Nick and Finn don't like each other can they keep it professional on the job or are they in more trouble then they think? Sometimes the rules are meant to be broken for the better.

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Ch1: Hit the Brakes

The team sits inside the break room getting ready for assignments. Everyone is there except for Nick and DB. DB was busy talking with Brass about a prior case and Nick was running late. With one minute to spare Nick came sprinting into the break room.

"Where were you?" Greg asked chuckling as Nick tried to regain his breathing before DB came in the room.

"Do you know how hard it is to find a barber at this hour?" Nick chuckled and smiled. "My clippers broke and I have court tomorrow." Nick said lifting his hat to show his haircut. It was still long but it was cleaner and shorter than before.

DB comes in with a few assignments in hand. He had past case folders under his arm and new cases in hand and a cup of tea in the other. Nick stood up to pour himself some coffee.

"Double homicide out in Henderson, Finn and Nick why don't you go." DB says seeing Finn roll her eyes. "Bring Greg too." he says trying to appease the situation not feeling like he will deal with it now, but rather just pull Finn aside later. However the eye rolling was caught by everyone except for Nick. "Sara, there was assault outside strip-o-rama." DB said handing her the slip, as Nick and Greg looked on envy. "Morgan, you're with me. Someone tried to rob an in casino bank." the team quickly dispersed to their respective locations.

When Greg, Nick, and Finn arrive in scene they find to huge crowd outside. They walk up to Brass who looked at his wits end with all the witnesses and passersby.

"What'd we got, Jim?" Nick asks.

"Neighbors heard arguing for a couple of hours and then heard some shots. I think it's a murder suicide, from what I've gathered from neighbors there marriage was pretty rocky." Brass said flipping through his notes.

"Why don't you guys start inside? I'll do the perimeter and talk to witnesses." Nick says, Finn doesn't answer but rather walks inside. Nick raises his eyebrow at Greg who just shrugs his shoulders. Nick just shakes his head his nostrils slightly flared upset.

"I'll start with the bodies why don't you start with surrounding areas." Finn said.

"Oh yea, sure." Greg said taking his camera out. Greg started taking photos but had a lot of questions burning his mind. "Can I ask you something?" he asks, Finn smiles knowing the question he's going to ask.

"Sure, Greg?"

"Do you have a problem with Nick?"

"I just don't like him." she says slightly frustrated.

"Okay, so the witnesses said that there house was in foreclosure and the husband was a gambler." Nick said coming back in the room.

"I see a couple past dues and notices here." Greg said holding some papers up after photographing them.

"So I'm thinking the murder suicide idea is going to be the manner of death."

Nick said.

"Not all rocky marriages end like this." Finn said.

"I didn't say they did, however I do think this one did." Nick said, growing slightly agitated with Finn. They had never socialized since she joined the team besides for some passerby conversations in the break room. "Greg, did check both their hands GSR?" Nick said sharing an uneasy stare with Finn.

"Yeah, the husband came back positive. I also found another sticky substance on the gun I swabbed it too." Greg said, sensing the tension. "Um, I'm going to bring these to the lab."

"You do that." Nick said quickly without looking at Greg.

"Okay..." Greg said quietly leaving. Nick shook his head and chuckled as he moved to the kitchen. Finn squinted and clinched her jaw shut.

"There are some ripped up foreclosure notices here on the counter." Nick said taking a photo before trying to put it together.

"Greg, saw that earlier. It's a final notice on the home they had thirty days to get out of the house."

"That's a shame." Nick said looking at the mail on the counter. Nick turned and opened the fridge.

"Hungry?" Finn said chuckling; in what Nick felt was a snooty tone.

"You can tell a lot about someone by what's in someone's fridge."

"You would know..." Finn whispered, but Nick heard.

"Yeah, because that makes sense." Nick said back.


"What is your problem?" Nick said. He was starting to feel angry; he felt that Finn has been nothing but annoying and nasty.

"Sorry, I'm late..." Super Dave said coming in immediately sensing the tension in the room. It was as thick as the smog in the Vegas air on a hot day. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No you're fine, Sup." Nick said while he and Finn share another hostile stare. Nick shakes his head and walks to the body as Super Dave starts examining the body.

"COD on the male seems to be a GSW to the head; it looks like entry was in his mouth and the exit looks like it blew off the back of his head. I'd put TOD six hours ago."

"That's when the arguing started." Nick said kneeling next to the body.

"The female looks like she was shot in the back of her head. From what's left of her face, she looks like she was roughed up a little."

"That's a shame." Finn said.

"You ready?" Nick asked as Dave loaded the bodies in the coroners van.

"Yeah, let me just wrap up." Finn said. Nick packed up his kit and put it in the back of the truck with the other evidence. He sat in the truck and waited for Finn. Five minutes go by then fifteen and then twenty. If there was one thing that Nick hated, it was slow. It didn't have to be fast it just couldn't be slow. Nick knew she was only going slowly to further test his patience. Nick bit his tongue trying to remember everything his mom had taught him about being a gentleman and if one doesn't have anything nice to say keep quiet. As he felt like he was at his wits end she came out.

"I was just making sure we didn't miss anything." Finn said getting in, Nick just nodded.

The car ride was quiet and extremely awkward. Nick was still feeling agitated and Finn felt the same way and now they were only a couple feet away from each other. Nick's phone started to ring and Nick started to nervously check his pockets while maintaining control of the wheel. He finds his phone and checks the caller id.

"Really? You may not care about your life but I care about mine." she says.

"Shut up." Nick said ignoring the call putting his phone in the center console. He was so fed up with Finn he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Excuse me? You're the one texting while driving."

"I got a phone call... Relax."

"Why are you telling me to relax? You're the one who is getting angry."

"Are you serious?" Nick said excited turning to look at Finn. "I don't know what your problem is but get over it. I don't know if you always act like this or if it's your time of the month..."

"Oh right because I'm a female if I'm upset it means I'm on the rag. Typical egotistical male."

"You don't know me..." Nick chuckled.

"Oh but I know your type,"

"My type? You've only known me for a few weeks you don't me enough to know if others are like me!"

"I've met many guys that are just like you."

"I bet you have," Nick said quietly.

"What is that suppose..." she says but is interrupted by the airbag and the sudden stop of the car. Her body jolts forward but is held back by the seatbelt and airbag. Glass rains inside the car, they were in an accident.

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