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Chapter Twelve

Spencer's POV

Spencer continued to drive until she felt that she was far enough away to slow down and stop looking over her shoulders to see where she was at. The area was unfamiliar to her and the dark night didn't help in her attempt to recognize anything. She didn't have a clear plan in her head as to exactly what it was that she wanted to do. She pulled over by the beach and decided to sit on the pier to think. She was sure that by now Imogen was looking for her and furiously at that. She was sad she didn't know where she was going to go what she was going to do but she had to make up her mind quick. Several ideas passed through her head but one in particular stood out the most because she kept coming back to it.

She returned to the car and proceded to remove all of her belongings from the car she called a taxi service that would be picking her up in thirty minutes. After making sure everything of hers was out of the car, she began to search for a big rock. As quietly as possible she drove the car to the pier and stopped halfway down. As she was getting out of the car her phone begin ringing in her jacket pocket. She ignored it knowing who it was and made a quick decision to dispose of it as well and tossed it into the driver's seat. She began to have second thoughts as she tried to figure out exactly how she was going to go about this.

She figured that she would try the way they did it in the movies and if that didn't work it'd be too late to worry about it. She put the car in park and removed the tire jack from the trunk. She laid it on the gas petal and heard the engine roar to life. She began to second guess herself once again before she pulled the jack off the gas. She adjusted her right foot on the brake still supporting the jack with her left hand. The position was really uncomfortable and she figured she was insane for doing this. She put her left foot on the pier and position herself to fall out and back once the car took off. In one quick motion she slid her foot from under the jack letting it fall on the the gas and threw herself backwards. For once she was grateful for the extra cushion to fall back on she watched as the car gained speed heading toward the end of the pier. Spencer couldn't help but smirk in smug satisfaction as the car venterd off course slightly and drove of the edge and the splash of water was heard. She got up dusted herself off and walked to the bench where her things were grateful that they were still there, before making her way to the cab that was sitting waiting. She told the driver to take her to a hotel on the other side of town and sat back to enjoy they ride to freedom.

Three weeks later. . .

Spencer was taking a walk around a park that was not to far away from the hotel she was staying in. She was enjoying this time to herself more than she thought she would but she also knew that the dwindling pile of cash she has in her room wouldn't last her too much longer. She hadn't heard a word from Imogen and that relieved and worried her at the same time, but she tried not to spend too much time thinking about it. She came across a pen filled with playing puppies and bent down to admire the one sitting back in the corner growling at a piece of paper. "Adorable isn't she?" asked an older woman sitting next to the box. "She is, what kind of dog is she?" "That one there you have your eye on is a boxer and pit mix. . .they are free you know, I found them sitting next to the dumpster behind my job. I took them home with me but my husbands allergic so I came here to see if anyone would be willing to take them." Spencer watched the dog play for a minute and couldn't fight the smile that insited on staying upon her face. She felt a small rush of happiness fill her as she let out a giggle when the puppy jumped at the paper before taking it in his mouth. She knew that instant that she wasn't leaving without her and picked her up cuddling her to her face. Laughter bubbled out of her as the puppy licked her face. "I'll take her, thank you." she told the woman.

As she turned to walk away the paper that fell out of the puppies mouth caught her attention with FOR RENT in bold letters across the top. There was a that was being sublet in a loft around the corner and it was just her luck that the open interviews were set for today. She slipped the puppy into the hobo bag that she was carrying and took off towards the address hoping to make it there before they stopped interviewing people. She made it just in time as she saw a tall man locking up the door where she was supposed to be going. "Excuse me are you the one who's subletting the room in this building." She said as she walked up to him. "Yes, Hi, I am Aiden and you are?" "I'm sorry I'm Spencer, uh, is there even a remotely small chance that the room is still available?" she asked while tilting her head to the side. She saw a flash of something in his eyes but choose to ignore it and listened to his response. "Yes it is I had no luck with the search today. I take it your interested so I'm going to go ahead and give you the details before I show you around. You will have a female roommate she is my sister in law my wife and I co own this loft but since we bought a house and have a baby coming we want to use the money used renting out this room to start a college/emergency fund for our son or daughter. You will have the master suite on the left side of the loft which includes your own bathroom and walk in closet, floor to ceiling windows on one wall. It comes furnished with basics such as a queen size bed, two nightstands and lamps, a dresser and a wall mounted flat screen tv. . . " Spencer tuned out as he continued talking, the excitement that she felt earlier was fading. This place sounded amazing, sounded expensive, so she decided that she wasn't going to let this Aiden guy waste his breath or anymore of his time and cut him off. "Look, Aiden this place sounds really amazing but it is way out of my budget but thank you and sorry for wasting your time. . ." "It's $750 a month with all inclusive." "Wow, that's less than I thought but still out of my budget." "How much are you paying where you stay now?" " I stay in a hotel that's getting to be way more than that." "I'll tell you what you look like a nice girl and I hate that your living in a hotel can you do $500 a month?" "Whoa, wow, seriously?" "Yea I don't really need the money but my wife would kill me if I came back with nothing"

Spencer decided to take a chance she got a puppy on a whim, after what she's been through what's the worse that could happen. "I'll take it, thank you so much" "No problem come on in n have a look around I'm going to run down to my car and grab the application and contract and then we will get everything squared away."