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A golden stream of light passed through the gap in my curtains, lighting up the room. My head was throbbing and my limbs were sore as hell. I need some God damn Ibuprofen now. I sat up and shook my hair before I stood up. Stretching, I grabbed a hair tie on my nightstand and walked out the door. Why is it so breezy in here?

I felt empty sheets besides me, empty and cold. I groaned and looked around to see that Maka was no longer in the room. I planted my feet on the ground and pulled on the pair of black boxers that I fought for. I chuckled, recalling what had happened the night before. Clang. I scrambled out the door and saw a naked figure before me, looking through the refrigerator with a messy bun plopped on the top of her head. She was chowing down on a stick of celery and peanut butter when I got an idea.

C'mon, you can do this!

I tip-toed up to her and stood very still, not wanting her to notice me yet.

"Where is the damn orange juice carton?" She clumsily blurted out. "I need my fucking orange juice!" If I walked in on this very moment, I would think that she was drunk off her ass... nice ass.

I shoved that thought to the very back of my head and thought of what I was going to do when I was going to scare her.


I got a nearby water bottle and let the cold liqid settle in my mouth. I grabbed the three pills of Ibuprofen off the counter and held them in my palm.

I tapped her shoulder twice and shoved the pills between her pale lips. She had a shocked face, and that was the last thing I saw before I placed my mouth to hers and let the water flow freely. Her lips tasted like the peanut butter and celery that she was eating a few minutes ago. I could feel her swallow the pills and water. Once there was no water left, I left her mouth with a grin.

"Morning my sweet orange." I patted her head and left for my room, where I had left my other clothes from the night before.

She was gonna have questions. I knew it.

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