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Previously on A Chance at Love:

She pressed her body hard up against Spencer as she held her arms down and began to whisper in her ear. "mmmm Spencer making out with that girl in the club was very naughty of you, you made me very jealous so I am going to have to punish you for that, but first I guess there are a few things that I should explain. . ."

Chapter Ten

Spencer shivered reminded of the fear she felt from the tone of voice Imogen used. She told Spencer that she had wanted her the minute saw her walk in and didn't know how to approach her so when she asked for the job application she had already decided the job was her's. While Spencer was taking her time doing the interview test, she was in the back drafting up a relationship contract that she snuck into the legal documents Spencer needed to sign. She told Spencer that it was legally binding seeing as how she had signed it and there was no way to prove that she didn't. She didn't know any better, but she was fearful that what was being told to her was true so she managed to shove Imogen off and rush into her apartment slamming and locking the door. "If you don't believe me sweetie then check the copies I sent home with you, I expect you to come in tomorrow on my lunch so we can discuss this properly so get some rest."

After she was sure that Imogen was gone Spencer rushed to where she kept her papers and flipped through the pages looking for anything suspicious. She was going through for a second time when she became frustrated at not seeing anything that didn't look normal. She then stood up because she had a feeling Imogen was lying to her and threw the papers and the paper clip that held them together. They scattered everywhere, one catching her eyes as it fluttered to the floor she picked it up and highlighted in yellow where the words RELATIONSHIP CONTRACT for Spencer M. Carlin & Imogen E. Josipovic.

It was five pages long and by time she finished reading she was in tears. To kept it short and simple she was tired to Imogen for six to twelve months, Imogen could decide that she no longer wanted to be in the relationship at six months but if Spencer decided to leave before twelve months she was to pay Imogen $50,000 for pain & suffering, rent and utilities and whatever other expenses Imogen footed during the relationship. She was to move into an apartment with Imogen where she would have her own bedroom for alone time but agreed to sleep in the bed with Imogen every night. She would continue to work under Imogen and could not file sexual harassment charges for anything that would happen at work as long as it didn't happen in front of other people. She would play house wife when they were at home doing the cooking and cleaning and such, and would not complain because it is what she agreed to.

As far a Spencer knew there was no way to get out of the contract without having fifty thousand dollars. She called around to some lawyers who all told her if it had her signature on it was legally binding and for a small down payment that wasn't really small at all, she could come in and they could discuss ways to get her out of it. She decided that she would suck it up, go down to the store at lunch and see if she could appeal to Imogen's better nature and talk her way out of the contract. It didn't help that Imogen seemed to be having a bad day when she arrived. She tried to remain pleasant and tell Imogen that if she would just let her out of the contract they could try to talk and see if they could have a real relationship instead of a forced one but Imogen wasn't hearing it. "Well then I'll just quit my job and I'll move away." "And what will that do then Spencer you'll be broke and homeless, still legally tied into a &50,000 contract and not to mention the contract that you did sign to work here as well, you still have to give a two week notice. Face it Spencer you're stuck with me." Was all Imogen said as she continued to stuff her face with her sub.

Imogen showed up at her place that night took a look around and told Spencer to just bring her clothes and whatever, leave all this other trash behind. She did as she was told, she didn't know how she was to fight this losing battle so she just gave in, and regretted it every second afterward.

Spencer opened her eyes and got up out of her chair on the patio and walked into the house to get dressed. She was off today but Imogen had to work the whole day. On days like this she would sit around and sulk feeling sorry for herself and then jump up to get everything done before she got home. She learned immediately Imogen was a slob and lazy. She refused to uphold the contract the first few days leaving the house a mess retreating to her room and locking her self in. Until that night Imogen came home a little over a week ago after a bad day. Apparently somebody managed to steal $320 worth of merchandise and she caught hell for it. She came in yelling that she was tired of coming home to a filthy house everyday throwing things, like the cardboard boxes and takeout containers to the food she ate because there was never any food prepared. That was the night Spencer decided she was going to do whatever she could to make sure she never pissed Imogen off that way again because she didn't want her threats to turn into anything more.

Spencer got into the car that Imogen got for her she also paid for a tutor to teach her to drive and took her to get her license. Imogen wanted her to have it for running errands and things. Like now Imogen had requested that Spencer prepare meal for them tonight that would feed more than four people because they were having there very first dinner party. She decided that she was going to make an Italian salad, homemade lasagna, garlic bread sticks, and cookies and ice cream made from scratch for desert. Imogen gave her a credit card to use to track her spending so she used it and saved her money. She went to the stored and rushed in and out as quickly as possible buying all the things that she needed and headed back to the apartment. She used her alone time to think about Ashley wondering what she was doing, what she was wearing, was she smiling her beautiful smile. She hadn't spoken to her since that night at the club and she missed her terribly. Sometimes she allowed herself to fantasize that is was Ashley she was going home and preparing for all the cooking and cleaning was for her, it helped her do it and get through the day.

When she got in she took off the jeans and t-shirt and threw on a wife beater and boxers turned on the radio and let the music ease her mind as she cleaned and cooked. When she everything was done she set the things in there proper places so they would be the right temp when it was time to serve and when to set the table. Imogen had texted her on the phone she bought her and told her to expect 8-10 guest and she was wondering who in the world all these people where that where coming just as Imogen walked through the door with a box in her hand. She walked over to Spencer who stood stiffly and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "Hey baby, it smells great in here. I bought you a little something to wear tonight why don't you go head shower and get dressed I'll finish up out here."

She took the box with a small thank you before running into the bathroom to prepare herself. She walked out of the shower and straight into the room putting on her favorite lotion and perfume, before she put her hair in a low curly twisted ponytail. She opened the smaller box to find a nude lace bra and panty set which she reluctantly put on. The second box contained a form fitting knee length black and nude lace and mesh tank dress to go with the nude suede 5" heels that lay in the third box. She looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit that she looked good, very sexy and sultry as the nude matched perfectly with her skin it was almost as if she was naked.

She exited to room to find Imogen dressed and ready with her hair flat ironed in a white form fitting women's suit with a black draped shirt that plunged almost down to her navel and no bra with black heels. Spencer imagined Ashley in that outfit and the things that she would like to do to get her out of it and felt a pool of wetness grow between her legs. Imogne stared appreciatively as Spencer making her way towards her smiling. "My, my, my Spencer I must say you look absolutely ravishing tonight, tell me are you wearing the panties that I bought for you?" All she could do was nod yes, when Imogen ran her hand up Spencer's leg palming the boy shorts. "Good cause I have another surprise for you," she said as she pulled a small silver thing out of her pocket. "It's a good thing your already wet it will make this so much easier." Spencer's eyes widen as she began to ask what she was talking about when she felt Imogens fingers spread her lips with to fingers slowly sliding the cold metal against her wetness before pushing it inside. Imogen back up as Spencer immediately turned to leave but a buzzing inside of her stopped her in her tracks, the buzzing was so strong she couldn't control her bodies reaction or the sounds that were escaping her lips. Imogen began to speak as she watched the scene before her "Damn I can't wait to have you tonight, and I will have you, by the time our guest leave tonight you will be begging me to fuck you." Spencer braced herself against the wall as she continued to listen to her talk. This was to stay in her the whole night, Imogen controlled the remote, if she did anything Imogen didn't approve of this would happen in front of her friends. She fought back the tears as the buzzing subsided, when the door bell rang. "Fix your self up sweetie then get the door and remember I will be watching you all night."

She did as she was told and went to answer the door and there stood a pretty girl with short curly black/brown hair. "Hi, I'm Chelsea, you must be Spencer" "Yes I am please come in Imogen's in the back she should be out in a minute or two please make yourself comfortable." "Thank you so much, here's a bottle of wine from my vineyard for tonight I didn't want to show up empty handed. My fiancé will be back shortly he had to run home for a second." She nodded and shook her head in understandment and shut the door to take the wine in the kitchen to put on some ice. She took that moment to try and get herself together before making her way back into the living room to make polite conversation with Chelsea and wait for the rest of the guest to arrive.

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