You know the story as old as time itself.

Of the young girl.

Lips red as a rose.

Hair black as night.

Skin white as snow.

But did you know...she had a sister.

In the old stories of Snow White, she had a younger sister named Rose Red. Fair skin, freckled-rosey cheeks, dark brown eyes, long red hair. That's right. I'm here to explain my part in this story. But it's not gonna be in my point of view, but rather third person.

Once upon a time in a kingdom, far far away, a baby girl was born. Her skin was pure as snow. Her hair was dark as night. They called her...Snow White. Probably because that was the most pretensious name they could come up with.

As fate would have it, Snow White's mother died in child birth. Left on his own, her father spoiled the young girl. He could afford to, of course. He was the king.

But something very odd happened one day. While on a stroll in the forest, the king came across a carriage that had been burned. It looked to have been destroyed very resently. The owner more likely than not couldn't afford the payments. As he walked closer, he heard soft sobbing. Walking even closer, he peeked inside and saw a young girl, at least a few months younger than his daughter, covered in dirt and ashes.

Despite being filthy, her skin glowed, having freckled-rosey cheeks, dark brown eyes, and rosey red hair. When asked what her name was, she replied, "I do not have one." It was rather strange. And wanting his daughter to have a friend and wanting to have more children, the king took the child home. He named her...Rose Red. At least, it's original, I'll give him that.

Snow White lovingly took Rose Red as a sister, and the king happily took her as his second daughter. And Rose Red took both of them as her beloved family. The king loved his daughters, and all his subjects loved him. The kingdom was a happy place. People danced and sang all day and all night. Apparently, no one had a job back then. Just singing and dancing all day and all night. But I digress.

The king raised the little girls by himself, grooming them to, one day, lead. But over time, he realized there were certain things he couldn't teach them. So he sought out a new queen. This queen was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was intelligent, and strong, just to clarrify, she was me. And this is my story, not their's.

Bewitched by my beauty, the king begged me to marry him. I was everything to him. The stars. The moon. But a dark magic invaded the land. The brave king bid fairwell to Snow White and Rose Red, leaving the eldest his favorite dagger, and his youngest an old key on a golden chain. Both rather interesting gifts, but more on that later.

He rode off into the dark woods and sadly, was never. Seen. Again. Both Snow White and Rose Red searched and searched for their father. And when they realized he was truly gone, they. Were. Devistated. The girls were now left under the care the beautiful queen.

Ten years passed, and both Snow White and Rose Red grew older and blossomed. But the kingdom fell into an icy despair as the queen realized if she wanted to remain the most beautiful woman in all the land, well, snow and rose had to do what snow and rose do best. Snow would have to fall. And Rose would have to wilt and die...

Snow opened her window, looking out into the kingdom. She was wearing a pink silk flowery dress. Her bedroom door opened, causing her to suddenly turn around. She smiled when she saw it was Rose Red. "Rosey, since when do you come to my room bright and early in the morning?"

"Since my beloved sister turned eighteen. Which happened just this morning." Rose answered with a grin. She was wearing a lavender silk dress with black trim. A blue bird suddenly flew into Snow's room, landing on a wooden chair. "Looks like I'm not the only one who wants to wish you a happy birthday this morning."

Snow smiled as she walked toward the bird. "Hello there. Would you like a treat?" She then walked over to her nightstand. Picking up a slice of apple, Snow picked the seed from it. "Here you go." The older sister held it out for the bird, who ate it immediately.

Trumpets sounded from the great hall, catching the attention of both girls. "Oh, I think the party started." Rosey said.

"We should go down and see." Snow suggested.

"I'm not to sure about that, Snow. What will our step mother say?" Rose asked.

"Well, I am eighteen now, and soon you will be as well. She must let us out sooner or later." The older sister stated.

"I doubt it. That woman is as merciful as she is generous." The younger sister muttered.

As the princesses snuck down stairs, they over heard the barren speak to the queen about marriage. Rose had to clasp her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing. That would be a complete mistake...on the barren's part. Being married to that wicked old witch would be a nightmare.

They then heard the decree she was making. "Any busybodies caught rumorring, gossipping, whispering, or even thinking shall be put to death." She said it so casually. "How does that sound?" She asked Bryton.

"It's decisive." He answered.

Snow didn't like it anymore than Rose did. It was insane to think that death for your own benefit should be legal. They tried to sneak a little further, but they were caught by the queen. "Snow White? Rose Red?" The sisters turned to their step mother. "Is there a fire?" She whispered.

Snow and Rose walked up to her. "I'm sorry?" Snow asked a little nervously.

The queen beckoned them to sit at her feet. Both of them walked over and sat in front of their step mother. "Are your bedrooms on fire?" She asked with a sharp tone. "Because I'm searching for an explanation as to why you would be out of your bedrooms and in here. And my first guess was fire."

"I thought maybe I could come to the gala." Snow spoke in a whispered voice. She bore a hopeful smile on her face. "You know? Because today, I''s my eighteenth birthday."

"Is it now?" The queen whispered with a fake smile, grasping Snow's hand.

"And Rose, too, because she'd be my invited guest." She added.

"Oh, really?" The queen looked at Rose, only to find her giving a bored stare. "Do I bore you, Rose Red?"

"Do you want me to be nice or do you want to know the truth?" Unlike her sister, Rose wasn't afraid of the queen. She knew she'd never get the throne, being that she was adopted. But she didn't want the throne. She always wanted to be captain of the guard. But they would never allow it because she was a girl. Her background before she was rescued by the king was a circus life. She was flexible, able to bend her body in any direction. A contortionist. Her stage name was "The Human Knot! A Seven Year Old Girl Who Can Twist Her Body Into Knots!". Whenever she wasn't performing, she was called "the child".

"I would ver much gladly prefer you to be nice." The queen answered with mock smile.

"Very well. Just remember, I'm horrible at pretending." Rose then cleared her thoat and stood up. "No, Mummy-Dearest. You don't bore me at all. You lack of culture, kindness and a beating heart don't bore me at the very least." Rose recited in an over dramatic voice. The barren snickered and Bryton snorted. The others in the hall had to hide their smiles and smirks.

"Bryton!" The queen yelled.

"Yes, your magesty?" The feeble servant answered.

"Take her to her room. And make sure she stays there." The queen spat with venom.

Bryton grabbed the young princess's arm, trying to pull her away. Rose jerked her arm from him, not giving the queen any satisfaction of watching her be dragged. She walked across the room to the stairs with her head held high and having Bryton right behind her. When they were completely out of sight and earshot, Rose completely crumbled and fell to her knees. "I can't believe I just did that, Bryton." She wanted to be free of this miserable palace. "They say a prison is a prison, no matter how beautiful it may be. Now, I may have locked myself into an eternal cell."

Bryton knelt down next to the young woman and hugged her. Bryton was always like an uncle to her. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine...hopefully." He moved to kneel in front of her. Once he was there, he lifted her face to look at him. He couldn't help the fatherly gester of wiping away her tears. "You and your sister are the only reason I stay here. Your father was always very kind to me, and you two always did the same." He then helped Rose stand up and led her to the kitchen. He always took her there instead of her room. But before he opened the door, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box. "Here. I took it to the silver smith and had it polished. I wanted to wait until your birthday, but I think you need it now."

Rose slowly took the box and opened it, revealing her father's key, beautifully polished and on a new golden chain. "Oh, Bryton. Thank you, so much. I thought I had lost this." She then handed it back to Bryton and turned around, holding her hair off of her neck. Bryton hooked the clasp to the loop so the chain made a necklace. The key dangled from the chain like a charm.

"It's rumored that the key goes to a secret room. Every door in the palace has been tested and the key goes to none of them. So, whatever this goes to, the king has entrusted it to only you. It must something of great importance, or he would have given that key to someone like me." Bryton chuckled.

"No. You were just as important to my father as I was. So don't let that wind bag wench tell you otherwise." Both laughed at the small joke. " And thank you again for polishing the key, Bryton. I very much appreciate it." They hugged again and parted. Bryton headed toward the ball room and Rose headed into the kitchen.