Summary: "His boyfriend, that's what they're calling it now, but Derek's wolf secretly provides life partner, eternity partner, anchor, mate."

Note: This is the last chapter! Oh, I'm actually really emotional to see this be done with, but I'm excited for all of you to read it. Thank you so much for sticking with this.

Sheriff Stilinski paces the dimly lit room, silent with a determined look on his face. He looks over at the teenager sitting at the table, watching him back. He slams his hands down on the table suddenly, but the guy doesn't so much as jump. Just watches him with an almost-smile on his lips.

"So, you think this is funny? This is a very serious matter. How old are you exactly?" He uses his best police officer voice, best police officer stone face.


He walks around the table, pulling down the standing lamp - the only light source - and shining it into Derek's face, "Is that a lie?"

"No." The wolf squints up at him, "You know, I'm going to take good care-"

"You should. You will. You always will. He's precious, and no one likes if you break something precious. He's my little boy. As long as you have him-"

"I will always take care of him. No matter what."

The Sheriff nods, "Good."

Derek nods as well, "Yes."

"You know I don't approve of this because of your age, right?"

"I'm aware of that. But I'm not going to do anything he doesn't want me to."

"That's what I'm worried about."

"Dad, what are you doing?" Light filters into the room and Stiles is standing by the shades, holding the string and looking at them both curiously. Sheriff Stilinski moves the lamp away, stands it back up and takes a step or two back from Derek.

"Nothing, just talking."

"Good, good... So, now that your interrogation's been interrupted, I need to actually talk to him." He gives a smile and crosses the room, grabs Derek's hand to lead him up to his room.

"Yeah. Fine, I guess." His father nods, swings a hand in the way they're going before he heads into the kitchen. He's still not done with Derek, but he'll let him go for now.

Stiles leads Derek up to his room, lets go of him only to quietly close the door behind them. He turns to see Derek sit down on the bed, watching him. "So, we need to talk."

The older teen nods. Stiles leans against the door, then thinks it's not close enough, so he goes and sits next to Derek... But then it feels too television, too we're-about-to-have-a-serious-conversation-serious-serious-serious. So he sighs and slips down onto the floor, getting his hand under the back of Derek's knee to tug a little, beckoning him down as well.

He can hear Derek chuckle quietly, before he's coming down and turning to face him, taking his leg and arm and pulling him closer. The wolf slips one of his own legs under both of Stiles' propped up ones, and his thigh braces Stiles' back. When Stiles gives him a look, Derek just takes his hand.

"Heh. Okay." He nods, squeezes the older teen's hand. "Okay, um... This is about what you said. T-The other night. You said that you wanted to... Wanted to make a pack with me?" Derek's eyes spark with interest and he continues, "I don't know how that would work... Like, I can't have kids. Well, you know that. Duh, obviously. I don't uh, I guess what I'm not getting is how... Or why."

"I don't want you pregnant. I want you. You're... You're my anchor. I can switch my powers on and off." He lets his eyes glow bright red, then makes them settle down again, "Just like that. It's pretty amazing, actually."

"I never doubted it was. But, I-I'm... Me, really? Like me, your anchor? That one thing that keeps you grounded over everything else?"

"You're very important to me."

"Well... Well, yeah. I guess so." He smiles when Derek rubs his thumb against his hand, "So, a pack, huh?"

"I want to ofter the bite to people that absolutely need it, absolutely want it." The older teen nods, sounding excited, "And don't worry. They'll respect you, because you'll be higher up in the pack."

"Are you gonna bite me?" Stiles' heartbeat speeds up just a little, because he's not sure if he wants that yet, or at all. He just doesn't want to go through the shit Scott did. He's thinking through all of that, and how content he is with being human when it comes down to it, and comes back to Derek at his neck, breathing against his skin, "O-Oh, wow."

Derek chuckles softly, nips at Stiles' throat with his human teeth, "I'll offer it to you on your eighteenth birthday, among many other things. If you say no, that's fine with me."

The younger teen nods, tilting his head up for him, "W-Wait, did you just sneak in 'no sex until you're legal'?"

"I will still be wildly inappropriate with you until then."

"...Works for me." Stiles says before he's turning in, kneeling between Derek's spread legs and kissing him.

They spend time searching for good candidates, and during that time they have their first real dinner with Sheriff Stilinski. Derek apologizes for lying and is very formal with him, calling him 'sir' and not eating before him. Stiles asks him many times throughout the meal if his dad believes in supernatural things, to which he replies, "Like werewolves and ghosts?"

"Funny you said werewolves..."

And that's how they tell him.

He takes to it particularly well, and then once dinner is over, he takes Derek out on the porch to talk with him. Derek's nervous and doesn't sit before him, because the Sheriff - the father of his boyfriend, that's what they're calling it now, but Derek's wolf secretly provides life partner, eternity partner, anchor, mate - is higher ranking to him now, in his mind.

"All those times Stiles was at crime scenes, and showed up at home too late for comfort... He was helping you?" The Sheriff asks, like maybe he doesn't want to know the answer.

"Mostly, yes. Stiles is brilliant, and we've saved each other a few times. Him more to me the last little while."

"Because you're the Alpha of Beacon Hills?"

"Yes. And Stiles keeps my human side in control."

Stiles' father chuckles, "He's spastic, but he controls an Alpha werewolf."

Derek chuckles as well, because that's sort of the case. But then he goes serious, "I am allowed to have him, yeah? I-I want to keep him forever."

"I know you love him, and that you'll take care of him. You're vowing to protect him?" He's serious, too. This is about Stiles, and his safety. The Sheriff is trying to accept everything, and it will be easier if his mind is at ease with his son's well-being promised.

"I swear. I'll protect him with everything I have." Derek promises, feels the moon come out from the clouds and looks out toward it, "Always."

The Sheriff's hand settles on his shoulder and he almost winces, just because no one but Stiles does that. The man has kind eyes and he smells like coffee and Stiles, and his words are so sincere that they pull at Derek's heart. "Thank you for protecting my son."

He nods wholeheartedly, because he's at a loss for words. When they get up to head back into the house, Stiles' face is pressed against the window of the door because he's been trying to hear the conversation.

After two more days, Derek meets a scared boy in a cemetery that's fallen into a grave that he has to dig for his job. He's got a black eye and looks terrified when Derek appears, tears building in his eyes.

Derek jumps down in the grave and sets a careful hand on the boy's shoulder - watches him whimper and flinch away - and gently coaxes him to telling him his name even if he already knows it.

"Isaac." He whispers, all broken, "What do you want?"

"I want to help you, Isaac."

Isaac ends up curled in Stiles' bed that night, cautiously eating while he looks around Stiles' bedroom. The Sheriff says Isaac looks like he's been abused, and Stiles agrees. Derek knows he has.

Stiles is offering Isaac ice cream when he reaches out and touches him, moves his curls away from his forehead. Derek's heart swells when Isaac doesn't flinch away very much. And when Stiles is scooping the chocolate ice cream into a bowl for him, Derek says, "I want him for the pack."

Stiles agrees instantly, and Derek takes the ice cream up to Isaac.

Isaac is turned the next night, knowing all the rules and what he's agreeing to. He only asks if Derek would also turn a girl he knows, if she wants it. Derek smiles fondly and Stiles holds his about-to-be pup's hand as he sinks his teeth into his side.