*** The death of Sammy in his view


The screeching of tires and the screams of the pedestrians drowned out his racing heart. The smell of burning rubber filled the air and clogged his lungs. All he could see was the blinding white light. All he could feel was pain. His life began to flash in front of his eyes.

The time his father caught him dancing in his room at age 5, and not understanding his shocked face.

Grandfather teaching him to play chess while retelling stories of wars and years long gone.

The first day of secret dance class mom took him to when he was 8.

The day his brother was born.

His first recital with an absent father at 10.

Pushed into the locker in 6th grade for his report on why ballet should be made a sport.

Dad taking him to a seminar on medical degrees and colleges in eighth grade.

His first pair of Pointe shoes.

His teacher suggesting he go to the academy of dance.

Making his list of top 50 things to do before he dies.

First day of tryouts and his second chance to make it.

The letter of acceptance.

Kat forging his dad's signature.

Being rejected by Christian on the sidewalk.

Finding Tara on the steps.

Meeting Abigail.

Making many friends and the fun times they had.

Falling in love with Abigail and their meetings in the janitor closet.

The breakup with Abigail.

Having muffins for mouse and thinking he was a Labrador.

Falling for Ollie.

The breakup.

Making it into the Internationals in the Prix de Fonteyn

Calling Tara


The blackness was closing in on him. A phone dialing. The sirens screaming. The stretcher. He could feel nothing bodily now, but he felt his acceptance to part with the world. He thought of his friends and prayed they would be okay. The darkness came closer, then all he saw was a bright flashing light and…..