Going Against the Storm

Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover

Warnings: Touches on the subject of child abuse, sexual abuse, self-mutilation, torture, and death in children. Warned enough? :P

Rating: M

Summary: Harry has won the war at the cost of everyone he cares about. All he wants now is death to be with them; he apparates away from Wizarding Britain to a forest somewhere after begging the Fates to take him. The Fates have played with Harry Potter before, so what's stopping them from playing with him now? He apparates right into the path of vampires, and he doesn't even know it.

Harry Potter, age sixteen and forever will be, has had enough. Harry did the task that his mentor, Albus Dumbledore, had raised him up for, trained him for, and died for. At the cost of his own friends and family, he was able to kill Voldemort once and for all. Thinking back to who was lost in the war, he counted them off, and that number grew and grew. Most of Hogwarts was destroyed, but being repaired by Hogwarts herself. It wouldn't be open until next year at least where the newer age of wizards and witches would be free to be pure-bloods, half-bloods, and muggleborns without fear of some Death Eaters coming after them. The followers of the Dark Lord had been easy to round up for Harry. He was able to get them away from their hideaways, and quickly kill them. The new Minister of Magic didn't want them alive, so they wouldn't be able to try and gain numbers in whatever way.

Harry knew that when Voldemort had been killed: the Death Eaters fled for their own safety, not caring for their Lord over their freedom away from Azkaban. But Harry amused the Minister by taking on the next task of murdering more people than he had before. Harry was a hero to the Wizarding World. There were honors in his name, holidays, and so many books on his so called heroic life.

Pitiful is all Harry thought of that.

Harry knew he was no hero. He was a murderer that killed his own friends and family, along with innocent bystanders due to his carelessness and recklessness. Snape had been right about Harry. He was a stupid boy that would never grow up. He was plagued with fame and fortune, yet none of it called to him. Harry looked up to the night sky that was above the Forbidden Forest he had traveled into alone. No one could walk with him anymore as they were all dead.

More like murdered, Harry thought bitterly as he looked back down to his precious holy wand located in a holster on his left forearm, and remembered that it hadn't been able to aid him in the defeat of Voldemort as only the Elder Wand was able to assist him – which he had in a holster on his right thigh. He wouldn't go anywhere without it. It was his wand after all. He was the owner of it after he had disarmed Snape. He had the Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak, and even the Resurrection Stone; he was the Master of Death now, and all he wanted was death; something he wasn't able to have any longer.

''You've never turned on me before.'' Harry murmured to his wand as he held it in his hands. He felt it pulse with his old magic, knowing it was answering him in ways Hermione had said impossible.

''I know, my sweet. But I feel that it is time now. I must go to them.'' He told his wand. Maybe he sounded crazy. Maybe he was crazy. He thought he was. After all, he was only a freak that kills everyone around him.

Harry's wand pulsed again, but with heating magic that signified anger. ''Don't be angry. I have to do what's right.'' Harry insisted, making his wand angry again.

The raven-haired teen put the holy wand that was the brother of Voldemort's own wand into the holster again. He usually always hid this wand to prevent anyone taking it from him. He wasn't able to use it anymore, but he wouldn't let anyone take it from him. It was his and his alone, no one could have it.

Looking back to the sky and the heavens above, Harry spoke. ''I give up. I beg you, just let me end this! I did what you wanted! Now end this!'' He said angrily with a plea in his voice.

Harry wished it would be possible to die; to join his family and friends. But it wasn't. Being a Master of Death had its price. He has had enough of this game that the Fate's were playing with him, and knew that if he exhausted himself enough, perhaps it would kill him. Murderers shouldn't be allowed to be called heroes, or saviors, or Potter-Blacks. If it didn't kill him; it would weaken him severely, but it was a chance that he had to take!

Harry closed his emerald eyes and focused on his magical core. He had only apparated a few times, but he knew he could do it. Harry focused on someplace quiet and peaceful. Somewhere he could just be and figure things out.

Fate looked down to her Darkness Champion. She felt his pain, and knew what he wished for. She couldn't give him that wish, but she knew she could give him the oldest wish he ever wished for. The only thing he had asked of her, and who had been killed in this gruesome war. Fate felt sorrowful that she had to take them away, but perhaps she could make up for it. Knowing where he had to go, she tapped into her champion's magic, and forces apparated him away somewhere safe, and hopefully out of that darkness he has put himself into.

Fate knew Harry Potter wasn't a murderer. He protected himself, and obeyed his mentor like he was supposed to.

Harry has done enough, Fate thought as she watched her champion disappear with a loud crack, leaving behind nothing but some fading smoke, and no magical signature. Being a Master of Death has its perks, after all.

The Master will not be disturbed this time, and Fate knew that she couldn't allow it. Fate hoped that what she gave Harry; he would accept eventually. Broken soldiers needed time, and she knew that he would give Harry time.

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