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"Oh god," Came Michael's shaky whisper behind Jenny. Everyone stood frozen in place by Julian's horrible show of power. The ground may have turned white and writhed with maggots, but that was nothing compared to what was going on above.

All around Julian, the world was literally warping and darkening. Shadows all around the yard were becoming clearer and stretching towards him. Up in the sky, even though the sun was out, it had become black as night. The sky hung low, as if it had suddenly become too heavy, and it seemed to shake and shudder with the power surging from the Shadow man before them.

"I think he's tearing the veil." Michael finally managed to continue after a loud gulp. Jenny's mouth went dry.

"But he's not using any runes, he can't be." Tom said sharply - it seemed more like he was saying this to convince himself rather than reprimand Michael.

"Then you tell me what he's doing." Audrey murmured quietly.

"It's… It's an illusion." Tom quickly offered.

Michael was the next to speak, his voice was rising in panic as the scene before them only grew more and more intense, "That doesn't look like it's just an illusion to me."

"But he can't be that powerful, can he? He… wasn't like this before." Zach joined the conversation with a shaky, barely there voice.

"The Shadow men like playing games. He was playing with us, but now he's done." Jenny finally managed to murmur. She could feel all eyes rest on her, but her eyes never left the fire-y blue ones staring at her from the shadows. "We don't know how much power he controls at all."

Suddenly, she regretted not punching Zach in the face the second he hit Julian with the shovel. Maybe at least then Julian would have thought Zach had gotten his just deserts and left her friends alone. Now she wouldn't have been surprised if Julian planned to kill them.

"I am losing my patience with all of this." The horrible shadow before them snarled. His voice was still beautiful and elemental, but hardly human. More like the snarl of a monster in the woods at night, just beyond your vision out in the trees.

Jenny forced herself to be strong as steel. She wanted to protect her friends to the end, and that was exactly what she planned to do, "Then take me. They won't bother you anymore. If you leave my friends unharmed, I will go with you willingly. If you decide to harm them, I will fight you until the very end."

The eyes as blue as the core of a flame blinked very slowly at her, "They are allowed to hit me with a shovel, but I'm not allowed to even harm them? My, my, Jenny, that hardly seems fair to me."

"It obviously didn't hurt you," She shot back hotly, "I'm offering myself to you, Julian. Isn't this what you wanted? Don't make me hate you for all time," Her voice shook, but she realized that this might actually help her theatrics at the moment, "I don't want to hate you, Julian."

The shadow blinked at her again, harder and faster this time. It was a simple blink, but it told her a lot about what was going on in the Shadow man's head right now. She had him right where she wanted him.

His eyes softened, and when he started to speak, it did not have the edge it had before, "Okay. Okay. Fine, I won't hurt them - make them leave right now, and we can finish our business peacefully."

"Thank-" Jenny started, but cut short for a shriek when she was suddenly hauled over someone's shoulder like Dee had been.

"Sorry, but you're just way to scary and monster-like for my cousin to date." Zach yelled over his shoulder as he ran off. The others looked at each other awkwardly for a moment, wondering what happened, before realizing they were alone with Julian and took off after Zach.

Jenny struggled in Zach's grip, "Zach! No! No! No, Zach, no! Let me go! I have to go with Julian!" She cried.

"Do you really want to go with him?" Her cousin asked.

"No." She said before she could actually think of what answer she should give him. She realized her mistake and quickly tried to fix it: "But-"

Zach cut her off before she could try to reason with him, "Then I will protect you from that monster."

Her other friends had caught up by now, and Audrey gave her a stern look, "That display back there is reason enough to protect you," She said, "Even without our past with him. If you really don't want to go with him, then don't. You don't have to do it just to protect us. Then you'd be stuck there for eternity, and it'd be hell for you."

"But otherwise, you guys will die!" Jenny cried. Had her friends gone insane? It was either one person lives in a personal hell (She would never admit that it might not be that bad. Not right now.) , or a whole slew of people die. She knew the better choice - but why did they refuse to see it too?

"There've got to be other ways to get through this than the ones Julian's given us," Summer said hopefully, "We just have to figure them out."

Jenny looked at her, but simply could not share in the same hope her smaller friend had. She couldn't feel anything but worry. What would Julian do next?

Julian let them run off. They wouldn't have made it out of the yard if he had willed it, but he simply let them leave. Around him, everything went back to normal, and everything broken in the house fixed itself. Everything looked the same as before his tantrum - he looked like he had before his tantrum.

He ran a hand through his hair and watched them run off and out of sight. He would go after them eventually, but he had to plan first.

Julian didn't want Jenny to hate him. What would be the point in all of this if she hated him? Besides - it would hurt him. He remembered all to well the horrible heartbreaking feeling he had gotten during the games when Jenny seemed like she hated him. It had felt like he was shattering, and it was not pleasant whatsoever.

Alright, so he would have to take her with minimal frights and no harm done to her friends. That would make it difficult, but Julian was sure he could do it. They were annoying and persistent little pests, but they were only human. What could they do to him? He rubbed the back of his head - he just had to make sure they didn't get a hold of anymore shovels.

Besides, Jenny was willing to go with him as long as it protected her friends. Julian just had to get her alone. Easy as that. It didn't actually take as long as he had been taking to pierce the veil just then - that had all been to show off his power. And it wasn't nearly as… gaudy. Julian would simply disappear with Jenny the first chance he got, and her friends would never hear from her again. After the shovel incident, he wasn't going to be nice enough to let her haunt them from the Shadow World - Julian wanted at least a little vengeance.

He hummed to himself in settlement and headed off in the direction that Jenny and her friends had gone. Hopefully they were fully aware that they could run but they couldn't hide. Otherwise, he'd be a little worried about the level of their intelligence.

"If we could just figure out a way to send him to the Shadow World and keep him there." Summer sighed quietly.

Zach, on one side of her, wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a comforting gesture. Jenny, on the other side, sighed sadly, but didn't give any input. On the other side of her, Dee was sprawled out, taking up most of the couch.

"Trap him anywhere and keep it that way." Audrey corrected from the arm chair across the coffee table from them, "Who cares if it's the Shadow World." She muttered bitterly.

"Yeah, because I'm pretty sure an exorcism isn't going to work." Michael commented dryly when he and Tom walked back in from the kitchen with arms full of soda.

They were currently in Tom's family's living room. His family had been pretty surprised when the group showed up, but were glad to house them and leave them to their own devices after a hasty explanation that Jenny's 'plumbing was out'.

"Yeah, we should probably throw the whole holy water and burning sage out the window. I think he'd probably laugh in our faces and kill us anyhow." Dee groaned. Jenny offered her a sympathetic look - when Dee had finally come around, she had a horrible headache. The poor girl looked like she was still suffering the full effects of the pain.

"I think we need to go pagan if we're going to try anything on him." Michael replied.

"And not Nauthiz again - I don't think he'll fall for that one anymore." Jenny offered in an attempt to help. Everyone made some motion of grim agreement at that.

Audrey had pulled out her smart-phone at the exorcism comment, and had been typing something while the others continued talking. Now she looked up, "What about trapping him in a spirit object?"

Everyone stared at her for a long moment.

Audrey looked around with a growing disgruntled look in her eye, "Don't look at me like I'm crazy. I just googled 'how to trap a spirit' and it came up with all sorts of recipes and spells. We could try it." She paused thoughtfully, "Though I don't know what would happen if it didn't work, because then he'd totally know what we're up to and stop us."

"True," Michael grinned at her, "But I think you're on to something. We just need to find something that will force him to leave no matter what - that he can't fight his way out of." He jumped forward, snatching Audrey's phone from her. She gave an indignant cry, and went to get it back, but must have spotted what he was typing, because she sat back down and let him do his work.

The others watched in tense silence for a good twenty minutes while Michael scoured the internet. They all sat up when finally, he brightened and looked up. "I got it. This is fool proof!"

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