Ginga Ocean Jim

Final chapter-deaths and life

Baca licked his lips as he watched Alice and Jim go home to where they lived. He saw Kiniro and panted, making his way to where she was.

Kiniro barely had any time to react before Baca pushed her to the ground. After doing what he wanted to her, he killed her and waited for Kaze and Jim's parents to arrive before he killed them as well. The news of their deaths came as a huge shock to the new parents, Alice having been hit harder after she learned what Baca had done to her mother. Jim could only do what he could do and comfort her.

Sadie had tried to find out where he went, but couldn't find any trace of the mixed breed male.

"I'm so sorry…" she said to her childhood friend again. Jim sighed and looked at her, "It's okay…we'll find him someday, for sure." he said, looking at his sleeping family over in the corner. The shikoku ken sighed and told him that she would be leaving for Mie.

"I heard of a rumor that some dogs are taking in new members and I wish to join." she said getting up and leaving.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

As the girls grew up and their parents watched over them, Jim could only look up at the sky…