5/28/16 To all readers of To Save The Future and Fight For Freedom, I have no motivation to continue these stories anymore and will be removing them in a couple weeks. When I wrote these I was going through a dark time and now that I have gotten out of that I do not want to risk falling back. That being said, if you would like for me to let someone adopt either of these stories or would like to adopt it yourself then feel free to message me.

AN: So I know this is a short chapter that also took a long time and I'm sorry for that. Sadly I Will Abandon Heaven for you has decided to leave this fic to me, hopefully with the help of Amaya Kira I will be able to update faster as we get used to the changes Abandon had for certain characters.

"How fucking big is this country anyway?" The hours were blending together as both time-travelers were prepared to murder each other from being trapped in a vehicle together. Looking back, their own time should have prepared them for this but they were spoiled again.

"Big enough that those things will freeze long before they even get close to us." Matthew responded as he expertly navigated a small Twin Otter Aircraft while trying to ignore just how cramped the cockpit was. The two had been traveling for several days now trying to get to a deserted research facility before there were any blizzards. Things were at least going decently until the two noticed that Kumajiro had started to grow, the bear now stood above his knees and the cramped space was fraying the Italian's nerves.

"Get this damn bear off of me; he's getting fur all over my suit."

"Where is he supposed to go Feliciano?" The blonde snapped. "There really isn't much room in case you didn't notice."

"Out the window for all I care. How much longer until we reach this magical safe place?" said Feliciano bitingly.

"We should get there in around 20 minutes if we're lucky."

"And if we're unlucky?"

"I don't think you want to hear that answer." Matthew muttered irritably.

"Oh no, please enlighten me. I would simply love to know what could happen to us that could be worse than what we've already gone through."

"Oh would you? Well we could always crash somewhere if too much ice builds up on the wings or if I give in to the urge to strangle a certain Italian." Was the falsely cheerful reply.

Feliciano smiled bitterly. "Is that all? Could be worse. Wake me when we get there."

"No problem, I doubt you could sleep through the landing anyways."

"I haven't slept in over 48 hours. I doubt anything could wake me up."

"We'll see." Matthew smirked.

"Now wasn't that fun?" Matthew questioned as the plane finally came to a stop on the icy runway, if it could be considered such.

"Fuck you." The Italian rubbed that rapidly swelling spot on his head and glared at the grinning Canadian.

"Well you didn't sleep through the landing, though it looked like you would until you hit your head. At least there's enough ice for that." He quickly opened the door and jumped to the ice happily.

"Its too damn cold for anyone to be this cheerful." A foot in an expensive Italian loafer stepped out of the plane only to slide, causing its owner to fall out of the plane entirely. He slid comically down the runway as the wind pushed him. Only the polar bear standing in his way made him stop.

"Good job Feliciano. You haven't been on ice much have you?"

"Italy isn't exactly known for its large quantities of ice."

"Point taken." Matthew grabbed a couple bags from the plane and began walking towards a group of buildings. "Welcome to Isachsen Weather Observation Station. My government had it remodeled after Alfred abandoned it back around the Cold War as a safe haven if there was ever an attack, of course no one usually stays here since it is technically abandoned."

"Will that idiot look for us here?"

"He never actually came here, he kept complaining about how cold it is. I'm pretty sure he only remembers the other two stations so we will be safe." The Canadian shrugged.

"Let's get these bodies unloaded and stuff put away. I want to sleep before I deal with anything else. There is heat here, right?" The look the Italian leveled at his partner promised a slow demise if there wasn't.

"Of course there is heat, we would freeze if there wasn't."

"Fine, let's hurry then I don't want to see your face for at least 24 hours."

"Like your face is something great to look at." The Canadian muttered as he continued to walk away. "I'm already unloading if you haven't noticed."

"Unload faster."

"Learn to walk."

"Fuck you"

"No thanks, I don't fuck annoying Italians." Matthew called back as he entered one of the buildings.

Feliciano flipped him off but finally started to help unload.