I Hate That I Don't Hate You

Warnings: Profanity, Violence, Sexual Situations

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Summary: Keeping secrets was easy; all you had to do was know how to keep your mouth shut, and how to avoid the subject. Something I was AMAZING at doing at this point in life. But the thing about keeping secrets, no matter how small they are, eventually they always get out. But I was hoping this little secret would never get out, since I was sleeping with my brother's best friend.

Caroline turned in her sleep, groaning at the sound of the radio playing once the alarm went off Scott rolling the other way beside her, pulling the covers from her to hide underneath them. She ended up sleeping in his bed again, since the night at school she had slept in Scott's room every night, because he was avoiding her and she was trying to get him to fess up to what the secret was, like he promised. But Scott just kept coming up with excuses, kept putting it off, using his recent 'time apart' with Allison as an excuse for him to back down on his promise.

Which Caroline wasn't buying at all, sure it sucked, sure she felt bad, and sure she was going to play the sisterly part and be on Scott's side, but not being so bitchy about it she lost a friend but she was still pissed at him.

"You've got to tell me today," She murmured, as she jerked the covers back from him, Scott groaning again as their mother came into the room, looking at her teenagers, before hurrying over to the clock and shut it off.

"We should probably set this to buzzer," She says, but received no answer, "You two have separate rooms you know," She said looking at Caroline as she sat up, her arms stretching up over her head in one of Scott's hoodies she stole, and long pajama bottoms. Caroline turned, sitting with her legs crossed on the bed as she looked at Scott who had the comforter over his head again, their mom slowly pulling it from his face, "You alive in there?"


"Not ready to go back to school?"


"Wanna stay home another day?"


"Yes," Caroline answered with her brother, her mother looking at her as Caroline sighed, falling back into the bed, lying on her side with her feet at the pillow.

"Do you want a brand new car?" Caroline looked to her mother as she smiled, playfully gasping, "Me too." She said and Caroline snorted shaking her head as she sighed, and rolled out of Scott's bed, picking herself up off the floor as Scott climbed out of the bed, the two starting to talk about Allison, Care taking that as a cue to leave so she wouldn't have to be dragged into it.

Caroline was busy getting dressed in her room, today really not a day she wanted to try at all, but she knew that Lydia would want her too, so she went half way, wearing a high waisted pleated maroon skirt, and a white blouse tucked into it.

"Knock, knock," Caroline turned as her mother came in, "Scott's being broody." She said as she walked in, Caroline nodding.

"Allison dumped him on his ass," She sighed holding her hands up in defense when her other sent her a look, "I'm only saying." She said with a shake of her head, and her mother sighed.

"I wish he would just talk to me," She said, and Caroline nods in agreement, looking over at her mother with a sad smile.

"Yeah, me too."

The twins got dropped off at the school by their mother, Caroline sticking by Scott's side for a bit because she really wanted to get the truth out of him, but when she went to ask about it, Scott spotted Allison in the hall, and Lydia, who called out to her, and Caroline was forced to leave, with a bitter smile as she walked up to her friends.

"Simple, yet attractive, good look for celebrating escape from death." Lydia said gesturing towards Caroline's outfit, the girl rolling her eyes before looking at Allison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

"If you're waiting for me to tear your head off and call you a bitch then you can stop waiting," Caroline said quickly, going into her locker as Lydia leaned against it beside her, Allison frowning, "I don't agree with you for breaking up with my brother, but, you're my friend still, so I judge you not,." She says with a nod, pulling out her books, and turning to Allison as she nods.

"Is he okay?" Allison asked honestly, and Caroline shook her head.

"He's miserable," She says shutting her locker, "And broody, please let this 'break' not be forever, my brother needs to get laid." She said with a shake of her head before the first bell rung, Allison and Caroline going to their class to take their exam, and Lydia going to her own.

Caroline sat in the back closest to the window, her eyes narrowing a little as a few people whispered about her, you'd think the break in at the school would make everyone forget she had a psychotic breakdown in the middle of class, but apparently not.

"You, hey," Caroline looked up as Stiles took the seat in front of her, turning around in his chair to face her, smiling, "You look nice." He said, and Caroline raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks," She said slowly, before taking the blue book Mr. Harris handed to her.

"Mr. Stilinksi," Dr. Harris said, slapping the book down on his desk, "Turn around and please reframe from embarrassing yourself any further by trying to speak to Miss. McCall, thank you."

A couple of kids around them laughed as Stiles glared at the teacher, before turning around like asked, Caroline rolling her eyes but not helping that smile that stayed on her lips as Mr. Harris started up the class by insulting them, then letting them take the test.

Scott glanced back over his shoulder at Stiles, had seen and heard what had just happened with him, Caroline and Mr. Harris, making him think back to last night, when they were out drinking in the woods.

"D-Dude, she's just one girl," Stiles stumbled over his words, his drunken slur casing his typical fast way of talking to be a little less understandable than normal, "There's so many girls in the sea."

"Fish in the sea," Scott corrected, turning to look back at the ground as Stiles looked up at him.

"Fish? Why're you talking about fish? I'm talking about girls, I love girls. I love 'em, I love 'em, especially ones with strawberry blonde hair… green, no, no, hazel eyes, smooth olive tone skin, all legs…" Scott looked over at Stiles, raising an eyebrow at his description of his girl that started off as Lydia and ended up being…. Caroline?

"Man you just described my sister," Scott said looking down at Stiles as he sat up, looking at Scott.

"No I didn't," Stiles said, and Scott shook his head rolling his eyes as Stiles laughed, "Care's not strawberry blonde, she's got… got chocolate hair, that smells really nice, she always smells really nice." Stiles chuckles looking back at Scott, and he swallows, "Cause you're twins…. You, you smell really nice so, it must be a twin thing." Stiles hiccupped, and Scott just shook his head again, ignoring Stiles's drunk musings.

Scott had been aware for a little while that Caroline and Stiles didn't actually hate each other, in fact, if anything it was the exact opposite. He could smell them on each other, they reeked of each other, and of course there was the way Stiles acted after Care's accident, more than just worried that his childhood friend was hurt, it was much, much more than that, and Scott really was just waiting for one of them to fess up to him about it, but of course, neither did.

Scott was upset still, he had hoped that they at least be honest with him, especially with Caroline demanding to know the truth about what had been happening lately, but she just didn't bother to tell him, she probably didn't think it was any of his business to know that she was sleeping with his best friend. Scott made a face, Stiles was having sex with his sister, god.

Caroline stared down at the test, chewing on her pen cap as she dug through her memories, trying to remember Mr. Harris's lessons, but coming up a little short. She knew maybe half of what she read so far, which was good maybe… if she could eventually remember the other half. She tapped her pen against the table, sighing as she leaned back in her chair when Scott stood up abruptly and left the room, Mr. Harris calling out after him, Stiles following in suit, and as Caroline stood up Mr. Harris pointed at her.

"If you step one foot away from that chair Miss. McCall you'll get a zero on this test." He said, and Caroline pursed her lips, Allison looking back at her before Caroline slowly sat back down, glaring at Mr. Harris, "That's a girl, now no one else leaves this classroom."

Caroline stared out the door, worrying about Scott now. She knew that this break up was hurting him, but she didn't think it was so bad he couldn't even be in the same room as Allison… there was no way that was it, was it? Caroline quickly finished her test, guessing on the rest as she stood, and grabbed her purse, throwing it over her shoulder and marched up to Mr. Harris.

"I need to go make sure my brother is okay," She said holding the test out to him, the man looking down at her for a long moment, before taking the test.

"When you find him tell him he's got to make the test up for me, and have two days' worth of detention, Stilinksi too." Caroline nods, giving her teacher a little salute before she walked out into the hall, looking both ways, wondering where those two could have gone off to.

"Scott," Caroline walked down the hall, pulling at the strap of her purse, "Stiles, guys, you gotta get back to class." She said shaking her head as she turned a corner, letting out a little yelp when she ran into someone, her eyes wide when he smiled at her.

"Caroline, hey, long time no see." Lee said, running a hand through his hair, Caroline looking up at him, glaring.

"What are you doing here?" She asks as she clutched her books to her chest, Lee shrugging pointing to the visitor's pass on his jacket.

"Came to see Jackson," He said, frowning a little, "But since I've got you here, I want to apologize." He said, and Caroline nods, rolling her eyes as she leans against the wall, "I shouldn't have left you at the accident, I got scared… and I ran off." He said, leaning towards her a little, "There was something out there." He whispered, Care's eyes widening a little again, "It chased me." He said in a hushed voice.

"It attacked me," She said now, moving closer to Lee as a few people walked past them in the hall, "And the other night at the school it tried to attack me again." She said, and Lee nods, "They said it was Derek, Scott did, but I think he was lying."

"Derek is my cousin," Lee said shaking his head, "He's not a killer, I know that for a fact, it's this monster… No one else believes me but I think…. I think it's hunting us." He said, Caroline feeling her heart in her throat, hunting her? "I was on a run last night," Lee started, getting quieter, "It came out of nowhere, this…. It was this huge beast."

"A wolf," She said, shaking her head, "Something stra-,"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Caroline took a step back from Lee when Stiles came up, Scott trailing behind him, "This is a high school student campus only, not a campus for creepy douchebags with totaled Camaros." Stiles said, taking a step in front of Care, Scott doing the same, and she shook her head.

"Guys, wait a minute," She said, pushing them away, "He saw what I saw." She said in a whisper looking at Scott, "The thing you promised to tell me about, but won't." She said her arms crossing, "He believes me, and he… he knows it's real too." She said looking at the two of them, "So can you help us out? Please? Just tell me now?"

Caroline looked at Scott, who kept his gaze on Lee, "Get out of here." He said, his voice low, and Caroline looked at him surprised.

"Scott, what the hell?" She demanded and Scott took her hand, making her drop her books.

"Care, he left you to die, he's in on it with Derek, they're both killers," He said his grip tight on her wrist, "He needs to leave."

Caroline tried to pull her hold from Scott, but his grip was to tight, so tight that it was hurting, and she gripped at his fingers, trying to pry them off, "Scott, Scott you're hurting me stop." She begged, Stiles turning to face them.

"Scott man let go of your sister," He said quickly, Care looking up at her brother, who had this look on his face… one she had never seen before and it honestly scared her, "Scott, Scott come on!" Stiles said, pushing at Scott's chest, "Let go of Caroline!" He shouted, his voice snapping Scott out of it, and he let go of Caroline's wrist, Stiles taking it gingerly, the two of them gazing down at the purple marks he left, Scott seeing them, and instantly feeling the pain and guilt for hurting his sister.

"I.. I'm sorry Caroline." He mumbled, shaking his head as he walked away, Caroline turning to run after him, but he was already half way down the hall, his figure disappearing out the doors, and Caroline frowned, turning back around with Stiles to talk to Lee, who was also gone.

"What the hell is going on?" She snapped, and Stiles sighed shaking his head as bent down, and picked her books up for her, handing them back to her.

"I don't even know anymore." He mumbled, Caroline biting her lip as she looked down to hall where Scott was, and down at her swollen wrist.

Something was definitely wrong.

School had been interesting. Stiles got on first line by sheer luck, Scott was co-captain, Caroline saw Scott making out with Lydia, and then Scott gave Danny a bloody nose. If Scott wasn't being such a dick Caroline would have paid more attention to Stiles getting first line, but her brother was off, he wasn't himself, and this was all over a girl, or at least all she knew about was the girl, there was always the thing Scott was keeping from her, and she would be damned if she didn't find it out soon.

Care was currently in the living room, watching some dumb reality show as her mother got ready to leave for her night shift at the hospital when someone came into the house, Caroline eavesdropping to find out that it was Stiles, and her mother now knew he had a key made to get in. God he was so dumb. She grumbled, shaking her head before the two began talking about Scott.

"Caroline used to be the one that hated me," Caroline heard her mother sigh in a whisper, "She… She avoided me like the plague but now Scott, Scott just doesn't talk to me, not much anymore, not like he used to." Caroline frowned, leaning against the wall, knowing just how true that was. Caroline held her father leaving against her mother, to this day she still did, but when she was attacked, her mother was there, and all her father did was try to call… Her mother was all she needed, and she was all Scott needed, she just wish her mother realized that.

Caroline walked into the foyer, smiling at Stiles before pressing a kiss to her mother's cheek, "Have fun saving people." She said, smiling sweetly as her mother laughed.

"You guys be careful tonight," Her mom said as she dug through her purse, "Full moon."

"What?" Caroline looked at Stiles confused at his shout, her mother looking at him with a matching expression.

"Uh there's a full moon tonight, you should see how the ER gets, brings out all the nut jobs." She explained, Caroline watching carefully as Stiles relaxed a little. "You know, it's actually where they came up with the word, lunatic." Caroline nods, smiling at her mom, "You be good." She says pointing at Caroline before leaving the house, leaving Stiles standing there, looking like he just grasped some knew knowledge, before he turned to her.

"Aren't you supposed to be spending the night at Lydia's?" He said now, picking his bag up, and Caroline made a face shaking her head.

"I'm currently mad at her," She said with a nod as she turned to walk towards the kitchen Stiles following.

"Why are you mad at Lydia?" Caroline shook her head, she couldn't tell Stiles, it would break his heart.

"None of your concern." She said with a firm nod as she went into the fridge

"Well, I'm mad at Scott." Stiles said, and she turned around, a jug of juice in hand as she raises an eyebrow.


"None of your concern,"

Caroline rolls her eyes at Stiles childish ways, walking over to the cabinet to grab a cup, fixing herself some juice as he leans against the counter beside her, "So… are you better?" He asked quietly, Caroline shrugging a little as she turned, holding her cup with both hands, sipping it.

"Define better," She mutters, Stiles nodding slowly as he turned to face her.

"You happy, smiling, and not losing your mind every other day." Caroline sighs, nodding slowly as she sets the cup down on the counter.

"Then by the definition, no, no I am not better Stiles." She says sadly, leaning back against the counter, "But you know what would make me better?" She said, Stiles moving closer to her, his hand sliding across the counter to hers, smiling.

"No, what?" He asked reaching over to brush a few locks of hair behind her ear, smiling at her as her head tilted to the side, her hand sliding up his chest.

"If you were honest with me," She mumbled glancing up at him for a moment, "About what's been going on, about Scott… about what happened to me the day I was attacked and at the school."

Stiles frowned, "I can't Care." He said, and Caroline sighed shaking her head, going to move away from him but he gripped her wrist, and pulled her back, "Tonight though… Tonight Scott will show you, his secret, since it's kind of inevitable since you're not spending the night at Lydia's."

Caroline made a face, "You two aren't…"

"Oh god, no, no, no." Stiles said quickly shaking his head as Caroline let out a sigh in relief nodding her head as Stiles laughed, "Only McCall I'll ever kiss is you." He said, and Caroline smiled, "Well…. Scott, only on weekends." Caroline rolled her eyes, hitting his chest playfully as he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers in the first time in what felt like forever.

Caroline gripped the edge of the counter, using her weight and Stiles's help to hop up onto the edge of the counter as she smiled against his lips. For a moment her brain shut down, the pure ecstasy of his lips on hers took over her body, Stiles arms trailing up her sides, pulling her closer while her legs wrapped around his hips, bringing him to her.

"Ive missed you," Caroline murmured when his lips grazed across her jawline, her head leaning back against the cabinet as he undid one of the buttons of her blouse, pulling her top off only a little to revil her shoulder, smiling against her skin.

"We haven't been alone in so long," He whispered against her skin, his lips on her neck now, sucking a mark into her skin, and causing her to let out another soft sigh, before her hands were on his face, bringing him back to look at her.

"Scott will be home soon," She said sadly, her thumb tracing his bottom lip before he leaned in, his lips on hers in a gentle kiss, his hand moving to the back of her head, his fingers knotting in her hair as his lips moved to her forehead.

"I'm gonna go up to Scott's room then," He said, Caroline nodding as she let him pull away so she could hop off the counter.

"I'm going to go shower," She said with a nod, and Stiles smiles, leaving her alone in the kitchen, and she let out a quiet sigh, looking at the clock on the wall.

She hated the affect that boy had on her… the way no matter what he did, she thought it was perfect, and hilarious, even if it was something stupid. But that was just how he was, Stiles was a genius, a dumb, impulsive, hyper-active genius that knew exactly how to pull at her heart strings without even realizing it because he, he was in love with her best friend. Caroline shook her head, pushing the thoughts from her head as she went into the shower downstairs, leaving Stiles alone up stairs for when Scott hot home, and the two of them could put an end to all the secret keeping.

Caroline plugged her iPod into the doc that was in the bathroom, turning it up rather loud as she undressed, and started the shower, standing in front of the mirror as it heated up, staring at her reflection. Stiles had in fact left a mark on her, a small innocent looking bruise just above the dip in her collarbone, and she smiled a little touching it gingerly before he gaze traveled down to the claw marks in her side. When that wolf howled at school, they reopened, they reopened and now they were bright red again, not oozing out blood, but still not pleasant to look at, and she frowned. She just wish that she had never gotten in that car with Lee… if she had just left with Stiles then she would never had been attacked.

Caroline sighed, and climbed into the shower, her eyes closing as she ran her fingers through her hair under the steady stream of hot water, her wounds aching a little each time the water ran over them, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Once she was done, she climbed out, the bathroom so steamed up it was a little hard to see, and she wrapped the towel around herself, and headed up to her room, half way up the stairs when she heard Scott yell at Stiles.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Words like that were very rare from Scott's mouth, especially directed at Stiles, and she frowned, tip toeing up the stairs towards Scott's bedroom, hearing Stiles speaking.

"You kissed her Scott, okay," Caroline frowned as she heard his words, so he did know about them… "You kissed Lydia… That's my," Stiles seemed to stutter over his words, Caroline leaning against the wall, feeling a lump forming in her throat, "Like the one girl that I-I… And you know for the past three hours I've been thinking, it's probably just the full moon," Caroline made a face, pushing aside the ache in her heart at the mention of the full moon, "You know, he doesn't even know what he's doing, and tomorrow he'll be totally back to normal. He probably won't even remember what a complete dumbass he's been. A son of a bitch and a freaking, unbelievable piece of crap friend."

What did the full moon have to do with any of this, and what exactly was Stiles doing to Scott in there… she wasn't entire sure if she wanted to know, but she needed to, and she took a step towards the door, stopping when Scott spoke again.

"She kissed me," Caroline swallowed hard hearing Scott continue as Stiles seemed to be bewildered by the knowledge.


"I didn't kiss her," Caroline couldn't believe Scott was doing this, to his best friend, "she kissed me, she would've done a lot more to, you should have seen the way she had her hands all over me," Caroline froze as Stiles came out of the room, face to face with her, and she noticed the look in his eyes, the hurt and he noticed how it was mirrored in her own, "she would have given me anything I wanted," Caroline flinched at Scott's shouts, "ANYTHING."

Caroline took a step back, shaking her head as Stiles tried to step towards her.

"Care, I." Caroline shook her head, giving him a fake smile.

"I need clothes," She said, hurrying into her room, slamming the door behind her, hearing Scott laughing about something as she leaned against the door, sighing.

The one girl that I… Caroline knew what he was going to say, the one girl that he loved… He loved Lydia, and Caroline? Caroline was exactly what she had always been, their contract, their plan. Uncommitted sex, bickering and fighting constantly as a front, they hated each other, that's what it needed to stay as…. She finally understood that, that they were just complicated it all be continuing the physical needs in the relationship. Care closed her eyes, fighting back the tears, damn it… She would not do this, she would not. This was Stiles for Christ sakes, he was nothing important, he was a loser, a nobody, her brother's dorky best friend…. Her dorky best friend. That was it.

Caroline heard Scott screaming, and she quickly left her room again, seeing Stiles leaning against the wall, his hands over his ears, and she moved past him, despite her telling him not to, and threw Scott's door open, her eyes going wide when her brother's head snapped towards her, fangs snapping at her and glowing yellow eyes on her.

"Oh my god!" She screamed her hand going over her mouth as she stumbled backwards into the wall, sliding down it as Stiles fell beside her, Scott breaking his handcuffs, and jumping out the window, "W-What, what was that? That wasn't Scott, w-," Caroline's breaths were ragged, her chest tightening, her hand going to it, "S-Stiles." She coughed, making her breaths more and more drawn together, and Stiles knew.

"Where's your inhaler, Care, just breathe okay, breathe slowly. Where's your inhaler?" He asked, as Caroline's eyes squeezed shut, her hand clutching at her throat as she wheezed, shaking her head as she tried to remember.

"Purse," She managed to say, nodding quickly as Stiles stood, and ran into her room, his eyes scanning every corner of her room before spotting the purse in the corner, and went to it, dumping everything out, the inhaler no falling with it.

"No, no, no, no," Stiles panicked digging through the purse, finding that zipper on the inside of it, quickly grapping the inhaler that was thankfully in there, and scurried back to Caroline, handing her the inhaler, his hand going to the back of her neck as she brought it to her mouth, taking deep breaths from it.

"Can you breathe," Stiles asked, looking at Caroline with a worried expression when her wheezing seemed to lessen, and she nods slowly, her eyes still closed, "Care… Scott, he's."

"One of those things," She said with a tiny voice, looking at him, "The thing that attacked me… he's one too." Stiles shook his head quickly, helping her up, not looking as she tried to adjust her towel.

"No… well, yes, but no." He said frowning, "We need to go find him now, before he hurts someone." He murmured Caroline nodding slowly, "I'll explain everything in the car okay? Just go get dressed now."

Caroline was wearing one of Stiles's hoodies, her knees drawn up to her chest as she leaned against the door of Stiles jeeps, her feet on the seat as she stared at him while he talked. Everything he said… it was all insane, and at first she thought he was just puling her leg, that he was joking but Scott's face, his eyes, his teeth… they weren't human, and that thing that attacked her definitely wasn't human either… it was a werewolf, an Alpha.

"Why aren't I turning into… into a werewolf then?" Caroline asked quietly as Stiles shrugged, his thumbs drumming along the steering wheel.

"You weren't bit," Stiles said with a nod, "At least that's what I've assumed, that… that to turn into a werewolf, you've got to get bit… and you were just, clawed." He said glancing over at her briefly as she nods slowly, still looking terrified, "Scott… He, he wanted to tell you." Stiles said, "He didn't want to get you hurt again though, that's why he kept it from you."

Caroline nods slowly, "He made me think I was crazy." She whispered her voice shaky, "He… You, you both did, you made me think I was losing my mind," She said, a little angry, and still hurt over his reaction to Lydia kissing Scott, "But in reality, that thing, it really is hunting me." She said looking up at Stiles as he frowns.

"We're not going to let anything happen to you again Care," He said looking over at her, "You're safe, I swear." Caroline nods slowly, moving to sit with her feet on the floor, squinting a bit when they came up to the reserve gate, sirens flashing on police cars and ambulances, and Stiles looked over at Caroline, obviously worried about something when he slammed to a stop and climbed out of the jeep.

Caroline climbed out as Stiles walked around, asking the other officers if they'd seen his dad, the worry in his voice evident, and Caroline swallowed as he stopped by a gurney, a limp hand falling off the side, badly burned.

"Stiles," She turned when she heard the Sheriff, Stiles turning as well as his father walked over to them, and Stiles went to him, hugging him tightly.

Caroline turned away, looking back at the jeep as Stiles and his father spoke, Stiles telling him that the reason they were out so late is because he was taking care of Caroline while her mother and Scott worked, and they were on a ice cream run, which was plausible.

"Caroline," Caroline turned when she heard the sherriff address her, and she smiled sweetly as he walked over, a hand going over her shoulder as he hugged her to his chest, "You take care sweetheart." He said, and Caroline smiled, leaning into him a little as she nods, "Make sure my son does do anything to stupid alright?" He murmured, and Caroline laughed a little as she nods, smiling up at the man she had always loved.

"Of course sheriff, but I make no promises, we all know Stiles has a knack for being stupid, no matter what." She said, and the sheriff gave a short laugh as he nods, Stiles sighing and rolling his eyes.

"Come one, let's get some ice cream." Stiles said, gripping Caroline's hand, and she waved at the sheriff as Stiles dragged her back towards the jeep, "I don't think Scott's the one that killed them." He whispered, Caroline wincing a little at the thought, shaking her head.

"No way," She mumbled as she climbed in and buckled up, looking over at Stiles, "Scott, no matter what, is still Scott, he couldn't hurt a fly." She said, and Stiles nods as he drives forward and Caroline bit her lip, leaning back in the seat before turning to Stiles, "Tell me more about what you know about the Alpha.