the whole training area causing near by birds to take off. Before I can fully process what is happening, I am completely flipped over with the blonde towering over me and my hands pinned above my head. The pink, cherry blossom petals continue to fall around us as we stare each other down while trying to regain our breath. Shizuo's beautiful eyes looking into mine make me feel like completely falling apart. The warmth of them is so comforting to me and makes me want to desperately believe that they are genuine. That there are no lies hiding behind them…

"Izaya." Shizuo's voice is like a sad melody to my ears; something you don't want to hear but can't help but to listen to. "You need to believe me." I close my eyes and take a deep breath to regain my composer.

"I don't need to believe anything Shizu-chan." He falls quiet after that. My eyes remain closed as I silently prepare for his fist to collide with my face. What I don't expect though, is his warm lips pressed against mine. My crimson orbs snap open at the sudden action. They drift towards Shizuo's closed lids as I remain unresponsive to his kiss. I feel a pang in my chest as I feel like he is almost desperate for a response, desperate for a confirmation that I care about him the same way that he does for me…but I never give it.

His right hand runs down my arm causing and tingling sensation to run through my body. It glides up my shoulder and wraps around the back of my head. It takes everything inside of me to resist responding to Shizuo's sweet gesture.

After a few moments of no response, he pulls away and pulls his hand away from the back of my head to caress my cheek.

"This isn't easy for me either…" The warmth of his eyes becomes almost unbearable as he tilts his head to the side slightly and smiles lightly at me. "I love you Izaya…I don't know why, or how, but dammit! I love you! There don't have to be an explanation why…I just do…" Shizuo's words literally render me speechless. I open my mouth a few times to respond but nothing comes out. He sits back to let me out from underneath him. As I wiggle my way out, I can tell that he is waiting for some sort of response but I can't bring myself to say anything.

I'm such a coward. I'm my own worst enemy and I have nobody else to blame for my agony but myself…but I'm too arrogant to admit that. I'm too much of a cocky asshole to ever admit to anyone that I am wrong in any sort of way. After a few moments of silence, my mouth opens to say something, but I am cut off with a sudden bang. Both of us look over towards the doorway to see an older man with a sword standing in the door way. He steps in and others come out from behind him and make their way towards us. Shizuo immediately gets on both knees and bows his head. Not customary to these sorts of things, I just sit there dumbfounded and confused. The man stops a few feet away where Shizuo is bowed down at. The blonde samurai lifts his head, caramel eyes full of fear of fear and uncertainty.

"Father…" Shizu-chan's…father… I'm pulled off the ground and my hands bound behind my back. I try to struggle but am only rewarded with a hard punch in the stomach. I lean forward and grunt in pain.

"Father I-"

"Silence." Shizuo immediately seals his lips as the older Heiwajima raises his hand. The man looks a lot like the blonde samurai but much older and with sharper features. His dulled out brown eyes turn towards me and run up and down me. I watch as his face turns to slight disguist before his eyes settle on mine.

"Take him to the jail." My crimson eyes widen as the man holding me forcibly tug on me towards the door. Shizuo stands up abruptly and watches in panic as they take me away.


"Remain silent Shizuo." The blonde samurai bites his tongue and looks at me in pure horror. My eyes reflect the same emotion as I'm pulled within the building and down a much darker, colder hallway.

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