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Chapter 4: INTO A FUTURE

"Tara, it's time to get going. I'm going to send you to the future in which I didn't die. I won't be able to be with you when you go, but you'll still hear me. You also won't be able to talk to or feel anyone. You don't exist in this world. They won't see, hear, feel, or smell you. You can only watch. It will be a little weird to see yourself and the others, but keep calm. Keep a level head until I take you somewhere else. Do you trust me?"

"Of course Sammy. With my life." Tara said certainly.

"Alright, lay back and be still. Close your eyes, and in no time you'll be there."

"Will it hurt Sammy?"

"No, I would never put you into real danger. Now do as I said."

"Okay Sammy. I'll see you soon?"

"Of course." Sammy leaned down to give her one last hug and Tara laid back. She closed her eyes and felt a light kiss on her forehead. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and the world seemed to spin around her. She suddenly felt nauseaded and her insides seemed to twist and turn. In the blink of an eye, the spinning stopped. The dizziness and nausea went away in a flash. She opened her eyes to bright light and gasped as she sat up.

She looked down and where her body should have been, was nothing. She couldn't see her legs or her feet. All that was visible was the quilt and the bedpost. She held her hand up to her face to see nothing. She took a swipe at her knee and all her hand hit was air. Sammy was right; she no longer existed in this world.

She felt a sudden pull to downstairs and complied. As she reached the top of the staircase, she knew something was up. It was too quiet, too still. As she tenderly walked down the steps, she could hear a quiet sobbing. When she reached the bottom step, she saw several figures cloaked in black lingering in the common room. She recognized each face in the room. Each face held different emotions.

She saw Abigail's uncaring mask she usually hid behind. She found Christian leaning against a wall in an angry stance, but pained face. Ben sat on the chair with a sympathetic grin, but saddened, old eyes that had already seen too many tragedies in his short life. Sammy was sobbing loudly on the couch. Ollie sat next to him with hard eyes whispering comforting words in Sammy's ear. Ethan paced the floor with his head in his hands. Tears flowed shamlessly while he muttered to himself and whimpered.

Strangled howls of pain emitted from the kitchen. The Sammy on the couch slowly rose, and walked toward the awful noises almost drunk with grief. She followed him curiously and found herself looking upon the person with utter despair. The future Tara was curled on the cold, unforgiving kitchen tile in a fetal position. Her face was red and blotchy. The girl shuddered and gasped for breath. Coughs racked her body as she cried dry tears. She kept screaming and whimpering like a pitiful animal. Tara would never forget that sound in all the years she lived. Nothing had ever sounded so inhuman.

Sammy, from the future, wrapped his arms around the screaming girl in hopes of making her stop. She pushed and shoved him away. She ranted and screamed at him. She hit him with anger, and he let her. She grew tired and despairingly fell to the floor. Again, Sammy picked her up and set her in his lap. He held onto her for dear life as she cried and screamed. The whole while tears streamed down his face. In the grief stricken girl's hands was a smashed, pink frosted cupcake.

Nervousness began to creep onto Tara. She had sneaking suspicions on to what was going on, and dread began to spread throughout her body. She didn't want to voice her opinion fearful it would become true.

"Sammy," she whispered. "Where are you? What's going on?"

"The future," a quiet voice announced, unseen.

"Yes, but where is Kat?" She asked scared. She had no reply and grew silent. Then in an outburst of anger shouted, "NO! Kat can't die!"

"There is much yet to come Tara, prepare yourself for the worst. Close your eyes." Sammy's voice commanded with authority.

The world spun around and around. And then, it stopped. Tara opened her eyes and gasped. She stood in front of a tumbling, run down building by the water. It was obvious it had been vacant for years. Windows were cracked and the large front doors were bolted. Paint was peeling off the sides and the sound of rats and birds could be heard inside. She looked around the building in confusion. This place seemed so familiar, but where was she? She walked around the sides slowly and stopped at the closed off stairs.

A flyer hung from one of the poles, and she reached out to grab it. It was water stained and yellow with age. She began to read the letter,

To whomever it may concern,

The Dance Academy has officially been closed down. All personal possessions must be retrieved no later than July 3, 2012. The building is scheduled for demolition on the fifth of July. Thank you.

Sincerest Apologies

"No! This can't be true! This is a lie. This can't be The Dance Academy!" Tara threw down the piece of paper and ran down the street. She stopped at a nearby newsstand out of breath and horrified. She looked at the date on the paper.

"August 17, 2014? Sammy what has happened? Why is the academy closed?"

"Eyes closed Tara. Time to move on."

"No! I want an explanation!" Nerveless, the world again began to spin and she saw flashes of light.

"Where am I Sammy?" She looked around her only to see open ocean as she stood on a ledge. She turned to see a large ditch behind her. She looked down to the newspaper in her hands to see that the date was now June 28, 2016.

"Welcome to the Sydney Opera House Tara," Sammy's voice drifted out of nowhere.

"WHAT? Where is it? Where has it gone? Sammy," Tara's voice began to crack, " What happened to Kat? The Dance Academy? The Opera House? What Happened?"

"Tara, it's all gone. In this future, things happened for the worst. Because of one choice that was made because I didn't die."

"Who's choice?" She asked quietly.

"Yours. You made your choice. But it was the wrong one," His voice softly said.

"Please Sammy, explain to me, I don't understand," She pleaded helplessly.

"I can't explain it Tara, but I will show you. Everything this time. What happened, the cause and effect. But I can tell you right now it won't be a happy ending. Not in this alternate universe."

"I know Sammy. I'm ready to know."

The world began to spin, then a flash of light.

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