Chapter 23

"Good News"

"Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you."
― Sarah Dessen


"Ugh! It's been too long!" Jasper whispers into my hair, hugging me close. I laugh into his chest, my arms wrapped around his waist.

"It's only been a week!" I whisper back, not caring in the slightest that Rose is watching us from the couch.

"Well, it's been a week too long." He jokes, hugging me even tighter against his body, nuzzling his nose into the crook of my neck.

My week had passed quickly, and before I knew it, Rose and Jasper were knocking on my door Friday evening, both toting overnight bags. Evidently, Jasper's week had not gone so smoothly.

Stepping back slightly, his arm not moving from my waist, Jasper leans down and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I smile into the kiss, loving the feel of his soft lips against mine.

"I'm going to leave my bag in your room, that ok?"

I nod my agreement. I turn my back on him and make my way over to greet Rose.

"Hey gorgeous!" She says, wrapping her arms around me. I hug her back, squeezing tightly.

"How was your week?" I ask, pulling away from her and making myself comfortable on the couch.

"Fantastic!" She grins widely, looking happier than I'd seen her in a while.

"Oh?" I reply, grinning back at her, infected by her obvious enthusiasm.

"I had a date with Emmett at the start of the week and then I received some unexpected -but awesome- news!" She grins again, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet before throwing herself down beside me.

"What kind of news?" I inquire, readjusting myself.

She simply smiled broadly. "The kind that makes me happy!" She was being vague, which served to irritate me to no end. I give her a dry look but she only smirks in response.

"Hey, Iz!" Jasper calls from my bedroom, "Yeah?" I call back.

"How about we go out tonight? Maybe dinner and a movie?" He asks, popping his head around the doorframe and giving me his mega-smile.

I shrug and smile. A date? What's not to enjoy? I smile back brightly, "Yeah, that sounds like fun, W-", I stop immediately and turn to face Rose, "Oh! No! Rose, do you mind? I don't want to leave you here alone! That wouldn't be fai-" She cuts me off, rolling her bright blue eyes with exaggeration.

"Of course she wants to go, Jazz!" She calls over her shoulder. Jumping off the couch swiftly, with more grace than I could ever hope to possess, she makes her way to my bedroom, pulling me with her.

Pushing me onto the bed, she strides towards my wardrobe like a woman on a mission. I giggle as I bounce around on the bed, waving goodbye to Jasper as he backs out of the room, waving his hand which is holding his cell.

"I'll, eh, just make a reservation, ok?" He asks, continuing to back out, a small smile in his face.

I nod and smile before rolling onto my stomach and to watch Rose systematically go through my clothes, looking for what I am sure she would refer to as the 'Perfect Outfit'.

She rifles through my limited collection, humming and swaying her hips to an unknown tune and I instantly wonder what I would do without her? How could I have been so reluctant to be friends all those years ago?

I'm shaken from my musings when Rose twirls around, my cream coloured dress draped across her body. It was fitted from the top to the waist, where it then flared out gently around my thighs. Its brown belt was the only additional colour.

"This is perfect!" She states, leaving no room for argument. Throwing it at me, she then ducks down, surveying my line of shoes – which was drastically smaller than her collection. Lifting and inspecting some nude ankle boots, she nods and shakes them in my direction.

"Go shower babe, I'll choose your make up and plan your hair." She informs me, smiling while rummaging through my underwear drawer.

I simply shake my head and do as she says, leaving her to do what she does best.

I keep my shower short, spending most of it shaving all the important parts and smoothing conditioner through my long, dark tresses.

Rose knocks on the door as I step out of the spray.

"Jazz made the reservation, we have an hour! You nearly done?" She questions. I respond by opening the door, allowing her to see my freshly washed and shaved towel-enclosed body.

"Never mind!" She laughs, tugging on my damp hand, leading me back to my room. She skipped to the bed and picked up a pair of lace panties. Throwing them at my head, she saunters past me. "You have five minutes to dress before I come back in here. You better be done, cause darlin', I ain't knockin'!" She winks and I shake me head. As soon as she closes the door, I shimmy into the underwear and slip on the dress before wrapping the towel around my hair, letting it absorb as much moisture as possible.

Sitting on the bed, I apply some moisturiser liberally and I'm not surprised when Rose saunters in, grinning salaciously.

"Okay! We have just over forty five minutes! Lets get to work!" She grins and I mock-shudder, feigning fear.

Forty five minutes later, I'm walking out of my apartment on Jasper's arm, feeling like a goddess.


The restaurant was large and grand, screaming 'expensive'. The hostess smiled politely, hardly making eye contact before announcing that our table was ready and that a waiter would be with us shortly. As we sat across from each other, towards the middle of the half-full restaurant, I began to question the look in Jasper's eyes. The waiter approaches before I can ask him – though I am a little glad, as I wasn't sure what exactly I would ask.

"The Fillet Mignon, please", Jasper orders, but I haven't even glanced at the menu yet.

"Em, the chicken chausseur, please" I request, glad Jasper had raved about the food reviews of the restaurant on the way over.

"Excellent choice, madam." The stiff but kind-looking older waiter says, his voice softer that his appearance would imply. He was tall and broad, though I doubted much of his size was due to fat. I smile at him, he reminded of the adorable grandfathers found in chick-flicks.

He leaves after writing the order, and Jasper tells me about his week.

Dinner passes in a haze of easy conversation and shared smiles. It's after dessert that everything changes.

Honestly, after seeing Jasper on one knee in front of me, a ring box held out , I didn't register much of what he said.

"Isabella...the woman I love...together me the honour...become my wife...will you marry me?" His blue eyes peer into mine and I question if what I'm about to say is right, if it's what I want, but then I think: This is Jasper, my could it not be right?

"Yes!" I cry out, my vision blurred with tears.

I feel him slip the gorgeous ring onto my offered hand before enveloping me in a hug, kissing the exposed skin of my neck gently. "Thank you!" He whispers, as the people around us clap and cheer.

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