Ginga Ocean Jim: Tales of the past

Chapter 1-Jim

A young German shepherd puppy stood at the edge of the beach and watched as his parents disappeared into the sunset on the boat with his owner. Jim was his name. He loved his parents and hated when they left him alone.

"Don't worry Jim, your parents will be fine." said his godfather Peter. The Shiba Inu smiled at him softly and picked him up, carrying him back home. Along the way home, Peter and Jim bumped into Kaze, Alice's father. Alice smiled up at Jim and teased,

"Hey scaredy-cat! Come play with me!" she said, sticking out her tongue, provoking Jim into chasing her around the trees nearby. Peter sighed and merely shook his head. "Why does he always fall for that trick she plays?" he asked to no one in particular, knowing he wouldn't be answered. Or so he thought.

"Because he's a child." said a voice behind her. Peter turned his head to see Alice's mother Kiniro, a golden-colored Akita Inu. Peter sighed and turned to face her directly. She smiled at him gently.

"She just loves to play with him, that's all Peter." she said walking over beside him. The two watched as the two pups played with each other. "She really cares about him, you know. It's like she has a crush on him. Maybe they'll fall in love with each other and have pups." she joked, making Peter raise an eyebrow. He shook his head as he looked back at the two children playing.

"I'm not sure…" he said. "Maybe…"

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Jim yawned as he lay in his bed at his owner's home. His Mother Rin was watching him and his friend Alice. She sighed as she looked out the window. "Jara, are you safe? Why does our master keep taking you to those strange lands?" she cried softly. Jim went over to her and licked her face.

"Thank you, son." she said hugging him. She looked at him, "So much like his father…" she thought.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Kiniro sighed as her mate Kaze talked about his daily events. "Are you unhappy about something, Kin-chan?" he asked, licking her face. She nodded and said, "I think someone is following me and Alice when we are out and about." she said in a whisper.

The grey dog looked at his golden lover in worry and shock, "Did you see him or her?" he asked concerned for her. She shook her head no, "He had an orange and red body, but I didn't see their face. I got the feeling that they wanted to kill me." she said shivering.

Kaze held her close, "Do not worry, no one will hurt you."

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

A male dog stood on top of the roof next to the house the two lovers were staying at. He grinned, "Oh Kiniro, you WILL be mine." he chuckled as he jumped off the roof.