The letter - la lettera

Chapter 1 - Clove

Inner thought are in Italics.


The brown tabby on my lap purred contently as he continued to knead my thigh. The kitty turned around on my lap about a dozen more times before finally settling down with a content 'purrr'.

"If only Germany were as loveable as you gattino." I said to the happy kitten as I scratched behinds its tiny ear. Today was a perfect day to just lie around and watch the clouds go by. I had been sitting against this rock for who knows how long, thinking about this and that and everything in between.

But mostly my thoughts revolved around Germany.

Yesterday at this very spot, Germany and I had pinkie sweared that we'd never forget about each other. That we would always be BFF's no matter what happened. Germany looked so flustered when he made that promise too. I thought with a small smile.

But then again Germany always looked flustered when we did things like that together. It really was an adorable sight to see the great and powerful Germany become so easily ruffled over any intimate thing. It was certainly charming in a way.

One of the many things that has always attracted me to Germany.

I knew that Germany considered me to be his good friend but I was unsure of how he would react to my feelings towards him. Would he be angry? Upset? Saddened? Would he put the blame on me or himself?

Would he cease our friendship if I told him I loved him?

I held the little kitty closer to my chest and considered that thought. I really didn't know what Germany would do if I told him. But what I did know was that I would never want to lose him. Germany was my friend even though I loved him more than just that. I would never want to put our friendship in jeopardy because I couldn't keep my feelings to myself.

But didn't papa Rome always tell you to follow your heart? That if you ever found someone you loved so dearly you would confess to them your heart and soul? Just like when papa Rome told you to do the same thing with Holy Roman Empire.

Yes, but Papa Rome was also a hopeless romantic.

It's true that when I gave my broom to Holy Rome and kissed him, it had been the happiest moment of my life. Never before had I felt so jubilant and alive in that one moment. I was certain that this young boy was my true love and that we would live happily together for all times.

Then my heart was shattered.

Holy Rome never came back from his mission. I had heard that he had been killed but no one was certain what had happened to him. I waited for years for that shy young boy to come running back into my life, but he never did. I had never cried so much in all my life, not even when papa Rome was vanquished.

After many years had passed I was able to pick myself back up and move on with my life. I had to, I was Northern Italy and I could no longer waste my time waiting for a boy that would never come. Romano told me to just forget about him and find someone better. Someone that wasn't a no good lying bastard, as my brother so bluntly put it.

But I could never forget about him. He was my first love, and you never forget your first crush. However I did learn that I could love again when I met Germany.

Germany reminds me so much of Holy Rome that I wouldn't be surprised if the two were related somehow. When I first met Germany I was instantly captivated by those icy blue eyes that reminded me so much of my first love. I only thought of Germany as a friend at first. But as time went by I found myself slowly falling in love with the strong German man.

He was precise and efficient in everything he did. He never backed down from anything or anyone. He loved beer and wurst with the same passion I had for pasta. He too had a brother that was almost the complete opposite of him. He talked in such a loud and commanding voice that it could send shackles up the devil's spine. He cared deeply for his country and would do anything to protect it. He was a strong, hardworking man that believed in getting the job done right.

Basically, Germany was my everything. Everything except my lover.

I sighed and looked back up at the sky.

"Vee~ Gattino look! That cloud looks like a bowl of pasta!" I said excitedly as I pointed at the pasta shaped cloud.

The brown tabby looked up at me with sleepy amber eyes before yawning and stretching its back legs in a lazy manner.

"I guess it is getting kind of late huh?"

I picked ourselves up off the ground while patting the bits of grass off my blue military uniform pants as I walked down the grassy hill.

"Come on! Let's go see what Japan is up to."

"Japan! Buona sera!"I yelled happily as I ran up to where Japan was walking on the dirt road. I instantly spotted his clean white uniform and bowl shaped haircut walking up the road. The little tabby was still fast asleep in my arms as I ran up to Japan.

"Herro Itaria-san." Japan said politely as he stopped to let me catch up to him. I took a minute to catch my breath before I spoke.

"Bella serata, don't you think?" I asked as we continued down the empty road together.

"Yes, it is a beautiful night."

"Meraviglioso! You're getting really good at Italian, Japan!"

"Arigatō Itaria-san."

Japan and I talked about today's events and the status of the war as we walked to Germany's house. Training had gone well today, I wouldn't know since I skipped out on training again. But that wasn't my fault! It was just too beautiful of a day to waste training! That grassy hill was just screaming for me to come laze about.

I contemplated telling Japan I was going to spend the night with by brother at Spain's house to avoid a scolding from Germany when we got to his place. I knew Germany would not be happy to see me when we got there, and I didn't feel like getting yelled at tonight.

"You know Mr. Germany will only be more cross with you if you skip out on dinner as well." Japan said as if reading my thoughts.

"But Japan he's already going to be angry with me! What if he makes me go to bed without pasta?" I asked on the near to hysteria.

"Well that is the price you pay when you take the day off without permission." Japan said methodically as we neared Germany's house.

Well he does have a point. I guess I'll just have to face Germany head-on and deal with the consequences like an adult.

I was about to make a mad dash to Spain's house when I felt Japan grab onto my arm and continue to drag me to Germany's doorstop.

"Please Japan! Germany's going to be so..."

Before I could finish the door slammed open with the force of bull revealing an angry looking Germany on the other side. He was still dressed in his training uniform and still equipped with his hat and whistle.

"PISSED OFF!" The large German yelled as he stood rigidly on the back steps.

"Yes I believe that is the phrase you were looking for Itaria-san." Japan chimed in, seemingly unaffected by Germany's rage.

Thank you Japan, I think I'm fully aware of that now.

"So you decided to skip out on training again, iz that right?" Germany asked with agitation clear in his loud voice.

"I'm sorry Germa-"


"Ahh! Yes that's right!" I answered frantically, trying to hide behind the sleeping cat in my arms.

"Japan, take zat cat inside." Germany told Japan who was still standing there quietly.

Japan gently grabbed the cat from my arms while giving me an apologetic look before going inside and shutting the door behind him.

Germany proceeded to walk down the back steps and grab my arm roughly, dragging me over to where the training grounds were.

"You are going to do today's training if it takes all night Italy." Germany said in his commanding voice.

"But Germany its dinner time!"

Germany stopped walking to give a heated look.

"And you vill go to bed hungry if you do not finish your training, understand!"

"Yes…" I said pathetically with my head down and my shoulders sagged.

"Yes, vhat Italy?"

"Uhh Yes sir!" I said with my back straitened and my right arm saluting him.

Germany nodded his head at me as we continued over to where the training grounds were. It was nearing sunset so the training field was cast in an orange hue, Germany's shadow loomed over me like an intimidating figure.

"But Germany it's going to be dark soon..."

Germany's answer was to pull out a small flashlight from his pants-pocket.

"You have 1 minute to give me 40 pushups! Starting now!" Germany said with authority as he started his stopwatch.

I dropped to the ground and immediately struggled with trying to do my first pushup.

"Eine, zwei, drei...I did not ask for drie! I said vierzig! Start over!"

I fell onto the ground with a groan as I started my pushups over again.

I should have just went straight to Spain's house.

It was nearing midnight when we walked into Germany's house, finally finished with training.

My body was sore all over, my joints screamed from the aching pain of doing all that work. Pushups, sit-ups, crunches, laps around the house and target practice. You name it, I did it. I was utterly exhausted and if I wasn't so motivated by pasta I would have just passed out by now.

"But at least I can have pasta now..." I said to myself as I walked into Germany's kitchen. I was interrupted however by Germany's gloved hand on my shoulder.

"No pasta. Consider it an added punishment for skipping training again. Instead you vill have potatoes. And no, I am not giving you a choice." Germany said in a gruff, unquestioning voice.

The devastation on my face was unmistakable. No pasta? I'd rather go to bed hungry than eat Germany's bland potatoes!

But I suppose this is what I get for skipping training...again.

I sat down at Germany's kitchen table while Germany prepared the potatoes. While he was busy peeling them, the brown kitty from earlier trotted into the kitchen and hopped onto the table.

"Buona sera Gattino." I said to the little tabby cat as I scratched his furry head.

"Vhen are you going to give zat cat a proper name?" Germany asked while peeling the skin off the potatoes.

"Mmmm I haven't really thought about it. Maybe I should go to Greece! He's an expert at naming cats!" I said while petting the brown cat.

"You don't need to ask that dummkopf anything. If you can't think of a name I'll name za cat for you."

Germany placed the plate of potatoes down on the table and picked the brown up cat to closely inspect it.

Said cat opened its sleepy ocher eyes and gave a soft 'mew' to Germany.

"How about Clove?"


"Yes, it means spice in German."

I thought about it for a moment, the little cat's eyes did remind me of a certain spice. It was a perfect name for the young tabby.

"I think it fits him perfectly. Clove it is then." I smiled at Germany while grabbing a potato.

Germany blushed profoundly and quickly set the cat on the floor as he pulled up a chair next to me and took a bite out of one of the potatoes.

"Do you have any butter Germany?"

"No butter. You vill eat zem plain like every other German."

"But I'm Italian!"

"An Italian that's living under a German's roof and eating his food mind you."

I sheepishly looked back down at my potato and took a bite with a grimace. How can Germany eat plain potatoes like it's nothing! There's absolutely no flavor!

I didn't notice Germany looking at me from the corner of his eye while chewing my raw potato.

I was about to take another dreadful bite of the plain vegetable when Germany got up and walked over to the cupboards. I heard him move some things around before he came back and handed me a small thing of butter with some salt.

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter as I smiled warmly at the love of my life.

"Grazie Germania."

"Gern geschehen Italien."

Well there's the first chapter.

What do you guys think, should I continue it or not?

Let me know!




gattino - kitten

Buona sera - Good evening

Bella serata - Beautiful night

Meraviglioso - Wonderful

Grazie Germania - Thank you Germany


Eine, zwei, drei- 1, 2, 3

Vierzig- 40

Dummkopf- idiot

Gern geschehen Italien- You're welcome Italy


Itaria- Italy

Arigatō (Casual/pretty informal) - Thank you