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Ok so I know that a lot of you were not happy with the way the last two chapters went. I feel like they could have been executed better and maybe I'll rewrite them one day to try and make them flow better with the story. I had just lost my writing mojo and was trying to get it back and it didn't work out all too good. I hope this chapter is better. I tried something a little bit different because typing all those names all the time was really kind of getting on my nerves.

Btw I do want to say to my guest reviewer that said they are no longer going to read the story and some that shared the same view. This is fan fiction, key word FICTION. Not everything has to make sense; it was something a little different that I wanted to try. It may seem a little extreme but its part of the story I wrote that I like. Second, Spencer is not the brightest tool in the shed in this story because of how she feels. Her emotions, lack of trust, and insecurities prevent her from thinking about things they way normal people do. She has the potential to realize things but doesn't tap into them. She's so used to people taking advantage of her and being mean to her in some weird way it feels right and she's trying to escape that.

Chapter Eleven

Spencer's POV

I can't help but feel broken at what I have become; all I wanted out of life was to be happy. Instead I have stupidly allowed myself to be made a fool of, degraded in more ways than one. I thought that getting that job would be a new start for me a good one, instead I'm here with this crazy bitch. I know that the whole scenario sounds ridiculous and I know that there is some sort of loophole to get me out of it; I just don't know what it is. I cry myself to sleep at night and wonder where I would be if I would have taken more chances with Ashley. If only I had the courage to speak up instead of letting others speak for me. It's going on my third month with Imogen and I feel numb. I do what she asks of me as if I'm on auto pilot, I don't complain anymore as it only leads to torture for me. Everyday I think of a new plan some way to leave, I have even seriously contemplated killing her, but I know I don't have the heart as much as I hate her I could never bring myself to do it. I have lost weight since being here because I never really have much of an appetite anymore. I realize as I look in the mirror some days that I now wish I looked as good as I did when I thought I was fat. The bags under my eyes make me look old, there is no longer a tightness to my skin as it is now just kind of flabby.

I jump out of my thoughts as I hear the door slam shut and let out a breath of air I didn't even know I was holding. Imogen was leaving for a night out with some of her friends. I knew that the night would result in her bringing back some random and banging her obnoxiously loud against my door as she has done on so many other occasions. She gave up on sex with me a couple of weeks after the dinner party because I stopped responding, I shut down a laid there stiff as a board as she did whatever to me and I allowed her which made me feel so used and dirty. I realize now that this is all about power with Imogen, I allowed her to take advantage of me there wasn't much of a chase, or a fight for that matter and now I am paying for it.

I got up and turned the radio on to a jazz station to try and help me relax and clear my mind. I went into the bathroom which was really the only thing I loved here; the big jetted spa like tub was my peace in this hellhole. I relaxed in the bubbles and bath salt as I closed my eyes and submerged myself into the steaming hot water. As I came back up the song went off and the host came on with her soothing sultry voice as I tried to relax.

Host: . . . I hope you all enjoyed that song, now we are going to take a break and discuss a topic that is very dear and near to me. As many of my listeners know, I was in a very controlling abusive relationship. I managed to safely get myself out, but it wasn't until it was almost too late. I have given my own advice about dealing with these types of situations but now I would like to open the phone lines after these next commercials and let you give your advice to someone who may be out there listening that needs your help.

I closed my eyes and thought ignoring the commercials. I couldn't decide whether or not to get up and change the station. I don't know if I want to hear this, or if I even need to. Yes, Imogen was controlling but she had never really hit me, there was that one time or two but she swore it was an accident and there was really no damage done, so that didn't count did it? Besides it wasn't a real relationship just some stupid contract. I brought myself out of my thoughts as I heard the host began to speak again.

Host: . . . and now I'd like to introduce our first caller, Caller One you are on the air.

Caller One: Good Evening Noel, I love your show.

Noel/Host: Thank you, and thanks for tuning into the show tonight. Now as you know the topic up for discussion tonight is controlling or abusive relationships, before we get started do you feel comfortable stating whether or not your opinion is coming as advice or as experience.

Caller One: No, I don't mind one bit. I am a domestic violence victim. I met someone I believed that I could be truly happy with. I want to say that there are early on warning signs to be aware of. Now not all of these are signs of an abuser but you can never be too cautious. In my relationship to the public they made it seem like we were the perfect couple. They were nice to me always doing sweet things, and once they feel that they have got you hooked they start to isolate you from your family and friends. That jealousy that you think is cute and slightly possessive is not if where it happens they jump on the people you are around and takes you away from them making it seem like it was their fault their flirting. Then when you get alone all that will change and it will be your fault. . . .{Background noise}. . . .

Noel/Host: Caller one are you still with us?

Caller One: Yes sorry I'm still here. There is so much more that I would like to say, but I have to go. I want to leave you listener with one thought before I go. Don't wait until it's too late to leave, there are so many ways to escape and so many ways to get help. I know it's hard and you're going to feel alone. Just don't wait until you are laying in a hospital bed paralyzed to realize that it's not worth staying like I did and you find yourself calling to some radio show praying that you can reach someone else before its too late. . .{dial tone}. . .

Noel/Host: Thank you for that insight caller one. If you're still listening I want you to know that you are in my prayers and I wish you well. We are going to take a break and listen to some smooth jazz before accepting our next call so please enjoy this next hit by. . .

My mind began to race; I began to wonder, even if my situation is not exactly like there's it could be. I put myself in a dangerous position; I didn't run because I was scared I didn't know what to do or where to go. I just went with the flow a bad flow and that was my mistake. There is something I should do but what. I laid back and tried to formulate a plan as the song came to an end. I turned the hot water on to warm the cold water I was laying in as she introduced the next caller and they began to speak.

Caller Seven: . . . So with that said I want to say my opinion tonight is coming just as advice. I don't understand how someone could stay with someone and allow them to treat them they way they do. If you are tired of being with someone, don't want to be with them, or know that in the long run being with them is no good for you. Get up & Leave, which should be all the motivation you need. Life is too short to waste time with someone that doesn't make you happy and it'll be even shorter if you allow that person to kill you. . .

All of the sudden something hit me. I abandoned the tub, leaving the water running. I didn't have a plan in my head I just let my instincts take over and did whatever came to me. Soaking wet and naked I raced around the apartment finding the things that I needed. I looked at the clock and calculated that I had about an hour and a half before Imogen came back with her skank of the night. I grabbed the largest suitcase and began to throw my shoes inside once I was done with that I moved on to my clothes. Nothing was packed neatly it was all thrown in hast but that was more than fine by me. I sat the bags buy the door before realizing that I had packed all my clothes not leaving anything to put on. I grabbed the one thing I remembered I had left a black knee length trench coat and some flat ballerina slippers. I checked the time on my watch and I had less than forty five minutes to get all four suitcases and duffle bags into my car and gather the rest of my stuff before Imogen got back. I ran back into my room and grabbed one of my oversized purses I had decided to leave behind and shoved my laptop and charger into it. I went over to the bed and flipped the mattress off to get to the box spring. Tapped to the inside of the box spring I had 75% of every check I had cashed since I have been staying here and a little bit extra I skimmed from cash withdrawals off of Imogens card. I shoved that into my purse and tried to remember if I was forgetting anything important.

I opened the front door to see my neighbors entering there apartment, two college looking kids and before I could think I spoke, "Excuse me I am in a really big hurry do you think that you can help me carry this stuff to my car, I'm willing to pay you." "Sure thing beautiful," they say as they walk toward me and I moved back to let the gather the bags. "Put them in the car parked in space B7 please and thank you so much," I say as I use the remote to unlock the doors. I turn to follow them out but, I have a thought and I run back into Imogen's bedroom. I know she took my copy of the contract she tricked me into signing but I also know she has the original in the house. I dig through the stacks of papers not finding anything before I rummage through the drawers. I sigh in frustration as I realize I have twenty minutes before she should arrive back and I can't find anything. I had almost given up as I stood up and huffed and saw a baby blue folder at the bottom of the drawer with S.C. written on it. I grabbed it, shoved it in my back and ran back out the room. A squishy sound caused me to pause as I looked at the soaking wet floor. The bathtub and over flowed because I forgot to turn the water off and I didn't care as I ran out to my car and started it driving to nowhere in particular.

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