Georgia woke in her grandfather's home in the dungeons, the charmed window bright with light. It was quiet. Too quiet. Her twin might be the silent one during the day, but when she was sleeping, she was notoriously loud, trashing and talking in her sleep. One look confirmed what she already knew. Her Slytherin twin was gone. Again.

Everyone had stayed the night. Georgia and Sevannah on lockdown in their room; Georgia because she had, as Severus put it "altered a perfectly good window" with her "Gryffindor brashness", and Sevannah because they hadn't completely determined that the threat to her safety was gone.

Usually, Georgia would have covered for her missing sister, but doing so seemed fantastically ridiculous at that moment. Georgia had no desire to go through what she had gone through the day before.

Her mother and father was sleeping in the room that had been created next to the twins'. When she came through the door, her father sat up immediately, his wand in his hand.

"Georgia?" He looked at the clock. "It's really early, Firebolt."

"Sevannah isn't here," Georgia said, as her mother started to stir and open her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Elizabeth was usually quick to wake at any noise, but the calming draught Severus had given her the night before had done its job, and she was still feeling slightly foggy.

Fred's feet were already on the floor. "Severus!" He turned to Georgia. "Stay here," he ordered, pointing to the bed. "Both of you."

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and climbed out of bed as well. "It's been a lot of years for you to have not learned that I don't do well with 'Stay', Fredrick Weasley."

"Me neither," Georgia said, hoping to hop on her mother's bandwagon. Unfortunately, the idea was immediately squashed by the fierceness of her father's glare. "Never mind," she muttered, sitting on the bed as her parents went into the living room to meet Severus, who had emerged from his room at Fred's shout.


"Sevannah Rose Weasley!"

One check of the Marauder's Map had placed Sevannah, not that unexpectedly, in the Infirmary with Scorpius. Fred's heart had started beating again as soon as he saw her dot, but he had suffered a different kind of heart failure when he saw his child in bed with the youngest Malfoy. The rage-induced kind.

Both kids woke when he shouted, and tried to rocket out of bed, Scorpius falling back at the pain in his ribs, and Sevannah nearly breaking her neck as she was tangled in a blanket. Fred crossed the floor in two strides, and snatched his daughter out of her bedding shackles, nearly dragging her out the door and into the corridor.


"Sevannah Rose, you are going to want to be very quiet," Fred hissed through clenched teeth. "I am trying very hard right now not to channel your Grandma Weasley."

Sevannah grimaced. She had so rarely been in any trouble with her father, let alone trouble this bad. "I wanted to make sure—"

Fred stopped abruptly and turned her to face him. "Two days in a row, Sevannah Rose. Two days in a row, you've turned up missing!" He pointed to a bench along the wall. "Sit."

"It wasn't my fault!"

"Yesterday, absolutely," Fred crossed his arms. "But this morning, or last night, or whenever you snuck out of the dungeons, that was your fault." His voice dropped low, a method Sevannah was sure he had learned from Severus. "You knew we would be frantic if you went missing again. What were you thinking?"

Sevannah squirmed on the stone seat. "I'm sorry, Dad. Really."

"That isn't what I asked you."

"I wanted to make sure that Scorpius was okay."

"And you knew that you were supposed to stay in the dungeons." Fred's scowl deepened. "I don't even know how you got out of your Grandfather's rooms. Do I want to know that?"

Sevannah squirmed again, and Fred shook his head. "Never mind, it isn't important right now. I'm sure your Grandfather will be curious about that." He glared down at his offspring. "You are my girl who thinks before she acts, young lady. The one who cares about how other people feel. I'm disappointed that after the incredibly disastrous day we had yesterday, that you didn't think about anyone in your family before you decided you just had to be with your boyfriend."

Sevannah felt the tears well up in her eyes. She hadn't meant to worry anyone, and now she had upset her father, which inevitably meant she was looking forward to the same lecture from her mother, as well as her Grandfather, which was probably the worst of all.

"Does Grandpa know?"

Fred rubbed his hand over his face. Of course she was concerned with Severus's reaction. Sevannah was basically who Elizabeth would have been if she had lived with him for her entire life. "Yes. Because when Georgia woke me up, panicked that you were missing again, he failed to sleep through me shouting his name." He was suddenly exhausted, sitting down next to her on the bench. "I'm too old for this, Sevannah. Your sister already started the grey-hair process, and I kind of trusted that you wouldn't make it worse." He voice was calmer now, sounding more tired than angry.

"I'm sorry," Sevannah said cautiously, scooting a little closer to him. "I just didn't want to be scared anymore."

Fred put his arm around her shoulders and sighed. "I can understand the impulse. But we found you, Angel."

"I know," Sevannah pressed into his side. "But I was still scared, because no one would let me see him. He was really hurt, Dad. I saw him fall."

Fred groaned. "Sevannah Rose, how old are you?"

Sevannah looked at him cautiously, not sure if this was a trick question. "Thirteen."

Fred nodded. "That's what I thought." He tapped his hand idly against her leg. "Listen. Your mother and I broke a lot of rules to be together when we were kids," he smiled a little at the memories. "But timing is everything, Sevannah Rose. And this morning was not the time. You understand that, right?"

Sevannah nodded up at him.

"And she definitely did not climb into my bed when she was 13. Which is a separate conversation that I assure you that we will be having later." He frowned, and Sevannah turned her face into his robes. "But for the time being, we need to get you back to the dungeons, where you will most definitely be on punishment restriction with your sister, instead of just being protected." He tapped her leg again, this time a little more forcefully, and stood, pulling her up with him.

Sevannah risked a glace up at him as they walked back toward the dungeons. "I love you, Dad."

Fred sighed and pulled her close to his side. "I love you too, Angel. But you might want to save the big eyes for your grandfather."


Severus was not swayed by the big eyes. When Sevannah and Fred reached the dungeons, there was breakfast on the table. Fred went into the bedroom with Elizabeth, closing the door, presumably to discuss what was to be done with their trouble-prone children, and Sevannah was directed to sit beside her sister and eat.


"You cannot eat and talk at the same time, Sevannah Rose." Severus placed his napkin on his lap, and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Sevannah was silent. Her middle name had made far too much of an appearance that morning, and she had no desire to start Severus on the lecture he seemed to be suppressing. But she also wasn't very hungry. Her stomach was in knots, between the stress of her kidnapping and the discomfort of her father's displeasure.

Georgia, meanwhile, was eating like she had never been fed before. In mere moments, her plate was clean. Severus cleared his throat and vanished his granddaughter's dishes. "I believe that you have a series of chores to complete," he said, gesturing to the door of the lab. "Might as well get started."

"It was just one window," Georgia tried, only to be met by Severus's eyes raised to the ceiling.

"Which you broke, along with a perfectly nice chair. And now you owe me a week of detention. Which you will begin now. Maybe next time, you will think twice before you before you decide to destroy things." Severus clicked his fingers toward the door, and Georgia went, flouncing down the stairs.

The Headmaster turned his attention to the other child, the one pushing her breakfast around her plate. "How do you feel this morning?"

Sevannah didn't meet his gaze. "I'm okay, Sir."

Severus cleared his throat again. "Lying isn't helping your current situation, Snakeling." He frowned at her bowed head. "Look at me, Sevannah."

Sevannah pulled her eyes to his, just in time for the tears that were brimming there to spill over. "Why are you making me wait?"

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Wait for what?"

"Aren't you mad at me?"

Severus sighed and pushed his chair away from the table. "Come here."

Sevannah shook her head and swiped at her eyes with the back of her hand. "Just tell me how much I messed up."

"Sevannah Rose. Come. Here."

Sevannah knew better than to ignore that tone. Pushing her own chair back, she walked around the table, only to be pulled onto her grandfather's lap. "Grandpa, I'm too old—"

"That's probably true," Severus nodded, putting his arms securely around her. "Now. What is it that you think I need to say to you?"

Sevannah looked at him warily. "You are disappointed."

Severus pretended to consider the point. "Alright."

"I scared you."

Severus nodded his assent.

"And I should have thought about how you would feel when I left in the middle of the night."

Severus suppressed a smile. "Seems that I have a lot to say."

Sevannah looked up at him. "Why aren't you yelling?"

Severus narrowed his eyes slightly. "Sevannah Rose, when have I yelled at you?"

Sevannah shrugged. "You know what I mean."

The Potions Master sighed. "I assume your father adequately scolded you?" He waited as the girl on his lap nodded. "And you seem to have an excellent grasp on why you were wrong." Sevannah nodded again. "This is one of those times when I don't have to be the disciplinarian, my girl. Your parents are here, you broke no school rules, unlike your window-destroying sister, and so I am off the hook, as the kids say." He smoothed her hair. "You did scare me, Snakeling. And I am interested in how you managed to sneak out of a heavily warded set of rooms. But I'm sure you've had enough scolding for one day. And I am still reeling from our experience yesterday, and so my interest in being upset with you is extremely limited."


"She was in bed with him," Fred said, pacing the small room.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. "Is he still alive?"

Fred rolled his eyes. "Of course he is. And you know very well that she was not coerced. In fact, if she's anything like her mother, she just climbed on in."

"Not when I was 13," Elizabeth protested, but then grimaced. "I stayed out of your bed for like a year after that." She shook her head. "We were different."

"I think you need to talk to her."

"About what?"

Fred threw up his hands. "What do you mean? Sex! You need to talk to our daughter about how she shouldn't be having sex with Draco Malfoy's son!"

"I would be surprised if they were actually having sex," Elizabeth shook her head.

"I don't want to be surprised! That's the point!"

Elizabeth put her arms around his waist and looked up at him. "I'll talk to her. And Georgia. Maybe I'll bring Lily along, just for fun." She put her head against his chest. "Why did we have 3 girls? This is your fault."

Fred chuckled. "You could have your dad do it, I guess. He's done it before."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "I don't know that we need to recreate THAT experience."