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Summary: Edward had everything he had ever wanted: love, money, family, and success. He was madly in love with his fiancé, Bella Swan. During their senior year of college, Edward comes home after a night out with Emmett and Jasper to find Bella gone. Edward is heartbroken and devastated. He remembers Bella saying she felt like she was being followed and now she is gone. Who took her? How can he get her back? Join Edward on a journey through his flashbacks of their past and his determination to find her in the present so they can have a future together.

Edward's POV

It has been two weeks since she had been taken. Two weeks since my life made any sense at all. I could not survive this life without her and I don't plan to be without her. I will find her. I will find her. This has become my mantra. I must find her. I must save her from whoever has her. I gaze around our small apartment with misty eyes.

Bella and I have been together since junior year of high school when she moved from Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington. She had mesmerized me from day one. We had Biology class together and she sat down right next to me. She was shy and hid behind the curtain of her soft, dark brown hair. I introduced myself and the rest was history.

We graduated and went to NYU together. We left for New York a month before classes would start so we could find a place to live and get part time jobs to get through school. I didn't really need to work, but I wanted to work if I could be with Bella even more. We found jobs at a local café as servers. We worked there the first two years of college together. After that, I insisted that I would take care of her. I knew her classes were getting more challenging and I wanted her to be able to focus on studying and not worry about money.

My father, Carlisle Cullen, made a great deal of money as a doctor. My mother, Esme, was a very successful interior decorator. They had set up a college fund for me the day I was born and deposited money into that account every month of my life. They were still depositing money in the account monthly. I wanted to take care of Bella. She finally agreed to let me.

That is until I had failed to take care of her…failed to protect her.

I walked into the apartment whistling softly. The lights were on, but I didn't see her. She told me she was going to finish her Art History paper and then go to sleep. I walk into our bedroom, ready to curl up beside her and nestle her close. She is not there. The bed is still made, but then I see her cell phone on the floor beside the bed. I pick it up and see that the screen is cracked. I can't see the screen at all.

Panic floods through me. "Bella!" I scream out. Something is wrong here.

The overwhelming silence is my only response. The silence is deafening. I hear a ringing in my ears and darkness threatens to overcome me. I push it back and run like a mad man throughout the apartment.

I race out into the living room and see the overturned lamp. I check the bathroom. I race around the kitchen stepping on some broken glass.

No, no, no. I am silently screaming. I pull my phone out of my pants pocket and dial 9-1-1.

"911, what is your emergency?" A bored voice asks.

"My fiancé. She is missing. I came home and she is gone and there are things…"

I don't remember the conversation after that. I am not sure if I blacked out in shock or what. They next thing I remember are the police at my door.

A knock on the door brings me out of my thoughts. I race to the door to answer it. It's her! She has come back to me! I rip open the door and see my sister and her boyfriend, Jasper on the other side of the door. The hope I felt drains out of me. I step aside to allow them to enter and then I meander over to the couch and sit down with my head in my hands.

Alice sits down beside me. "Edward. This has to stop." She tells me softly, but firmly.

I don't move. I don't reply.

Alice continues. "Dad has hired three private investigators. Charlie is using all his connections possible. We will find her."

I feel a sob building in my throat. I am terrified that I will never see her again. I am even more terrified that we will get a call to identify her body…I shake the morbid thought away. I am immediately overtaken by another thought. What is her kidnapper doing to her? Is he hurting her? Tears leak from my eyes, but I have my head in my hands so no one can tell.

"Edward." Alice tries again. "You have to eat something. You will be of no use to Bella if you aren't healthy. She would hate to see you like this." She whispers the last part choking on tears herself.

The tears fall quickly now and I sit up to face her. Jasper has joined us on the couch and is hugging Alice tightly to his side. I know Bella would hate to see me this way, but I couldn't focus on anything but her. Food didn't matter. Sleep didn't matter. Classes didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing mattered without her.

The NYPD have been no help at all. I called them as soon as I got home at midnight two weeks ago. I told them someone had taken Bella. They came to investigate. They asked if anything else was missing. I told them her purse, coat, a suitcase, and some of her clothes. They believed right then that she ran away. They believed she left me.

They didn't know her. She would never have done that to me. Never. They ignored the broken lamp in the living room. They ignored the broken glass in the kitchen. They ignored her cell phone on the bedroom floor with its screen cracked. They said she must have been angry with me. They didn't know her.

I had been waiting two weeks for the kidnapper to contact me. I would give him whatever he wanted.

He hadn't contacted me. He hadn't contacted Charlie. He hadn't contacted anyone.

I was starting to accept that he didn't want money…he wanted my Bella. I run a hand through my hair and tug at the roots until it hurts. The pain helps me to hold on to reality…a little.

Alice sets a sandwich in front of me on a little plate with a glass of milk next to it. "Edward, when is the last time you have eaten?"

I shook my head. I didn't know and I didn't care. Why did food matter anymore? I couldn't cook in that kitchen without Bella. She would laugh at me and tell me to go do something useful while she made us something we could actually eat. Just thinking about eating in this apartment without her hurt immensely and tied my stomach in knots.

Jasper tried a different approach with me. "Edward, you are meeting with that reporter this afternoon, remember?"

I nod vaguely remembering Carlisle saying something about the news, so he continues. "You are going to be getting your story out there to the media. She has agreed to give us ten minutes of air time on the news broadcast. This will get Bella's picture out there. You will get your chance to address her kidnapper. You need to be prepared for this. You need to eat."

Jasper's words reach me when Alice's couldn't. I ate my sandwich quickly and drank all the milk. My sister leaned forward and hugged me and I hugged her back slightly. I know that Alice and Jasper love Bella, too. I know they are hurting too, but I just can't think about anyone else's pain right now. I am consumed by anguish constantly, never taking a breath without the waves of pain radiating through my entire being.

I have to be strong tonight. This is my chance to talk to the kidnapper, I hope. I hope he is watching the news. I need him to hear me. I need Bella to hear me, too. I cannot lose hope and I won't lose hope. I know my Bella is alive. I know it. If she were dead, my soul would know it. I would feel the loss instantly. Bella was my other half. My fiancé. My love. My life.