Going Against the Storm

Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover

Warnings: Touches on the subject of child abuse, sexual abuse, self-mutilation, torture, and death in children. Warned enough? I suppose I have to add some drug usage with DUBIOUS consent. Better? :p

AN: Sorry people! Been without internet lately! I'm writing this during my no-internet period, so enjoy it when I get to post it!


"I thought perhaps you would want to see this?" I showed a vial after a few minutes of silence.

I had given him the bracelet, signing myself over to the devil himself – no matter how cute that devil is – and I had officially signed over myself and my future. I suppose it was a good thing since he was my mate, but I was still in that dark past. I didn't know if he'd like my past, and I didn't want to do this until I had been sure of his place in my heart; but now...my heart was settled, and I couldn't stop myself from accepting the bond I had rejected for the longest time.

So, to prove my end of the bond, I wanted to show him a memory of what I was like in the war. I didn't want to show him any war memories, but trust was in the open.

Emmett looked to the vial. "A memory?" He questioned, still looking a bit in shock over what happened with the bracelets, but not denying it.

I nodded. "A dark one, but...I thought you'd want to know what I was like." I shrugged and snapped my fingers, causing my penesieve to appear on the coffee table.

"Which would this be, Regulus?" Jasper watched me pour this one memory into the bowl.

"One I would rather forget., but like everything else, it plays over and over again in my head. This memory in specific will answer a few of everyone's questions on how...dark the wars were, and about how evil we all were. I'll play just one other tonight, but that's it." I swore.

"Thank you, Regulus. This is a step in the right direction." Carlisle assured me.

"Just touch the water, Doctor. You won't thank me after this." I shook my head and sat down heavily onto the same seat I sat In the first time around.

Emmett looked to me before taking Alice's arm and touching the water with her and his family. I suppose it's my family now, too. But could I really have another family? I killed two of the families that claimed me already, and I was sure to get this one killed as well.

I only had one hope right now though. And that was when after this memory played the course was that Emmett still loved me. Because now: I was officially in love with him, and I can't let him go.


"HAH!" I cheered to myself when I and Alice landed on our feet and not our asses. "Take THAT you stupid magic thingy!" I gloated.

"Well then." Carlisle chuckled and held Esme's hand still like Rosalie did with Edward.

Jasper rolled his eyes then looked around the large area of grass that had only a few bodies on it. All were dead, so I guessed a fight happened and people died. The sky was really dark, and it spoke of something oncoming; and that oncoming thing didn't seem so promising. It was dark and spooky here, and I wondered what memory this was. I saw passing magic people and creatures that were butt fuckin' naked, along with vampires!

"This is the war! The start of it!" Jasper claimed worriedly and half-excitedly. He was way too excited for this memory...

"Why are they naked?" Rosalie looked away from a passing naked woman who was looking vicious and excited. Not in that good way either.

"Werewolves. Moon babies." Edward answered and by passed the memory vampire. "And vampires."

"How can they stand their smell though?" Alice asked with a mutter and scrunched her nose at the thought-smell. They didn't smell like anything, but I could just smell death looming over this place, even if ti was a memory.

And the death wasn't my Reggie.

"They don't suffer the same mishaps we do with shifters. Moon babies are natural werewolves and don't have a scent around them." Jasper told us, looking at a few vampires who were together and looking out into the distance at something.

"Potter." A blond vampire called to someone.

I turned around quickly when a sound came, and I saw my Reggie looking ragged, tired, and...covered in blood?

"What the fuck?" I muttered to myself, looking over my Reggie's form.

"What? More of them?" Regulus asked with a sigh and shake of his head. "You'd think after the last wave, they'd grow smart and leave." He chuckled darkly.

"You have no idea how incredibly dunce they are." Another vampire chuckled. "Shall we take this one and give you a rest? Voldemort has many more moves before the final battle, and these are just useless wizards and witches."

Regulus shrugged. "Have at it. Enjoy your meals, my friends. Take your weakest with you and feed from those that you fight. I need everyone in top shape." He ordered.

The vampires looked gleeful and they disappeared in second, leaving Regulus alone with that small wand that had the odd shape.

"I don't get it. Is all the memory shows? I don't get how this is so dark?" Rosalie said slowly, looking side to side at all the creatures, the people that looked human, and a few dead bodies. "i mean...I get that he obviously killed someone from the blood on him..but isn't that what war is?" She looked at Jasper. He was the war specialist here after all.

Jasper nodded. 'It's kill or be killed in war. He had to be defending himself if he killed."

"Of course. Reggie isn't a murderer." I huffed in offense.

"Then what's the point to this memory?" Edward questioned me.

I shrugged. "Maybe there's more to it."

"There has to be. Regulus wouldn't show this memory for no reason." Carlisle claimed surely.

I agreed, but I saw nothing. If Reggie was trying to say something to me...I'd kinda like something more blunt and to the point so I saw it easier...

Suddenly, I saw Regulus raise his wand shoot off a bolt of green behind him. We all looked and saw a young man with brown hair, sharp blue eyes, and looking rather gleeful.

"Voldemort!" Carlisle muttered in shock, backing away with Esme from the memory like we all did so the guy could make his path to my Reggie. He didn't look happy, and his wand was raised with a glare on his beautiful face.

"The bloody hell are you doing here, Tom?" Reggie hissed, backing away from the man who only chucked.

"I came to see my heir at work. You did a fine job on my wave, I see." Voldemort hummed calmly and took a look at the bodies on the ground.

Reggie did that?

"His heir? That can't be good..." Alice muttered to Jasper, getting a distracted nod back.

"Please." He snorted back. "Your waves are weak. Useless pawns for useless gain."

Voldemort grinned. "That type of thinking is rather dark, don't you think?" He questioned, putting both hands in front of him and clasping them calmly.

I hissed at the guy, not that it did anything. I didn't like him. He was too...comfy with my Reggie; it was like I was missing something big.

"You made me like this, and now you don't like it?" Reggie narrowed his eyes, a rather sweet voice coming to the front.

I gave my memory-mate a look. "He's definitely going on Prozac when we get out of here." I told Carlisle.

"Focus." Edward hissed his legendary catch phrase.

Voldemort chuckled, making Esme shiver and move closer to Carlisle. "Oh, Harry. I love all you are; no matter how dark you are. You're...absolutely perfect." He hissed sensually.

"That's parseltongue." Carlisle named the language I could understand somehow.

"How can we understand it? We don't speak snake." Esme whispered.

I shrugged. "It's Reggie's memory. Maybe cause he can, we can for now." I tried, it made in my head at least.

"Don't try that act on me, Tom. You lost me when you killed my mother." Reggie hissed back, his wand still raised in defense.

"She killed herself. I did nothing but Crucio her twice. She put up a rather tough fight for her kind."

"My mother's kind? You mean MY kind?" Reggie raised a brow, moving back when the guy walked forward.

The guy nodded once. "Indeed. Your types are assumed to be docile. Yet here you are; fighting me, the man who loves you."

I growled. "Fucking bitch. He's mine." I growled possessively to the memory guy I wanted to eat.

"Emmett; it's only a memory." Carlisle reminded me.

I stopped growling, if only to hear my Reggie's comeback.

I stopped being yours when you killed my baby." Reggie shot off a green spell, causing us to move back and watch Voldemort use his hand to wave it off like it was nothing but a fly. My Reggie was super powerful..so how could this guy just...WAVE off his magic like that?

Voldemort gave a small frown and tilted his head in such innocence. "It wasn't my baby, though, Harry. You wouldn't be able to carry a child that isn't mine to term. And that wasn't my work at all. Lucius likes to play Merlin at times, and I have punished him for it by not telling him his son was a spy for you. Wasn't that what you wanted? Draconius is safe, and all because of me." He explained it as if my mate was a kid.

Reggie hissed back in disgust. "So you can't control your pawns, and my baby suffers? What about my Teddy? You killed him, too. You took both of my babies from me! I have nothing!" He shot off a spell that the man waved off.

"If I could give you another, would you not be so angry at me?"

My mate froze and switched to English. "What the hell are you going on about? I can't have another because of your damn pawns."

Voldemort chuckled. "Silly, Harry. Magic can fix everything."

"No it can't."

"Perhaps it can't bring the past back, but my magic can bring all back." God! This guy sounded so imperious, it was insane! "You want your children back in your womb and arms? Fine; I'll give them back to you. I only ask that you cease this playtime and come home with me; as you should, my little Snakling." He chuckled, raking those icy blue eyes over my mate's frozen body.

I looked over Regulus. He looked stuck in decisions? Are those children he lost worth enough to stop the war? I mean, I didn't want to be insensitive, but they were gone. He wouldn't stop the war to get back what he couldn't get back, would he?

"My children are gone, Tom. You can't give them back. They're dead; the dead can't come back." My green-eyes said rationally after a moment of silence. It was like he couldn't make up his mind on that subject.

"No. I can't bring the dead back; but I can give you something with such more value than the last fetus could; or even the halfing that you so loved."

"And that is?" Reggie dragged off the last word with impatience.

The blue eyed guy chuckled as if my Reggie was the cutest thing in the word. "I'll give you a very healthy, very able child myself."

"Gross." I couldn't help but blurt out.

"Emmett, please. With the commentary." Edward glared at me. He must be tired of hearing my mind...

"but -"

"We get it! He's a perv and he's gross for wanting it, but focus! The memory means something that you need to know." Alice glared at me as well.

I huffed and went back to watching this scene play out. Was Reggie telling me that this Voldemort guy was his mate? That wasn't possible since I was his mate, but maybe magic people had more than one, and this guy blew it. Obviously if this is Voldemort I can see why and how he blew it. Killing people isn't exactly what a mate should do, though Reggie did it. He did for war though, and to protect other people. He had the reason, and this guy didn't.

Reggie froze again. "You can't produce. Too much magic distortion.." That tone made me think he didn't want to believe it...was Reggie...in love with Voldemort?

I mean...he had good looks, but this isn't an ideal guy.

Voldemort shook his head. "Dumbledore was wrong in his assumption. My magic is strong, and so is my sperm, silly harry. I am fully able to give a child. I've come back to my true body for that purpose alone. I'd only give a child to you though, which is why I'm here asking you to stop your playing, and come home with me to start a family; isn't that what you want? A little baby in your arms that you can sing to sleep, and a loving mate to watch you and love you?"He hissed lowly, taking a step forward and giving a grin when Reggie didn't move back or see that grin of impending victory.

My Reggie didn't respond. Is that what he wanted? A baby and love?

"Wouldn't you like what your muggle aunt deprived you of? A loving family? I can give all of that if you'd just ask me, Snakling. I want to give you what you've always desired." He took another step, and this was more confident.

"That's it." Carlisle murmured to himself.

He got all of our eyes, though we rotated between him and the memory. "What do you mean?" I asked him.

Carlisle looked at me. "Regulus always wanted a family, son. But that isn't it in this memory; Regulus isn't telling us what we think he is."

"Is that possible? How could that go unnoticed?" Edward asked, reading Carlisle's mind.

"Enough of the mind reading. What is it?" I huffed, interrupted them both.

"Emmett," Carlisle turned his gold eyes to me. "Regulus was abused. His magic didn't make him what he is, nor did the war. His family did."

I froze along with Rosalie and Alice. "What?" I asked lowly, turning my eyes back to the memory to see Voldemort closer to Regulus than I would have liked; especially when his hand touched his face in an intimate way. "That's not possible. Reggie wouldn't keep that from me. Not something that serious." I shook my head, denying it right there.

"I never saw him say anything about it...but it answers why he has lashes on his back like he does." Alice spoke softly, in denial of it like I was.

"And it answers his reclusive behavior. War is tough on someone his age, especially when fighting from a young age, but not to the point Regulus had been before he was used to us." Jasper nodded at Carlisle, then turned to me. "Think, Emm. Did it ever cross your mind that he was just a bit too small, too skittish, or too dark?"

I shrugged. It had crossed my mind, but I thought it was the war. "Yeah...but abuse?"

Carlisle nodded. "I don't know why I never saw it before, but I suppose you don't want to see that in someone you claim family. I was in denial as well, but I shouldn't have passed my judgment without my facts all in front of me." He sighed; he sounded disappointed in himself, and Esme rubbed his arm.

I denied it still, even if it was an answer to what was going on with my Reggie, and I turned back to the memory to hear out what was going on.

"If you want it, tell me. I can't read your mind because you don't let me in. Are children what you want? I can give you as many as you wish for eternity. My love? You can have it all. My heart? It's yours if you want it. Name it, and I'll give it to you." Voldemort hissed, having his hands on my Reggie's hips while he hissed in his ear.

It was pissing me off more than Regulus not pushing him away. He was almost in a trance if it was possible until he blinked once and his eyes hardened like steel.

There was my Reggie.

"I want you to release my body, and prepare your pawns for war. Because I want you dead."

Voldemort frowned, but then he grinned maliciously while chuckling. "As you wish. I shall release you and let you play your game. When I win, though, we go home and I can start showing you how I love you." He let go of the slim hips my mate possessed, and he backed up like my mate ordered him to.

My Reggie glared at him with steel eyes.

"You might not want my love right now, and I can accept that for now. But my dear little heir and lover; I am forever in your head. You will never rid me from your mind, and I will bare a child with you, and that child will be as beautiful as you." Voldemort swore, looking very determined to be in my mate's pants.

"My children are dead. I cannot give a child because of your Lucius; I will forever live in shame and heartbreak over my children. But I will tell you this, Tom." Reggie spoke with steel, and a heated promise in his voice. "If I am able to bare another child, my child will be fathered by another man; and that man is out there somewhere waiting for me. When I find this man, I will bond with him, and I will bare him as many children as he wishes of me. It is in my future and made a prophecy by my own eyes."

Voldemort lost all confidence, and he replaced it with displeasure. "This will be finished with a punishment, Snakling. You will not disobey me and lay with another man. You will bare only my children."He hissed lowly.

"Go to hell, Tom. And wait for me there, for that is the only place I will bare your child after this war is over."

After Reggie spoke, I felt the familiar tugging on my navel. "Oh shit." I cursed before we were pulled out of the memory and back on the floor of our living room.

"So close, yet so far." Alice grumbled as she jumped up next to Jasper who was checking her over for invisible injuries.

I was right with her in that thinking. How did we land on our feet in the beginning? I want to be able to do it again! "Right back at you, sister." I brushed myself off while Rosalie did the same to Edward's pants.

"Think 'Land'." Regulus snapped our attentions onto him. He was standing up in the dividing space between kitchen and living room with a cup of tea in his hand, while his other was inside the hoodie he stole from me. "It's how you land in memories; think 'Land'." He repeated himself, sipping from the glass.

"Nice to know for future reference." Rosalie muttered to herself, crossing her arms afterwards. "What's the next memory?" She asked, not wanting to stay and talk like I wanted to.

I gave her a glare. "No way. Not until after we talk about that one." I pointed to the bowl while looking at Reggie.

He raised a brow. "What questions do you have?"

"Were you abused?" I demanded bluntly.

"Emmett!" Esme scolded me right away for how I asked. Even Carlisle was giving me a scolding look.

Well sorry. I wasn't into beating around the bush.

"Oh." He said it like it was nothing. Reggie leaned off the wall and came over to us. He picked up the other vial that was full and handed it to me. "Your answer is much closer than you think, Emm."

I roamed my eyes over the clear liquid and peeked at Edward who watched the empty vial fill itself from the last memory, allowing us to pour this one.

"I won't answer that question by mouth, but I can certainly...allow you to see a certain memory that can answer that question for me." Regulus said to us all, sitting back down on his chair with his glass in hand.

I wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to find out my answer, and I poured the vial into the bowl without hesitating. Someone else might have tried to stop and ask why he would say it, but I knew Reggie too well. He wouldn't answer it if he didn't want to. I wouldn't order him to say it either; I wouldn't lose the trust I was just given however long ago. If looking was what I had to do, then so be it. I'll let someone else be hesitant and slow.

I wanted to know who dared to lay a hand on my Reggie.

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