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I love me some compilation of shorts. And today I bring you something new, although still very Wevid!

If it sounds a little like Merthur (from BBC Merlin) then I apologize. The idea was inspired by "James Bond Eat Your Heart Out" by grave-walker, which is highly recommended by the way! But you know, after "Wesley the evil overlord," it got me thinking as to what if Wevid was evil? Obviously it wouldn't work out very well...

Language warning: A few cusses here and there


Bree Z Claire

I do not own Glee or its characters.

David blew out a puff of air, watching the dust and ruins settle before his eyes.

People around him were screaming, calling out to their loved ones while police officers struggled to maintain order. He kicked at a piece of concrete and stepped back onto the curb as another fire truck whirled by and shook his head, resisting the urge to roll his eyes for the seven billionth time. He tucked his hands into his pockets and looked around. All around him, sirens were buzzing and medics ran frantically trying to ensure that everyone was indeed all right and that no one had gotten buried or worse, killed. Managers were taking head counts of their employees and talking to the police.

The chaos made his escape as easy as it was the take down the building in the first place.

~ xXx ~

"Did you see it?" David beamed as he bounced into the room. It was a rhetorical question, of course, but his mother always taught him that redundancies were never something to be ashamed of because that's how all good systems worked. From human bodies to the best of supercomputers to the brightest of evil masterminds.

He'd just stepped off the spiral staircase into the basement area where his supercomputer glowed, showing the rubble and chaos he'd just witnessed in person. A weeping mother on the screen was currently talking into a news reporter's mic, clutching her daughter for dear life. David actually rolled his eyes this time, and the lack of focus caused the rubber of his sneakers to catch the polished tiled floors and send him landing flat on his face. Luckily he'd place a rather soft rug a few feet from the staircase for occasions like this. "Oww," He muttered, rubbing his nose.

David lifted himself off the floor and hobbled to his supercomputer to type out a few commands to switch the camera view to a nearby office security camera to catch a different angle instead of the diner view it had just been on. Just to change things up, he thought. He pressed a few more keys and muted the speakers; screaming people made his ears ring and he had enough of that already. He did all this while still rubbing his poor nose.

He sat back in his La-Z-Boy chair and twirled around; making sure everything was still in place. Of course it was; the only other person here was chained to the couch on the far wall.

Eyes glared back at him, and David frowned. "You know, my mom says that staring is rude."

"And what," the boy spat out. "Did she tell you about blowing up buildings?"


"It is not irrelevant! You just blew up a fucking bank!

David waved his hand. "It was in my way. Blocking my view of the park and such."

"You endangered thousands of lives and worst of all, you don't even care!"

"No one was even in the building, love. You saw me trigger the fire alarms not ten minutes ago from this very room before I signaled the detonation. No one got hurt. Why they're all screaming and passing out is beyond me. Normal people are so melodramatic." He rolled his eyes again.


"I am not, my mother had my tested."

They sat and glared at each other for a long while after that. David folded his arms across his chest as the boy on the couch rustled the chains binding him. To David's right, a large grandfather clock swung back and forth, soon to be striking noon. Not particularly fond of silence, David spoke first, "You never answered my question, you know."

"What question? The one about how insane you are?"


"The answer is very!"

"You know, you were a lot nicer when you were tutoring me in chemistry."

"As if you needed it," Wes muttered, finally looking away. His hands were cuffed behind his back and there were chains linking the cuffs to the couch. Try as he would, he wasn't getting off the couch anytime soon without a key of some sort.

"Would you believe you were just that good a teacher?"

"I was teaching you bond enthalpies and entropies, not bomb making!"

"But isn't that all the same really?" The boy asked in genuine curiosity, looking up at the ceiling fan as he pondered the thought as if it were life's greatest mystery. He shook his head after a moment. "You still haven't answer my question."

"That's because you keep getting sidetracked…" Wes muttered again, earning him a scowl. "What question?"

This made David smile. "Did you see it?"

"You blowing up the bank? Yes, you gave me a front row seat on your mega-monitor screen."

"Noooo silly," David rolled his eyes, smiling. "The park behind the bank! You can see it now from the roof without that ugly bank in the way."


"You know," The boy gestured but Wes remained confused. "The one with the turtle pond you love so much?"

"…you blew up a bank…for a turtle pond."

"I blew up the bank for you, love!" David beamed and stuck out his chest, incredibly proud and confident that this would, indeed, woo his man.

He did not catch, therefore, Wes' shoe when the Asian kicked it off his foot and straight at David's face. What proceeded next was an earful of screaming, questionings of sanity, and too many curses for David to count as he leapt up from his chair and grabbed for the tissue box beside his too-large keyboard to stop his bleeding nose. He'd set it there after the fifth time Wes soccer-kicked his shoe at David, causing him to rush upstairs to the bathroom for tissues as he had had none downstairs. The housekeeper had not been too happy to clean up that mess.

Maybe Wes was a flowers kind of guy.

~ xXx ~

A long while later, when David was blood-free (he'd gotten blood on his shirt and decided to go take a shower in his en suite bathroom while Wes continued screaming downstairs) and Wes was all screamed out, David ventured back down the stairs and into his trusty desk chair.

Continuing their conversation as if nothing happened, he asked, "But didn't you like seeing the bank fall and have the pond rise into view? It was quite artistic of me if I do say so myself. I mean, I thought about putting fireworks in at first but since you only mentioned the turtle pond in the park yesterday and it was getting late, I thought 'Hell, there's no time for fireworks, let's just get the job done already!' and badabing badaboom-" he was cut off by a very distinct snort.

"Pfft, yeah, loved it." Sarcasm dripped from his voice. "Even better than the time you blew up school on a Sunday."

"I had a history test I didn't want to take."

"So you blew up the whole school?"

"Well I couldn't very call in sick now could I, Wes? Lying is wrong don't you know." David cocked his head to the side and added as an afterthought, "Unless, of course, it's reclining your body in a horizontal fashion. That type of lying is never wrong."

Wes sputtered at this. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

David pouted; he'd been asked that a lot since he'd brought Wes into his home. Why couldn't the boy just be supportive like he'd during their tutoring sessions? Granted the tutoring was just an excuse to get closer to Wes, but that was beside the point. "I skipped breakfast – big bomb plans and all make me especially peckish. So I'm a little hungry…and seeing as you're a culinary student."

"I took one home economics class by accident!"

"And you loved it so much! The cooking part at least." He remembered one particular tutoring session when Wes was a bit more irritated than usual. It didn't take much prodding before the boy spilled everything to him.

It turned out that Wes really did love everything to do with the culinary arts, buying books, trying recipes at home, and even taking classes without his father's knowledge. It was all he wanted to do, but his father had other plans for him involving the family business. And David knew Wes had no interest in it once so ever.

Wes had a brilliant mind and a brilliant work ethic; it was what made David fall for him in the first place actually. The boy was just so wonderfully focused! Wes could tutor everything from math to physics to geography and law without pause, and David would often see him doing just that in the library around exam time when everyone wanted a piece of his help. Wes could be amazing in whatever he did, no matter whether he liked it or not. But the only moment David really saw those eyes light up was when he spoke about cooking. David almost regretted blowing up the school; Wes was supposed to be making a soufflé that Monday.

"You're needle work could use a little work though. You can't sew for shit."

"Shut up, David. I'm not cooking you any food."

"But I'm hungry!"

"Then starve!"

"But then you'll starve too." David pouted again and it was in no way cute or adorable in the least according to Wes. Not at all. "I have microwave mac 'n' cheese in the cupboard upstairs in the kitchen though if you like, but I'm sort of in the mood for a grilled cheese and ham sandwich if you don't mind...on whole wheat?"

"Why don't you make it yourself?" Wes was surprised to find no bitterness or heat behind his words.

"Remember last time?" It was when he'd first brought – not kidnapped – Wes home with him and decided to make him toast to help his guest feel more comfortable. The end result was a smoky kitchen and a burnt finger for David while Wes just wrinkled his nose disapprovingly before laughing his ass off. The maid hadn't been too happy about that either.

Wes took a deep breath before asking, "If I do this for you, will you unchain me?" He hadn't eaten dinner last night so he was pretty starved himself.

"Only if you don't run." David beamed.


David leapt up in pure joy, uncuffing Wes and following the boy eagerly up the stairs. "You'll love it here Wes, I know you will! I have a guest room prepared and I had the kitchen redone in stainless steel all for you! I threw out the toaster though - that toaster was evil – but I got another one and it's red and blue just like your favourite colours! I went on amazon and ebay and got you all the latest and greatest cook books I could find because I know you learn better on your own with books anyhow. They're all lined up on your own bookshelf beside the kitchen for easy access and—and—oh the Jacuzzi is huge –Oh and –"

"David!" Wes stopped midway up the stairs and rubbed his temples, David bumped into him softly. They weren't even up the stairs yet. For God sakes it was barely noon!


Wes paused, shaking his head trying to ponder up a reason as to why he thought this was ever going to be a good idea. At least when he was chained up he could only hear David's ramblings downstairs, and often the supercomputer was loud enough to drown him out. Now what? "Shut up," he spoke with an exhale and proceeded up the stairs. David followed happily.

"Whatever you say Wes, whatever makes you happy because that's what I'm here for, you know. Oh, it's going to be great Wes! We don't even need to go to school anymore if you don't want to… well, it's kind of still blown up right now but we can talk about that later! Oh and you won't believe the blankets Maria picked out for us the other day. Maria's the housemaid; you'll love her! Blankets? No, duvets I think. Is that right, Wes? Duvets? Do you think we're supposed to pronounce the 'T' or is it silent like in French of something? French is kind of funny isn't it Wes, I mean, half the letters there you don't even pronounce. Funny isn't it Wes? Wes?

"Oh, and you have to meet Nick and Jeff. They're the guys you want to go to if you want something blown up. They're great; I can't wait for you to meet them! And Blaine – he's the dapper guy who spies for me – and then there's Kurt, the team's designer. They're away in Thad's house in the Bahamas right now but they said they're visiting soon. Golly gee Wes it's been really lonely in this house without you but I'm glad you're here now –



"Wes? Wes, open the door! Please? The house is only unlocked via voice command Wes, my voice!

"…can you at least slide my grilled cheese under the door Wes? Wes?"

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