Title: Caged Bird
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Side; Shiki x Izaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Rape, and Slight Cross dressing

From here out, the story is in 3rd person.

Shizuo sat on the cold grass, breathing heavily. Soft, white clouds of air escaped his lips due to the fridged cold weather. The sky looked like it would start dropping snowflakes any moment, but the blonde samurai wasn't able to see that from his area underneath the trees. He let his head fall back to rest against the hard, wooden tree.

After Izaya had passed out, Shizuo grabbed the smaller male and quickly fled to the nearest wooded area. He knew that it was only a matter of time that his father would have people sent for him and Izaya, so he had to get out of the open and quickly. His caramel eyes snapped open when he heard a few twigs snap not far off. He quickly looked in the direction only to see a squirrel scurrying away. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he watched the animal disappear from view. His caramel eyes drifted down to the unconscious body that was lying, unconscious, next to him. Even when he wasn't trying, the samurai thought that the geisha looked absolutely breath taking. It was a rare form of beauty that was generally only seen in woman. The blonde had seen a lot of women in his time, but none of them came near Izaya's rare looks. Hesitant fingers ran through the smaller males locks.

Izaya shifted slightly before scrunching up his face and opening his eyes. The first thing that he saw was the blonde samurai's eyes. At first, he seemed confused. He didn't know where he was or why Shizuo was with him. But after a few moments, everything came back to him. Red eyes slowly took in their surroundings before settling on the sharp sword that laid only a few feet away from him. The blonde male followed Izaya's gaze to the sword that was laying next to his leg. In a flash, the geisha grabbed the sword and swung it towards the samurai. Shizuo reacted quickly and grabbed the blade just in time before it struck his neck. The sharp metal cut into his hand but he ignored it as he stared into angry, red eyes.

Izaya glared at the other male before wincing at the sharp pain in his hand and dropping the sword. Looking down, the geisha saw his injured hand neatly wrapped up and tended to.

"Is it THAT hard to say thank you?" The blonde angrily as he looked annoyed at the smaller male. Izaya's gaze snapped back onto the blonde and settled into a hard glare.

"Thank you? Ha! What a load of shit, what do I have to thank you for?" The geisha retorted. Shizuo's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Saving your sorry ass for one!"

"It was your fault I was in that place in the first place!" The samurai's hands tightened into fists as he tried to maintain control over his temper.

"Look you asshole, I put my ass on the line to get you out of there! Don't go and say that it was me that caused all your problems! You can do that without my help!" Izaya balled up his fist and punched Shizuo, hard. His fists were clenched so tight that he could feel his nails digging into his skin. The geisha expected the blonde to dodge the punch or quickly retaliate, but he did neither of those. He simply sat there.

"So that's it?" Shizuo started before turning his head back the right way and looking at Izaya in the eyes. "You're just going to take out all of your problems on me?" Izaya glared hard at Shizuo. How dare Shizuo insinuate that he caused all these problems on his own! Izaya had done nothing to deserve this. He was just doing his job. It was the samurai who decided to pursue a relationship, not him! The geisha quickly got to his feet and started to walk away from the blonde. Shizuo quickly got up and began after Izaya, who picked up the pace.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?!"

"Away from you!" Izaya said sternly as he aimlessly walked away from the samurai. He had never been to this area before and had no idea where he was going or where he was in general. They were surrounded by trees and a river. They had to be somewhere far out because this looked nothing like where they lived.


"Leave me alone!" The geisha replied as he mindlessly made his way into the way in foolish hope that he would get to the other side. Izaya gasped when the icy water hit his skin.

"What are you doing you idiot! It's like 20 degrees out here!" The dark haired male stubbornly continued to try and make his way across, but the freezing water was starting to make his lower body feel numb. "You're going to freeze to death!" Izaya stopped in the water and lowered his head.

"…It really doesn't matter anymore…does it?" He responded in a low voice. The blonde stood there, glare starting to soften as he looked at the back of the geisha. "…We're never going to get out of this alive, why does it matter?" Izaya bite his lip as he tried to maintain his emotions. Yes, he knew what was going to happen to him when he and Shizuo got caught. They could run for as long as they liked, but eventually they would be caught. There was no escaping it. Freezing to death was a much more pleasant death than he was now destined to endure.

"…Don't say that." Shizuo said as he stared at Izaya's back. "We're going to make it out of this." Izaya remained silent for a moment before turning and looking at Shizuo.

"How do you know?" The samurai saw the fear in the geisha's red orbs.

"I don't…" Shizuo extended his hand for the geisha to take. "But I know if we don't try then we definitely aren't going to make it out of this alive. We need to trust each other or we're never going to make it." Izaya hesitated. Putting his trust in people was something he learned a long time to never do. Trust no one but yourself; that was how he lived. People were only out for themselves. They didn't care if they hurt others in the process, as long as they got ahead they didn't care. But Izaya saw something deep in those caramel eyes. It was an emotion that he had never seen before. A warming emotion that made his heart clench slightly and his body warm up, despite the cold water that he was currently standing in. With a great amount of hesitation, Izaya took a hold of Shizuo's strong hand and made his way out of the water and towards the other male. The cold air made the smaller male shiver. The samurai ran his hand through Izaya's dark locks, wincing slightly at the pain in his hand.

"You're going to get frost bite you idiot." Geisha said nothing, just allowed himself to be comforted and held by the samurai. Shizuo pulled Izaya close and began to rub his back in an attempt to warm up the smaller male. "We need to find shelter." The blonde said as he tucked the geisha's head underneath his chin. Izaya's nodded but stayed in position. Was this really his reality? Was he going to forever be on the run before he met his unfortunate death at the end of a sword? The dark haired male closed his eyes.

This was pathetic.

Izaya pulled away from the warm embrace.

"Come on Shizu-chan, we need to find shelter before it gets dark." The geisha forced himself to ignore the feeling of pins and needles stabbing into his lower half of his body as he tried to walk away. Shizuo watched as the geisha struggled to walk in mild amusement. Walking over, he scooped the small into his arms. Izaya threw a nasty glare at the samurai.

"What the hell? Put me down!" The geisha demanded but the blonde just ignored him, much to his annoyance. He tried to kick to get free, but his legs weren't responding like they should have due to the cold water that they were just submerged in. He felt a shiver run through his body as he a gentle breeze made its way through.

"Just relax Izaya. You can't walk and, like you said, we need to find shelter before it gets dark. It's just quicker this way so calm down." Shizuo said as he grabbed his sword from the ground and put it back into its holster. Izaya thought that it was odd that the samurai was so calm in a situation such as this, but then he remembered that this was Shizuo's reality. Hunting and being hunted was just part of the job for a samurai. The geisha briefly mused how many times the blonde was actually afraid of his life. When it came to his own life, Shizuo didn't seem very concerned. All he cared about was Izaya and his safety. The geisha felt a pull at his heart at that thought. The raven haired male wrapped his arms around the samurai's neck and nuzzled close as a silent 'thank you'.

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