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"Oh come on Italy, do you really think that after everything we've had to face that I would fall for such a carefree mask? It may have worked before but no one could survive this war if they were that naive. I mean look what happened to my brother, some hero he was." Canada scoffed.

"V-ve~? What do you want me to say? You got me?" Feliciano shrugged. "You might as well accuse a stone wall of being made of rock. I am kind of obvious."

"So you have any ideas to end this anytime soon?" Canada questioned reaching into the leather messenger bag at his side. "If you don't then I suggest you join me with mine." He held up two objects to the light. One was a small silver canister with a button on the top and the other was an old battered book with a few red stains on it.

"I'm going to assume those are blood stains, ergo whatever book you now hold in your hands is most likely magical and dangerous." Feliciano shoved his hands into his dirt-stained military slacks. "I'm in, as long as your ability to correctly read Latin is better than Arthur's of course."

"Oh don't worry about that, I've already tested a few spells from here and they've all worked fine. Shame he wasn't better at it, could have saved his life." Canada shrugged. "I have other books of his too, it's how I managed to develop this little canister. It will be our distraction while the spell is cast."

Feliciano eyed the canister. "And I was so hoping it was wine. They destroyed my cellar you know." Feliciano picked up a small stone, and inspected it. Quietly, he spoke again. "What is your plan, Mateo? How is a Brit's silly book of spells going to fix this? We have lost everything. What can possibly change that?"

"We're going back to before this all happened." Matthew smirked turning to a marked page. "I honestly didn't think Arthur had anything like this little gem in these old books." He showed the page to Feliciano.

Feliciano scanned the page, murmuring in vague Italian. "Well, this might just work." Feliciano slung an arm over Matthew's shoulder. "Though," Feliciano's eyes sparked with curiosity. "How did you find me?"

"Did you know that my country had an underground lab that those things never managed to find? I was hiding out there and managed to hack into a spy satellite, it was just luck that it was facing the same place that you decided to go to for a food run." Matthew smirked. "I decided that it would be good to try and track you down and I even managed to pick up everything needed for the spell on the way over. I also may have kept a group of your people from getting caught when they wandered out, can't have either of us getting even weaker can we?"

Feliciano quirked an eyebrow at the blonde, and sighed, running a hand through his hair. "You're right. I already lost the southern half of me. I'm nearly human as it is." He removed his arm from around Matthew. "Speaking of our safety, we should get inside before something see's us. Luckily those.." He looked for the right word. "Monsters, aren't too intelligent." Feliciano bent down and ran his hands along a hairline crack, pulling slightly. It gave away to a dark passageway. "Canadians first." He swept his arm in an exuberant manner.

"Why thank you Feliciano." Matthew stepped into the passageway. "You know I never thought that you would have something like this, it just shows how wrong everyone was."

"People tend to ignore what is hidden before their eyes. I didn't assume you'd be dead, considering all the inhabitable land in Canada you could of run too, but I did not expect you to show up here." Feliciano slipped into the passage, and closed the hatch. Taking out a match, he lit a nearby candelabra. On the walls, ancient roman letters extended. "Grandpa Roma built this a long time ago, before he fell. I decided to use it as a base. Unfortunately, it doesn't have luxuries like electricity or central heat and air."

"What's the point of luxuries if you get killed for them?" Canada replied looking around. "My lab isn't to pretty anymore, found out the hard way that something extra was needed to combine magic with technology. If we somehow get trapped though I can make some pretty nice explosions."

A smile graced Feliciano's lips, and he turned the handle of an old door not too far away. "It's a bit of mess, but it's home...temporarily." He swung open the door, to reveal a room with a round table. Maps, scrolls, quills and books opened to random pages littered it. Furniture from the Roman Era was pushed up against the wall, and stacked precariously. "There are other rooms, but this place is like a labyrinth. Go too far in any direction without a map, and you'll die in the passageways. Makes for lovely decorations, as you can imagine." Feliciano finished dryly, pushing a stack of books to the floor to make a place for Matthew to sit.

"Ah got to love the random skeletons, it gives places feeling." Matthew replied back looking at a random map. "So where all do these passages come out?"

"Some lead to dead ends. Some lead to entrances like the one we came through. I have identified one that leads to Lu- What's left of Germany's house. There are a few natural springs down here. If you can hold your breath long enough, you can swim into a volcanic tube underneath Mt. Vesuvius. They spread underneath any land my grandfather used to control." Feliciano turned around and rummaged through a stack of scrolls piled on the floor. "Ah-ha!" He freed one, and handed it to Matthew. "This is a basic outlay of the tunnels, it marks anything important. I would've used them to gather supplies, but most of the exits are covered in debris, or come out into a crowd of maniacs ready to rip off my head with their teeth, or castrate me with a rusty metal spoon."

"Any near Arthur's house? I'd prefer to not have to make our own circle if we can use the one in his basement."

Feliciano leaned against the table. "The only tunnel that extends to the United Kingdom cuts through the ocean. You don't mind sea creatures do you?"

"Not at all, they are so much better than what awaits us above ground." Canada sighed. "We should definitely keep that map with us
though, in case we need to get in later."

"Naturally." Feliciano nodded. "We should get going, but we need to stop to arm up first. I have a few guns in the old armory. Some Ruger Submachine guns and such. We want to prepared if we meet any trouble at Arthur's house." Feliciano reached a hand out too Matthew. "Time to try and save our past from this future, ve~?"

"Yes, this will become just a horrible nightmare. I refuse to watch my brother die again." Matthew growled clasping Feliciano's hand.