I Hate That I Don't Hate You

Warnings: Profanity, Violence, Sexual Situations

Author's Note: Okay, so I started to watch Teen Wolf, and all I can say is Stiles is amazing. I love him, and yes, I am now writing a story about him. I'm not sure how good it's going to be, but I swear that I will do my best to make it amazing, and each chapter is going to be titled with the song the remind me of the chapter, so this one is Just A Little Bit by Kids of 88. So I hope you all like this story, and let me know what you think so I have the motive to keep going!

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Stiles, nor do I own any of the Teen Wolf characters.


Caroline McCall's POV

Keeping secrets was easy; all you had to do was know how to keep your mouth shut, and how to avoid the subject. Something I was AMAZING at doing at this point in life. But the thing about keeping secrets, no matter how small they are, eventually they always get out. But I was hoping this little secret would never get out, since I was sleeping with my brother's best friend.

"Fuck, Stiles." My moans slipped passed my lips without them meaning too, and I bit my lip hard, trying to keep myself quiet as Stiles smirked against my skin, his lips trailing down my body, his fingers hooking into the waistband of my lace panties. I glared down at him when he pressed a kiss to my thigh, teasing me, and just when he was about to pull away the remaining fabric keeping him from me someone decided to bang their fists against my door. "Caroline! Open up!" The sound of my brother's voice was heard over the loud music blasting from my speakers, and I cursed, slapping Stiles in the face by accident to get him off me, shushing him when he let out a yelp, his eyes going wide when he heard Scott shouting.

"Stiles, shush." I whispered angrily at the constant 'oh my gods' that fell from his mouth. I pushed him out of the bed, biting my tongue when he fell to the ground with a thump, and I bent down, and grabbed my night gown and pulled it over my head as Scott continued to bang on my door. I looked over at Stiles as he rushed around the room gathering all the discarded clothes in his arms.

"Care! Open up! I need to talk to you!" I groaned looking back over at my door as it shook from Scott's hard knocking, and I looked back at Stiles as he stood in the middle of my room, his eyes wide, his neck covered in little red bite marks, and his chest heaving.

"Closet, now, and stay quiet!" I whispered, shoving him towards my closet, and shut the door, running over to my stereo and turned the sound down. I took a quick breather, running my hands through my hair then walked over to my door, unlocking it, and let Scott open it as I pulled at my night gown.

"Why's your door locked?" I rolled my eyes at Scott before sitting down on my bed, crossing my ankles and looked up at my brother, kinking an eyebrow.

"Why are you banging on my locked door?" I snapped back watching as he shrugged, leaning against my vanity. "You needed to talk to me Scotty?" My eyes kept glancing over at the closet nervously, of all the possible situations for Scott to find out my secret, this was probably the worst. His best friend was in my closet, naked, fucking naked, and I had no idea how I'd be able to come up with an excuse for that. Most people believed that Stiles and I hated each other, and that was true for the most part, but we were just really good actors.

"Care? Are you even listening to me?" My head snapped back to Scott, I hadn't realized he'd been talking. I bit my lip nodding, "I found these downstairs, you know what mom would do to you if she caught you with them." I looked down at Scott's hands as he held up the back of cigarettes and I sighed shaking my head.

"They were in my purse," I cocked my head at him, watching as he bit his lip nervously, "Really Scotty, learn to lie, it save you a load of trouble." I said snatching the pack of menthols back from him and threw them behind me before standing up. "Now if you're done trying to get me to quit smoking could you leave my room and not go through my stuff?" I asked as I stood, pointing towards the door.

"Caroline, you know smoking is bad for you, and it could trigger your asthma, or mine for that matter, you don't need to have another asthma attack." I rolled my eyes at him.

"I haven't had an asthma attack since the third grade Scott, I use my inhaler when I need to, and smoking has done nothing to effect it." Scott gave me a pointed look and I groaned before reaching behind me again, and grabbed the cigarettes, tossing them to him. "Fine, I'll stop, go flush those or something, just get the hell out of my room!" I shout, pointing back at the door, watching Scott as he stood up slowly, heading towards the door, and I followed him, closing it as he got ready to say something. I locked the door quickly, and went back to the stereo, and turned the sound back up, laughing when I felt Stiles hands on my sides, his lips going to my shoulder.

"Yeah no," I shook my head, turning around in his arms, rolling my eyes when he pushed be back so I was pressed against the table. "No, we almost got caught, and after that thrilling conversation with my brother I am no longer in the mood." Stiles pouted down at me, pressing his lips to mine, and I kissed him back eagerly before pushing him back, "Get dressed, you're naked, you know, and I don't think you have any pockets to be hiding a gun sooo." I whispered, laughing when his ears turned red and he turned quickly, clearing his throat as he went to put his clothes on.

I smiled to myself before going over to my bed, and flopped down on the messed up sheets, glancing over at Stiles as he pulled his shirt over his head, turning to look at me as he zipped up his hoodie. "You know, for someone who hates me you sure are checking me out." I rolled my eyes as Stiles teased me, walking over and sat on the bed beside me.

"Don't get so cocky Stilinski," I quipped, sitting up, letting my fingers move up his back slowly, smirking when he shivered and straightened his posture, "You can be replaced easily."

Stiles stared at me for a moment before he rolled his eyes and stood up, "Yeah, sure, you know you wouldn't be able to find someone as amazing as me," I chuckled when Stiles faltered a little, his eyes moving to my hand that was slowly making its way up my leg, "even if you are extremely, hot, and somewhat naked, and that thing you're doing with your hand needs to stop like now." I laughed shaking my head as I rolled on to my stomach, looking over at him as he made his way to my window, stopping before climbing out. "So tomorrow at school…We go back to hating each other?" He asked quietly, and I bit my lip looking up at him before nodding.

"I hate you, you hate me and you're madly in love with my best friend." I smiled weakly, rolling back over, "Not that you aren't anyways though." I muttered to myself, glancing back at the window to see Stiles staring a little before he nods, and gives me a two fingered wave, then climbed out my window, shutting it behind him.

I sighed once I was sure Stiles was nowhere in the vicinity of my room, and covered my face with my hands. I almost got caught, and by Scott, which would have been horribly, horrendously bad. The last thing I needed was Scott in my case about sleeping around at sixteen, let alone with his best friend, behind his back. Scott had always been the big brotherly figure, even if we were twins, he just took the role apon himself, and it's been like that since I remember. When mom and dad got divorce, instead of being upset over it, Scott decided to be there for me, and help me get through it, even when I took the wrong course of action, like rebelling against our mother. I wasn't sure what Scott would do if he ever found out about Stiles and I, I was sure he'd be pretty pissed at first, probably more at Stiles then me since Scott was always so against me being with boys, but maybe he'd get used to it, grow to be okay with it, but Lydia, Lydia was a different story. She had this thing where everything around her had to be perfect, perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect shoes, perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, perfect best friend, and even perfect best friend's boyfriend. It was hard to keep up with sure, but Lydia had been my best friend since the first grade, and she was always there for me. So I couldn't do something to upset her, or at least I think it would upset her.

I groaned when the phone rang, pulling me from my thoughts and I reached for it, looking at the caller ID before chuckling. "Speak of the devil." I murmured to myself at the sight of Lydia's name before sighing, and answered. This phone conversation was going to keep me up most of the night, like most did when Lydia called after a summer in Aspen.