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Edward's POV

It has been one year since Bella had been kidnapped. One year full of pain and desperation, but also so much love and hope. After Rose killed Riley, Bella and I healed. She opened up to me and told me everything. She told me about the tape that Riley had kept…about how it held the death of our child. I hated Riley Biers with everything I was…but, in therapy, Bella and I discovered that hate doesn't help anything. Bella has always known that, but it took therapy for me to see it. Dr. Zafrina has helped Bella and I move forward together. It was Bella's idea for us to go therapy together and it has been incredible.

Slowly with many months of therapy, we have grown back together. Things will never be the same. We know that, but we also know that we can survive anything together. Bella and I found a place in the New York suburbs. We both finished our last semester and graduated. Bella's mother had even been allowed to attend our graduation. She is slowly coming around, but she will never be able to care from herself after her psychotic break. Luckily, Phil does love her and is taking care of her. She recognizes Bella and hugs her tightly when she sees her. Bella knows her mom will never be able to take care of her, but she doesn't blame her mother and never has. She told me that Esme has been like a mother to her all these years and it warms my mom's heart to know that Bella looks at her that way. Charlie has been pivotal to Bella' recovery; when we found our new place in New York he came to stay with us for a week to get her settled and to make her feel safe. He even installed a security system to give us and himself peace of mind.

It took Bella and I nearly nine months before we were intimate again. We took things incredibly slow between us, and I held her when she cried out in fear. It killed me that she was so terrified of what we used to share. Zafrina told us that it was normal for it to take a long time before Bella was comfortable with it again. She told us we both had to be patient. She told me that Bella did not blame me…she just couldn't disassociate intimacy with pain in her mind easily. It was difficult of me to accept that what Riley had done to her had robbed her of her ability to enjoy one other. However, I told Bella that if we never made love again that I was okay with that. I wanted her, no matter what. She was it for me and I would take her in whatever way she was able to have me. However, Bella was not willing to let us just be that. She wanted us to be together again. She told me that she wanted to remember what it had been like between us. She wanted to remember sex as something wonderful and not something painful. Finally, nine months later, she and I were back at a comfortable place sexually. We made love for the first time three weeks before our wedding and she cried afterwards. It alarmed me, but then she laughed through her tears and told me she was so happy. I had longed for that closeness with her and I was so immensely happy that she wanted it again as well. Even though I would have been completely fine as long as I had my Bella in whatever capacity I could have her. I love her. I could never love another and I never wanted another woman…I never had. Bella also talked to Zafrina about guilt. She felt guilty for being with Riley, even though it was not in her control to refuse him. She said she felt guilty because she had been with someone else and I had never been with anyone other than her. I told her how ridiculous that was. Bella was with Riley against her will; I know for a fact that Bella had only been with me in her heart – now she finally believed it too.

About a month after graduation, we got married. Rosalie had been Bella's matron of honor. Emmett had been my best man. Our wedding must have been grand, Alice had planned it all, but Bella was all I saw. She walked down the aisle toward me on Charlie's arm in a white satin dress that hugged her beautiful form in all the right place with her hair flowing down her back in long cascading waves. She may be different now, with all the horror we have been through, but so am I. Bella and I are eternal. Nothing will ever separate us, or tear us apart.

We honeymooned in Hawaii for two weeks. They were two of the best weeks of my life. Bella and I spent the majority of them rediscovering one another and whatever other time we had walking along the beach holding hands.

Now, back in New York, we are busy once again. It took me a month after we had been married before I was able to leave her alone in our new place. I was terrified of what could happen to her. Zafrina encouraged us to spend an hour away from one another every day until we went back to work. She wanted Bella to feel safe at home alone and she wanted me to feel safe leaving her there. I was even more terrified when Zafrina told us to reverse roles and Bella went out alone while I stayed at him. Every day, that hour was the worst hour of my life, but I also knew we had to get through this in order to have a healthy future.

Bella started work at the publishing company as a junior editor. She was happy there and even though it took me a month to be okay with being away from her all day, I was thrilled for her. I even started working on my music again. I was writing music for a few off Broadway shows and I was interviewing for a job on Broadway later in the week.

Bella and I have been married for four months today. I made steaks and grilled potatoes for dinner. I had chilled the champagne and I was waiting for her to come home from work. She was ten minutes late, and terror seized me. Where was she?

I was ten minutes away from calling the police when she walked into our apartment. Tears were coursing down her cheeks and I was instantly alarmed.

"Love, what is it? Are you all right? Who hurt you? I'll kill him!"

She stops me with her laughter. She throws her arms around my neck. "Edward, I'm pregnant. We are having a baby! We are going to be parents!"

I yell out and hold her tight and twirl her around in my arms as we both laugh. I cry as well as we embrace. "I have never been more happy in my entire life." I tell her.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, too, Bella love."

I know that life will not be perfect. I know that all roads in life are bumpy, but as long as I have my Bella…I know that I can get through any hell. I can survive anything with her by my side, forever. The darkness in life could not conquer the most powerful thing on earth: true love.

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