Title: Caged Bird
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Side; Shiki x Izaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Rape, and Slight Cross dressing

I'm really disgusted.

I don't know how long it's been; a few days maybe? Funny how total darkness makes you lose sense of time. I clench my stomach as I feel a low rumble in my abdomen. I haven't eaten since I got to this place. I have tried to find a way out, but all my attempts have gone in vain. It seems that there is absolutely no way out and I am going to die down here. My body curls up as I pull myself into a ball. I'm probably absolutely disgusting from the dirt that I am lying on. I used to think that being a sex slave was the lowest form of life; however, this is far worse.

I let out a deep sigh and push myself off the ground to wander around in the cold darkness. My hands are outstretched as I try and come in contact with something.

But there's nothing but bars. I suppose if I really tried I could find a way out of these bars, but it is way too dark to see a thing.

I let out a deep sigh and make my way back towards the wall that I have been staying here nearly this entire time. I'm seriously hopeless. There is no way out and nobody coming to save me. I feel tears build up in my eyes and close my eyelids hard. Droplets of water sneak out of the corners and start their way down my face. I have done so much, sacrificed everything, tortured myself to be able to live a life that was decent and the moment I let my guard down, I find myself back in the situation that I was in many years ago. My fingers dig into the dirt and I lay my body down on it. I had promised myself that I would never end up like this again. I feel like I failed. More tears start a steady trail down my face. I clench my fists and pound the ground. An ache starts up in my hand, but I ignore it. It's nothing compared to the pain that I am feeling on the inside. I spent years building up a wall, and in the matter of just a few weeks it was reduced to crumbles.

How could I have messed up so bad? How could I let myself fall so easily? My hand wipes off the tears that are now staining my face only to be replaced with dirt. I'm so disgusting.

Am I going to die like this?

I let out a deep sigh and try and push the thought out of my mind. My eyes are covered by my lids as I try and let myself get some sleep. My mind begins to wander as relaxation starts to take over my body. In the distance I hear the opening of doors and the loud foot steps of several people. Somebody is coming?

I push my body up and face the direction of the bars keeping me in. There is nothing but darkness. A sigh escapes my lips. Sounds of doors opening make me jump slightly. I look towards the direction of the sound and see an orange glow.

A light.

A sense of relief fills me. Maybe I am saved…maybe I won't die after all.

The glow comes closer before it stops at the bars. A sudden sense of dread starts to fill me as I begin to make out the light being a candle and 3 men are accompanying it. I back up slightly from the bars before the men stop at my cell. Candle light flickers of the face of a tall man. A strange sense of fear starts to fill my body as the man smirks at me.

Oh please no…

The man opens the door and all three of them make their way in and towards me. My eyes flicker to the open bars as I mentally start to prepare an escape. All hope is lost though when my only chance of freedom is pulled shut. The man with the candle grabs my jaw and forces it up.

"So you're the geisha eh?" A flicker of excitement reflects in the man's eyes. I glare back at him and spit in his face. His ugly face scrunches up in disguist when my saliva meets his skin. A cocky smirk makes its way on my face, but it soon disappears as I feel a sharp pain my hand. A quiet shriek escapes my lips as I feel metal start to pierce through my skin. My head drops as I bite my lip to prevent myself from letting out anymore sounds of pain. A hand makes its way into my hair and clenches my dark locks before pulling up forcefully.

"Now be a good little geisha and do what you're told." The man with the candle says. Fire light flickers off his face to reveal the pervert smirk on his face. My crimson orbs reflect fear from what is about to occur. I'm shoved down roughly onto the ground and am forced onto my hands and knees. I close my eyes knowing that the man in front of me is starting to disrobe. I am used to sex, but that doesn't mean I'm used to rape. This is humiliating. Normally I am able to control situations like this, but right now I am nothing more than a bleeding, dirty mess. My head is forced up as tangles into my hair and pulls. I refuse to open my eyes. It makes it easier for me to disconnect myself from my current, humiliating situation. Something wet and disgusting pushes slightly against my lips, I immediately know it's the tip of the man's penis. He pushes at my closed lips, hoping that I would take the hint and open my mouth. I don't. I have always been very stubborn. The sword this is still pierced in my hand twists ever so slightly, reminding me of its existence. I gasp slightly and the man shoves his dick in my mouth. I choke slightly and being to gag. My body shifts backwards as I try and ease the gagging, but the man pulls me back so his full length is in my mouth. It has to be one of the most disgusting things I ever taste. It tastes like dirt and piss which makes me want to vomit.

"Suck." I mildly muse the idea of biting the guys cock, but I honestly didn't want to lose my hand either. My mouth constricts as I being to suck the dirty ass dick. I could so much better but I didn't want to give this man any sort of pleasure. Moans start to come from the man's mouth and he begins to pet me like a dog. It's really degrading. A pair of hands holds on tightly to either side of my hips as I feel something poking at my entrance. My fingers claw into the dirt as I anticipate the pain of being taken without prep. With one thrust, the man's full length is inside of me. Unconsciously I begin to bite down n the penis that's in my mouth. The man above me starts to twist the sword the other way. Tears well up into my eyes as the pain travels up my spine. My anus feels like it's on fire from the sudden intrusion. The pain only begins to intensify as the man starts to rock back and forth t move inside of me. Again, the sword in my hand turns to remind me of the cock that's in my mouth. My head rises slightly as I begin to suck more. Moans start to echo in the room, but there not mine. The only sound that I am making are the silently cries that fall on death ears. Never in my life have I felt so violated. Nails start t dig into my sides as the man behind me starts to fully pull out and shove himself back into me. The man in front of me also starts to thrust into my mouth to get some warm friction on his appendage.

"A-ahh…f-fuck.." The man in front of me releases his seed inside of my mouth. I begin to gag again at the taste and amount of fluid inside my mouth. I want to spit it out, but the man leaves his cock inside my mouth so I have no choice but to swallow the thick, bitter liquid. Very heavy panting fills the room before I hear the man behind me cries out and release his seed deep inside of me. I cringe as the man in front of man pulls out of my wet cavern. I faintly hear a grunt in the darkness and more panting. I'm guessing the 3rd male was masturbating to the sick scene. The dark room is filled with heavy breathing and the sick smell of sex. My arms and legs gave out and I lay myself to lie down on the ground. White cum is oozing out of my ass, leaving me feel gross and sticky.

"You're a good fuck for a whore." One of the men says but I don't bother to look. I feel humiliated enough; I don't want to have to see the faces of these men.

I'm suddenly flipped over out my back, my head slamming hard against the ground. Pain starts to take over as my ears start t ring from the sudden impact with the hard floor. A pathetic sound of agony escapes my lips as tears start to stream down my cheeks. I feel like I'm losing myself. I have no control anymore.

Vaguely I can feel dirty hands pull and tug at my clothes. My legs re forced apart to an uncomfortable position before one of the men press their tip against my entrance once again. He thrusts in fully and claws at my soft thighs. The man doesn't give me time to adjust before he starts to thrust in and out.

The man is suddenly ripped out of me and I hear a bone crushing scream. My crimson eyes open and I see a reflection of a sword flicker from the warm candle light. Another one of the men let out a horrific scream of agony. Gathering all my strength, I push myself up on my elbow to what's going on. The third man drops the candle that he is holding and pleads for his life before he too starts to scream in pain. A liquid splashes against my face as I see a dark figure holding something long in his hand. I narrow my eyes to try and focus so I can make out the person. The dying flame flickers slightly and I see the blood covered face of Shizuo looking towards the direction of where the 3ird man was standing.

"S-Shizu-chan…" Shizuo turns to look at me and I see just how bloody his face really is. His eyes lock onto mine. I smile softly before I completely pass out.

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