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Castiel was always different from the other angels. Yes, he was loyal to his Father, a devout son if anything, but he knew there was more to life than this. He had tried to ignore the nagging in the back of his mind for many millennia, telling himself that it was just a fluke, before he finally decided to listen.

Maybe the thoughts came from spending too much time on earth with the Winchesters, or maybe Gabriel dropped him on his head as a cherub, but as he sat on a bench in his favorite heaven—the eternal Tuesday afternoon—and stared out over the beautiful paradise this mortal had created, Castiel began to remember.

He remembered his brothers and sisters, those older and wiser than him, spending their time training to be the soldiers God needed, while he idly watched the humans below as they bounced around their simple blue planet.

He knew in his heart that it was wrong, so as time passed, the angel of Thursday allowed himself to fall into denial and believe that he was truly like them: a warrior, a perfect being, an elite member of Heaven's army.

But they never accepted him as such. They knew as well as he did that their little brother was different. And they shunned him for it. He was not theirs. He never would be.

The young angel's thoughts went to his Father. The being he owed his grace to, who had everything he had ever known and then some, but had never even seen. The being that had been gone for so long. Did they even have a "Father" anymore?

Castiel sighed, willing the last thought from his mind. Of course God was still out there somewhere. He had to be!

As his vibrant eyes began to water, Cas's memories turned to everything he could think of that would have led to his exile, and he found he regretted none of it.

He had stopped fighting over the humans to save them from Hell, and chose to fight for them, so that they could learn to save themselves.

And by doing so he had discovered free will, he had made dear friends, and he had found a new home. He may have been the rebellious child, but he had never been happier. Even when he missed the way things used to be, he couldn't help but smile lightly at the way they are now.

A small whisper interrupted Castiel's thoughts, and his smile grew. With a flutter of wings and trench coat, he left the memories behind.

His new life was calling.

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