La Lettera

Well, we're finally here! Lots of twist and turns with some minor bumps in the road, but we made it! While I'm happy to have finally competed this story, I'm a little sad too. But enough of my rambling, I've got more important things to say.

I've been tossing around the idea of writing a short companion piece to La Lettera, taking place after the end of the story. The fic would not be very long, it would mostly just show how everyone is doing in the aftermath of La Lettera and fill in some of the blanks from the previous story. If you guys are interested in this, just let me know and if I get enough hoopla about it, I'll start writing as soon as I can. Also feel free to throw in suggestions or aspects you would specifically want to read more about pertaining La Lettera. (P.S. Does anyone know how to say After the Letter in Italian?)

Next, I'd like to sincerely apologize to all the Italian, Spanish, and German speakers. It was not my intention to butcher your language and I'm extremely sorry for that! When I first started writing this, I thought I could translate these languages via the internet. Clearly that was not the way to go (lol). In any case, if I do ever end up needing to translate again, I promise to use a more thorough method or not translate at all. So please excuse this stupid American ;D

Also I would like to give a huge thanks to Nelniel for being the German translator of this story! You really helped me out a lot and I'm very grateful for it. Danke schön!

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Epilogue: I Need You

27 years later...

'We used to laugh, we used to cry

We used to bow our heads then, wonder why

And now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on

And make the best of what you've left to me

Left to me, left to me

I need you like the flower needs the rain

You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again

You know I need you like the winter needs the spring

You know I need you, I need you

And every day, I'd laugh the hours away

Just knowing you were thinking of me

And then it came that I was put to blame

For every story told about me

About me, about me

I need you like the flower needs the rain

You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again

You know I need you, I need you

I need you like the winter needs the spring

You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again

You know I need you, I need you'

The man on the radio let out a loud whistle.

"And that was America's latest hit, I Need You! Dedicated to all our pretty lady listeners! Comin up next we've got…"

I turned the volume down. Another lazy summer had swiftly gone by. It seemed like everyone was enjoying the beautiful day. Couples strolled by hand in hand. Delivery boy's whistled their way through town. Even the birds flew with more gusto. I, meanwhile, soaked up the day under a large birch tree on my favorite hill. This particular spot looked over the whole city. A perfect place to lay out a colorful beach towel and enjoy the radio. My swim trunks were the only things covering me as the sun tanned my skin. Fat clouds drifted by, their shadows casting brief moments of relief from the sun.

Everyone was loving this perfect day.

Everyone except me.

I had trouble loving a lot of things these days. Things that used to be the highlight of my life, now seemed dull and pointless. Still, I tried to enjoy my former hobbies. If only for my brother's sake. The southern border was starting to get worried about me. Saying how I spent too much time being depressed and holing myself up in my room all day. It was just hard trying to force myself to feel happy again. I felt like a flower that's been deprived of the sun. There were days when I didn't want to get out of bed. Days like today. But I couldn't let this lack of sun wilt me. I needed to try and move on, lest I wither away into nothing.

One of the cloud's caught my attention.

"Ve~ Clove, look it's a bowl of spaghetti!"

I pointed up at the sky. Just the thought of food made my stomach rumble. Clove had been lounging on my lap before trotting off behind the tree. I figured he'd gone to bath himself. Though, when I looked, the cat was nowhere to be found.

"Clove?" I asked the empty field.

It was then that I heard a soft purring followed by a loud 'meow.' A little further down the hill, Clove was rolling around beside a slim white and gray feline. The other cat had a pink bow for a collar. She was a pretty thing. With bright blue eyes and well groomed fur. Clove seemed to be trying to impress her. He rolled and bounded around her. Desperate for her attention.

Just like a true Italian

I smiled just as Clove looked up at me.

It almost felt like he was grinning back. He certainly had good tastes for a cat. I gave him the OK and winked, showing my approval. The other feline bashfully bowed. Clove rubbed his head against hers. That seemed to help. The two entwined their tails together and trotted off down the road. Little pink hearts sprouted out from around Clove. He was definitely in love.

I sighed and watched them go.

"Now even Clove has someone."

It was odd how pets of nations stayed with their masters, even after so many years. Even odder was how they stopped aging as well. The question had been asked among other nations before, but no one really bothered to look into it. Just accepted it as another part of life. I began to wonder if this new feline would become semi-immortal as well. If I took her in like I did Clove, it was certainly a possibility.

My thoughts was interrupted by a gangly mailman on his bicycle. He rolled up the hill and stopped beside me, desperately trying to catch his breath. It was quite a steep hill going upwards, so the poor boy had some trouble.

"Letter for (gasp) Feliciano Vargas." The young man rasped.

I took the letter and handed him a few extra euros.

"Grazie!" He thanked me for the tip before riding back down the hill.

The letter was from Japan.

We didn't speak for a while after our last encounter. Too many hurt feelings between the both of us. It wasn't until just a few years ago that Japan contacted me. We got together. Had a long talk. Both cried a little. And then we hugged. Japan had no idea that Germany would react in the way that he did. The German didn't even explain why he was so mad. I had a few guesses as to why. It wasn't hard to figure Germany out. But Japan and I could at least call ourselves friends again. Which was something I greatly missed. I had no actual friends beyond my family. Japan and Germany were my first ones. And now it was just Japan.

I opened the letter and began reading.

Dear Itaria-san,

Thank you for the Tiramisu you sent in the mail. It was very delicious. I may ask you for the recipe sometime. Things here are doing well (aside from America's constant intrusions) and the economy looks to be doing a little better than it was last year. I would very much like to visit your country again, but at the moment that does not seem possible. Things here are still unbalanced and I must remain home until they are rightfully corrected. If it is not too much trouble on your part, it would be nice to see you again. I cannot recall the last time we had tea together. Also there is a new anime I found that I'm sure you would love.

Your friend


p.s. And no, I have not heard anything from Germany.

I'd been smiling up until reading that last part. Neither Japan nor I have heard a thing from Germany since the war ended. I didn't expect to hear anything from him personally, but I was surprised to learn that he had cut himself off from Japan as well. We talked about Germany often. Mostly just so I could get some of this grief off my back. When Germany left after the war conference, I decided to let him go for good. It was plainly obvious that we were not meant to be together. Even though I'd not seen Germany in over 20 years, my feelings for him did not go away quite so easily. There were times when I had to physically stop myself from trying to contact him.

Spain told me that you cannot erase your love for someone. Once they've captured your heart, they are forever etched into your soul. The only thing I could do was try and move on. Romano said that time heals all wounds. I wasn't so sure about that. Especially coming from someone who was known to hold a grudge for decades. Time can only dull the pain. It cannot get rid of it completely.

Perhaps that was a good thing though.

"You shouldn't let your guard down so easily."

I looked up.

My life came rushing back.

Memories buried deep away came rushing back.

All the love.

All the hurt.

Those icy eyes.

That stern face.

It all hit me square in the gut.

Germany glowered. "Look how easy I snuck up on you. If I'd been an enemy you'd be dead right now. Did I not teach you anything? Or is it simply zat you are incapable of retaining any sort of knowledge?"

For a second, I thought I was hallucinating. It felt like I'd been zapped back in time. To a time where Germany would lecture me on any little thing and I would casually ignore him. But this wasn't the past. Germany was standing right in front of me. Clear as day. Dressed immaculately in a dark button down shirt and tailored beige pants. His bright hair slicked back and his shoes polished to perfection.

Am I dreaming then?

Germany scoffed and turned his back to me. "If you're just going to sit there und gape at me like a fish out of vater, then I vill leave. I'm sorry to have disturbed your busy schedule."

Germany started to march back down the hill. I was still frozen on the spot. There were so many things I wanted to say. So many questions I needed to ask. Too many emotions at once prevented me from doing anything except sit with my mouth open. Germany was about half way down the hill when I stood up and grabbed the closet rock I could find. I couldn't just let him leave like this. Not again.

So I chucked the stone right at his head.

He reacted accordingly.

"Vhat za hell did you do zat for!?"

He turned around and marched back up to his previous spot. Germany was practically fuming. I didn't mean to hit him that hard. Throwing a rock was all I could think to do though.

Germany crossed his arms. "Vell?"


He sounded angry. Yet there was something else too. Like he was anxious. Probably waiting for me to finally say something. But that couldn't just be it. Germany was not that 2 dimensional. Did Germany miss me too? Has he been thinking of me like I have of him? Or did he come here just to vent out his remaining bitterness? I honestly didn't know. It was hard to read anything off that stony face of his.

"What're you doing here?" The question finally popped out of my mouth.

It took Germany by surprise.

He fixed his collar, looking away. "I vas just passing through."

Germany refused to look at me.

"And?" I inquired.

His anger came back. "And nothing! I vas just passing through and zat vas it."

I don't know what prompted me to do this next thing, but it felt like the right response.

I reached out and slapped Germany across the cheek. Not hard enough to hurt, just enough to grab his full attention. Germany, shocked beyond words, lightly touched the red mark. His eyes wide and full of shock. I did not back down or scurry away. It was about time Germany and I had this talk.

"You tell me why you're really here, and don't bother lying to me again."

Being put on the spot, and in such an abrupt way, Germany couldn't voice his thoughts.

So I decided to voice them for him.

"Is it because of what Japan told you? About my letter?"

That got a reaction.

His lip sneered.

"Vhat do you vant me to say?"

Now I was livid.

"How bout an explanation! Why did leave after the conference? Why were you so angry?"

Germany took an intimidating step forward.

"You lied to me."

There was no mistaking the pain in his voice.

I instantly regretted asking him.

Germany continued his rant. "For months you lied to me. Led me to believe that your letter was truly intended for my Bruder. You chose to protect my Bruder's well-being over mine. Do you know of the torture that brought me? Have you any idea the damage you caused!"

I flinched, taking a step back.

Germany kept moving forward.

"I had to hear za truth from someone else. You didn't even have the decency to tell me yourself. How do you think zat made me feel? You were my best friend and you practically took a shit on my heart."

Each word left a deep wound inside of me. The pain only doubled at seeing the water forming in the corners of Germany's eyes. I didn't want to see him like this. I wanted to take his pain away. Germany didn't deserve it. He was a good man. He deserved all the happiness this world had to offer. My love for Germany outweighed the self-pity I felt towards myself. I put aside my own feelings and tried my best at a smile.

"You have every right to be mad at me."

Germany continued to scowl.

"Even hate me."

His face softened.

"I know saying I'm sorry won't make up for all the pain I've caused, but I'm going to say it anyway. You need to hear some kind of apology from me, even if you don't want it. I just want you to know that-"

Germany didn't give me a chance to finish.

His arms wrapped me into a crushing hug.


I can't even remember the last time we hugged.

It's been so long.

"I could never hate you."

My heart stood still.

"But…" I started.

Germany stopped me.

"Nein. I was mad at you. I still am, a little. You hurt me. More than any nation possibly could. I wasn't sure if I could ever forgive you. For putting me through so much pain."

He looked at me then.

No one could make me feel more vulnerable and more loved.

Like Germany.

I didn't stop the tears.

Couldn't hold back any longer.

I threw myself into Germany's chest.

The floodgates opened and poured onto his shirt.

I held him like he might disappear.

All my happiness.

All my sorrow.

All my remorse.

All my relief.

All my shame.

All my joy.

I gave it all to him.

The only person who could hold it all.

"I forgive you."

Germany whispered.

It was all I needed to hear.

I felt Germany quivering.

Was he crying too?

I held him that much tighter.

Germany reached into his pocket and brought out a rumpled piece of paper. It took me a second to recognize the writing. It was my letter. The one I wrote for Germany. I wiped my eyes. Germany held the letter between us.

"Did you really mean this? The things you wrote?"

A group of clouds blanketed us in their shade.

I shook my head.

Close, but not quite.

"I do mean it. Not did."

I folded the letter and placed it back in Germany's pocket. The letter was his to keep. Documented proof of my eternal love and devotion. I'm sure Germany will file it away somewhere. Germany grabbed my hand, holding it tightly.

"I never got za chance to thank you properly for it."

I chuckled and gave him a wink.

"We've got time."

Germany blushed, grumbling.

"You're just as bad France."

Now I was laughing.

Germany smiled back.

"It's about time you two made up!"

We both glanced to our right. Spain was just down on the hill, his bike stopped on the side of the road. It looked like he was busy running errands. There were two groceries bags filled with vegetables hanging off of his handle bars.

Germany yelled back at him. "Mine your own business, Spaniard!"

Spain laughed and started back up the road. "Romano and I look forward to our future double dates together, amigos!" He waved, riding back towards his home.

I waved back. Germany rolled his eyes. Though the thought of Romano gave me a headache, I was also excited for him to hear the big news. No doubt Spain would inform him as soon as he got home. I just hoped Romano would not maim him in the process.

Throwing the beach towel and radio over my shoulder, I grabbed Germany's hand and started to tug him down the hill.

"Come on, I'll make us some lunch."

Germany seemed hesitant to follow.

"Vait a moment."

I stopped, confused.

"What is it?"

Germany glared at my beach towel.

"May I see zat?" He asked, holding his hand out.

Once I gave him the giant towel, Germany laid it perfectly back out and started folding. It took him all of 10 seconds to turn it into a perfect rectangle. Germany stuck it under his arm and grabbed my hand once again.

"Now ve can go."

As we walked, I could hear the radio playing a popular Beatles song.

The host said it was dedicated to all the young couples out there.

'You don't realize how much I need you.

Love you all the time and never leave you.

Please come on back to me.

I'm lonely as can be. I need you.

Said you had a thing or two to tell me.

How was I to know you would upset me?

I didn't realize as I looked in your eyes

You told me.

Oh yes, you told me, you don't want my lovin' anymore.

That's when it hurt me.

And feeling like this, I just can't go on anymore.

Please remember how I feel about you, I could never really live without you.

So, come on back and see just what you mean to me.

I need you.

But when you told me, you don't want my lovin' anymore.

That's when it hurt me.

And feeling like this, I just can't go on anymore.

Please remember how I feel about you.

I could never really live without you.

So, come on back and see just what you mean to me.

I need you.

I need you.

I need you.'

Long after the song stopped playing, Germany hummed it all the way back home.

Our home.

I really liked how the ending turned out.

Hope you all enjoyed this crazy story. And thank you all for the kind words of praise. It really means a lot to me. I'm curious though, did anyone out there think that these two wouldn't get together in the end? To be honest, I thought about it. I do like taking unconventional routes when it comes to writing, but, I just couldn't do it. I really wanted them to finally get the truth out and finally embrace their love for each other. That felt like the right kind of ending to me.

Thanks again to my readers!

Until we meet again


*I do not own the songs used in this story, they belong to their respected owners, nor did I profit anything from them.

The Beatles – I Need You

America – I Need You