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"It's a pity, though." Aiden leveled her with a heavy lidded smile, "We're going to have to wait quite a while for Player Two to arrive."

Jenny shrunk back in the stupid boat sitting at the bottom of the stupid mural, clutched her knees to her chest and pulled her skirt over her legs. Wait… Skirt? She looked down in shock to find that she was now wearing a silky white dress. One of those ones that looked like a low-cut t shirt on top and then faded into a flowing knee length skirt. It was pretty startling, seeing as when she'd passed out, she'd been wearing dirty, blood smeared sweats and a t-shirt.

Her eyes snapped back up the monster casually sitting cross legged in front of her. He smiled good naturedly and it was probably one of the most chilling things Jenny had ever seen. "Do you like the dress? I thought you might want out of those dirty clothes. I thought the dress was only fitting for 'the Angel'."

"What do you want from me?" Jenny sobbed.

This was getting to be far too much. She'd seen too much, she'd experienced too much, this whole day had just been too much. She couldn't stand the fact that she had been so close to freedom, and she'd had it snatched away. She couldn't stand the fact that she'd was in the hands of a shadow man that probably had no qualms in killing her. And now he'd thrown her in a dress.

The only thing that was keeping Jenny from curling up in to fetal position on the floor was the knowledge that her friends were safe. If she'd done anything today, it was getting them back to the Human World and out of the sight of the shadow men.

Aiden gave her a hard to read look at the sight of the tears on her cheeks. It certainly wasn't happy, but it wasn't disdainful either. He caught himself quickly, though, and that horrible uneven grin returned to his face, "Why, isn't it obvious? I want to know why Julian fell in love with a human. I want to know what's so special about you. I want you."

Jenny gagged. When she recovered from the bout of coughs that followed, she looked up at him with hard eyes, "What gives you the right to take that?"

"Well, I stole you from Julian fair and square," Aiden practically giggled, "But I'm being sportsmanly. I'll let him have a chance to get you back."

"What do you mean?" She asked warily.

Jenny wasn't sure she felt any better about not being a player in whatever game came up next. Just because she wasn't doing to foot work didn't mean she'd have it any better. Take Tom for example. After the games, he'd told her what Julian had done to him while he was up in the tower for the first game. He hadn't told her what happened during the third game, but her imagination was enough to give her chills.

"He's Player Two!" Aiden cried, as if it were some great surprise, "We're going to play against each other, and the prize is you!"

She'd known it was coming, but the thought of what that could mean for her had Jenny swooning. And not in a good way.

It wasn't like Jenny had been counting the seconds or anything (yes she had), but she knew it had been about an hour when Julian finally arrived. He even actually used the door.

Aiden had been fidgeting in one of the black chairs on the side wall, every once and a while spacing out like he was seeing far past Joyland Park and into the snowy wastes of Niflheim. Come to think of it, he probably was. Looking for Julian, no doubt.

Julian's eyes immediately fixed on Jenny and he stepped right past Aiden who had come up to greet him so he could kneel before Jenny. He's eyes were a deep, searching cobalt. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Truthfully speaking, "No, he didn't." That wasn't what scared her, though, "But-"

"Not a hair on her chinny-chin-chin." Aiden sang from behind Julian. His voice may have been happy enough, but Jenny could see that he wasn't pleased that he'd been passed up so easily for a human. Even if he'd known it was a high likelihood.

Jenny shuddered and Julian's hands snapped forward, snatching her wrists. He seemed to think better of whatever he'd been about to do. Jenny almost wished he had continued when he instead looked toward Aiden. "Your elders are looking for you. Why don't you run along?"

"They can wait." Aiden dismissed quickly, "I want to play that game we agreed upon."

Julian's grip around Jenny's wrists turned to iron. His eyes flashed to hers for an instant. They'd gone even darker, almost black. Before she could react, he was looking back at Aiden and saying something in an otherworldly tongue. It was horrible, much like the sound of bones breaking, or the noise feasting termites make.

Whatever he said seemed to entertain Aiden greatly, "But dear Julian, if you don't play, my claim over dearest Jenny trumps yours!"

If Julian held her any tighter, Jenny was sure her wrists were going to snap. She whimpered, "Julian-"

Julian said something to Aiden in a snappy tone, she thought it might have been a halfhearted threat. That wasn't good. That meant Aiden was right, and Jenny sure as hell didn't want Aiden to be right.

"Julian-" She tried again.

Julian's eyes snapped to hers again. They were dark, so dark.

"Allow Jenny and I a moment, boy." He hissed toward Aiden.

Without missing a beat, Aiden motioned to the door, and it swung open. Julian hefted Jenny up quickly and led them towards the door. They were stopped part way there by Aiden's hand on Julian's shoulder.

"Just don't keep me waiting too long. I might get anxious and our cover from the Elders might… slip."

That didn't deserve an answer, apparently, because Julian continued out the door.

When it slammed shut behind them, Julian turned on Jenny. He didn't say anything, though. He simply watched her. His eyes flicked across her whole figure and Jenny found herself subconsciously crossing her arms over her chest. There was a certain sense of resignation in Julian's eyes and it scared the crap out of her.

"Julian-" She started, unable to stand the silence anymore.

His eyes flashed up to hers and he gave a quick barking laugh.

Jenny blanched, taking a step away from him. "Wha-"

"It's ironic," Julian started, finally reaching for her. Jenny mentally agreed; it was pretty ironic that earlier today she'd been fighting with tooth and nail to get away from him, and now she was letting him cradle her to his chest like he was afraid of losing her. She tried to swallow away the cold feeling in her stomach that that was exactly what he was afraid of. "I don't care at all for your stupid friends, and yet I somehow saved them and not you." Before she could say anything to him, he continued, "It's ironic that I planned on playing a game today, but this isn't what I thought it would be."

Jenny wrenched backwards, almost falling, but Julian caught her. She couldn't stand the look on his face, "You're not actually going to play against him are you?!"

Julian wouldn't meet her gaze. He looked practically tortured.

Jenny's heart practically trembled as it broke in half.

She couldn't take it anymore. The fact that Julian was evil too be damned, he was her hero. He was everything she ever wanted. It only made what she was going to say next hurt even more.

She cupped his cheeks with her hands to force his unnatural eyes upwards. "You don't have to play against him." She swallowed hard and took a deep breath, "You don't have to save me. You saved my friends and that's what matters to me."

She didn't have the heart to say that if he did play Aiden and lost, she'd probably be a lot worse off than if Julian just refused.

Julian's eyes flashed like the core of a flame, "But only you matter to me. Not them."

Jenny was tired. She didn't want to fight Aiden. She didn't want to fight the other shadow men. She certainly didn't want to fight Julian, even if it was just verbal. She was exhausted. Every part of her ached. Her very soul ached. She didn't want to do this anymore. She didn't want to play the game anymore.

She kissed him. It was all she had left. She was tired of hiding her feelings just because Julian was evil. He obviously wasn't the most evil creature out there, and what did she have to lose? She'd be dead soon enough anyhow. So in the meantime, she might as well do everything she'd fantasized.

She tangled her fingers in his silken hair, she pressed her body up against the sculpted perfection in front of her, she closed her eyes, she relaxed. Why not? Julian wasn't going to hurt her. The one that was going to hurt her was waiting just inside.

Julian was still as stone, shock making his muscles pull tight. It took his mind a reeling moment before he realized what was happening. But when Jenny's lips did finally register, he returned the feeling with all the power of a firestorm.

This was all he'd ever wanted. Jenny's lips opening against his, her delicate little fingers in his hair, his hands around her waist as she pressed herself up against him. It was heaven and it only made his decision more concrete.

When Julian pulled away, Jenny whimpered through her gasps for air. He leveled her with an intense stare, eyes shining cerulean with determination.


"You can't stop me," Julian told her, "Not after that. I can't lose you."

Tears shone in Jenny's eyes, making her eyes sparkle. He didn't like seeing her cry, but she was beautiful all the same, "But what if-"

He wasn't going to let her doubt him. He didn't want Jenny to cry. He wouldn't let her see just how worried he was. Sure, Julian was older and more powerful than Aiden. But the elders had tried to make Aiden better than Julian in every way. Just because his elders thought they had failed, that didn't mean Aiden didn't have anything hidden up his sleeve. Julian was probably in for hell.

Jenny couldn't know that though.

That was why Julian put a gentle finger to her lips like he knew what he was doing. Also he liked the feeling of her lips, but that part was going to have to wait.

"I can't lose you." Julian repeated to her firmly. His lids drooped over his eyes and he gave her a confident smirk, "So I will make sure I don't lose."

It almost warmed Jenny's heart. Almost. The continued threat on the other side of the door was what kept it on ice, but she'd at least stopped trembling. She tried to smile for him. It was small and forced, but she figured Julian would at least appreciate the effort.

"I'm sorry." She started, looking down, "For not going with you quicker, today. This is all my fault."

Julian felt a pang in his heart. He would almost call it guilt if he thought he could feel such feelings. Instead, he merely frowned at Jenny, "Don't be ridiculous. I brought you in to this world in the first place. And I'll be damned if anybody tries to take away my claim."

There was the Julian that she was used to. Not the soft one from a moment before. Jenny doubted she'd see that Julian for a while, what with the game ahead of them. He was mentally preparing himself, she told herself. She couldn't help but smile a little wider. She didn't know what the near future held for her, but she knew Julian was going to put his best effort forward and that her friends were safe. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best she could hope for right now.

Julian looked back towards the door, looking angry but sure of himself. She let him step away and in front of her. A shudder went down her spine, but she took a big breath and told herself it was time to pull out the big girl panties.

They had a game to win.

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