Alright, so it's been a while since I've actually written any fanfics, but I got this idea and I hope you like it. It's definitely AU and there are definitely some interesting pairings. While you read, if there are any pairings you think you'd like to see, please, review or PM me and tell me. Hope you like!

Ages of ALL Cannon Characters: Zuko – 20, Sokka – 21, Korra – 17, Mako – 19, Bolin - 18

"So are you sure the girls will like still like this?" Zuko asked, looking at Sokka as they entered an antique clothing store. They looked around at the few shoppers and glass cases filled with antique bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings.

"They're girls! Of course they will!" Sokka said, nodding knowingly before he walked over to a mannequin in the back corner. "This is…cool, I guess." On the mannequin was an outfit neither boy had ever seen before. It wore a skirt that looked floor length with a slit up to the thigh with black boots on the floor. On the upper half of the body was an off the shoulders, scarlet red top with a black corset that seemed to "lift" the bust. It was a beautiful outfit with the only necklace being a simple locket hanging around its neck with a carving of a woman being the decoration. "Oh, lookie! Something shiny!" Sokka ran off to a case with several antique diamond necklaces, his eyes practically glued to them. But Zuko stayed behind, smiling at the accessory, imagining it around Mai's neck.

Zuko lifted the locket, intrigued by the image. He had never seen any jewelry like it before. "You like yes?" a person said from behind him, their accent thick. Zuko jumped slightly, turning to see an elegant woman. She saw the expression on his face and chuckled before clearing her throat. "Sorry," she said, her voice losing its accent. "I do that for the image of the shop. Now, you like the outfit?"

"Uh…yeah, I've never seen anything like it before." he said, looking at it and releasing the locket. He turned back to the woman, taking in her elegant and seemingly delicate features. Her eyes were a bright violet and her hair was a curly black and pulled into a ponytail. She wore a violet dress much like the outfit on the mannequin.

"Yes, I call it steampunk. It's something a little different from this world." she said with a small smile before bowing. "I'm Lilandria, your highness." She straightened before walking over to the mannequin, slipping the locket off. "You had your eyes on this, correct?"

Zuko silently nodded. "It's unique."

"Like the woman you have it in mind for?" she said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah, like her." Zuko smiled as an image of Mai came to his mind before looking up as Lilandria walked around a counter towards the front of the store. "What're you doing?"

"This woman must be special. Especially if you're willing to go shopping with…him." She cast a glance at Sokka as he eyed a choker.

"How much for that one?" he asked, looking up.

Lilandria smirked. "For you? Name your price." She said, leaning against the counter. Sokka pulled out a handful of coins and Lilandria raised an eyebrow. "You realize that is a diamond necklace with a fire stone set in the center, right? Surely, you don't expect so…little." Sokka looked back at the necklace and then back to the seven coins he had set down before pulling out five more. Lilandria raised an eyebrow as Sokka grinned sheepishly. "Alright, fine. You're clearly desperate. And as for his royal highness," Lilandria turned her attention to Zuko. "Is this woman special to you?"

He smiled. "She means everything to me."

Lilandria smirked. "Alright, King, I will let you take it for free. As a gift to your lover. But you must promise me something."

He looked at her in shock before nodding. "Yes, anything."

"You make sure your woman is worthy of this necklace before you give it to her. This necklace is worth a lot. And it might be more than your beloved." She met his gaze, her eyes seeming to grow darker as Zuko nodded.

"Yes, of course." he said, not truly taking her seriously. How could a necklace be more important than his Mai?

"Then alright. The necklace is yours. Take good care of it." She handed him the necklace before pulling out the choker for Sokka and handing it to him. "Good luck to both of you. And your highness, I wish you the most luck I can grant."

The boys shared a look before nodding. "Thank you." they said simultaneously before exiting the shop. "That was odd…" Zuko said, looking down at the necklace.

"Eh, we've seen worse." Sokka said with a shrug before grinning at the necklace. "Yuki is going to love this!" Zuko smiled at his friend before looking back at the shop, not noticing Lilandria watching them from the window before she turned and walked to the back room.

"June." she said before her daughter entered the room, her hair falling in her eyes once again. "Your friend just stopped by."

She raised an eyebrow. "I have no friends."

"The Zuko boy? I always thought he was." She said before June shrugged, taking a seat.

"So what's with his appearance being so important?"

"He bought the necklace for his beloved. But I do not believe it will reach her." Lilandria said with a smirk. "There was a hint of curiosity in his eyes. I do believe he just might be keeping the necklace for a while."

-At the Fire Nation Palace-

Zuko lay in bed looking up at the necklace as it shimmered in the candle light. What did Lilandria mean? He ran his thumb over the carving on the front, feeling the gold back cool against his fingers. It was such a simple yet pretty necklace. He hoped Mai would like it… Sitting up, Zuko held the necklace in his palm, tracing the carving with his fingers. There was something about it…It seemed…different. He felt the carving give a little under his fingers and raised an eyebrow. "What the…?" Zuko looked up; making sure no one was around before pressing the carving, letting it sink into the locket.

A gust of wind came from the locket, extinguishing the candles' flames before Zuko dropped the locket, quickly getting up. He formed a fireball in his hands, looking around. "What's going on? Is this some kind of trick?" He looked around, ignoring the locket before hearing a voice echo in the room. "Hello? Is someone there?"

No answer.

Zuko looked back to the bed, reaching for the blankets and trying to find the locket. But it wasn't there. "Come on, where is it?" he snapped, continuing to look around. He didn't notice the walls around the room begin to spin as he looked under the blankets. "Come on!" Looking up, he tried to see if it was on the floor, but saw nothing before his gaze landed on the walls that spun around him. Faster and faster they went, making the king dizzy as he fell onto the ground. "What's going on?" Clear panic was in his voice before he looked up at the walls, frustration growing. "Stop it!" he shouted before a candle fell from the table beside him and his bed. The handle landed on the back of his skull, knocking him onto his chest. He looked at the walls, his sight growing bleary as they slowed and his eyes closed, enveloping him in darkness.