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Chapter Five

A lot had happened in the week after meeting Ashley. She did a lot of thinking and once again resolved to be the change she wanted to see in her life. She felt herself missing Ashley, but she was refusing to go back on what she said. She woke up Tuesday morning feeling very optimistic, like she had a lot of good luck coming her way, and decided she needed a new job. She got dressed in a pair of white pants with grey pinstripes, a metallic grey tank, her favorite black cardigan, and her black & white oxford heels. She curled her hair and pinned half of it up with a side swept bang, added some light makeup and simple silver jewelry, and took a step back to admire her work. She didn't feel fat in the white pants, looking in the mirror she felt that she looked presentable and a little slim. She grabbed her vintage briefcase tote she found at a yard sale during her years in high school, checked to make sure her resume was in and headed out the door.

There was a nice cool breeze outside as she stood and waited for the bus. A few horns honked as they drove by, but she refused to believe that they were honking at her. She kept and eye on her surroundings and the sliver watch upon her wrist growing slightly impatient. It was then that she noticed a car she swore she saw drive around the block at least twice already. Her stomach twisted slightly as the car slowed down the closer it got to her and the passenger side window rolled down. "Damn girl you looking too good to be out here waiting on a bus, why don't you hop in and let me give you a ride", said the stranger. He was an older male possibly in his late thirty's, he flashed a yellow smile as he lit up a cigarette and seemed to be awaiting an answer. Spencer shook her head no and pulled her glasses over her eyes silently praying that the bus would come soon. Three minutes had passed and her bus was ten minutes late, and her nerves were getting worse. She glanced around to see if anyone was around incase he tried something funny and saw the bus going the opposite way. In a split second she made the decision to run across the street and catch that bus. She caught it just in time and made it aboard the bus as the man sat in his car hollering after her. She let out a sigh of relief as the bus took off and he disappeared from sight. The bus was going in the opposite direction than she wanted but she decided to take the chance to see where it would take her. She ended up at Northridge Fashion Center.

When she entered the mall she began to feel self conscious, her body temperature rose as she felt the sweat begining to collect at the top of her head. She seriously contemplated turning around and running right back out the door, until she saw two plus size women slightly larger than her; one with a clear and pink bag, and the other heading in the direction the other was just leaving. Curiosity got the best of her as she found herself following the woman. She got off the escalator and turned to find a store specifically for larger women and instantly fell in love with the clothes in the display. She browsed the store in awe at the fashionable clothes they had for big girls, even lingerie at which she blushed and left the section quickly. As sign caught her eye at the register as she prepared to leave, a NOW HIRING sign. "Excuse me, I would like to fill out an application please" she said to the lady behind the desk. She was handed an application and was told that if she brought it back within the next 15 minutes they could interview her immediately. So she took the application and had a seat at one of the tables outside the stores and filled out the application eager to get it back in time. She checked her watch and realized she had five minutes to use the restroom to freshen up and back to the interview.

Her quick trip to the bathroom helped her muster up some false confidence and she made her way back into the store. She back to the woman who gave her the application pulling a copy of her resume out her case to hand over with the application. She stuck her hand out to the woman as she spoke, "Hi, I'm Spencer Carlin, I came in a few minutes ago to pick up this application. I have filled it out and attached a copy of my resume and I was hoping you still had a few minutes for a quick interview?" She took the hand and shook it with a firm grip and replied, "Hi Spencer, I am ImogenJosipovic, I am the store manager and I would love to meet with you for a few minutes. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?" Spencer's nerves tried to reappear as she panicked about how to answer the question, she decided honestly was the best route. "I am 24 and recently moved her for a change of scenery. I am a very dedicated hard worker that learns very quickly and gets along great with other people," she took a deep breath as the voice in her head called her a liar and she told it to shut up. Before she could speak again Imogen spoke again, "Ok great, lets see there are several other questions that I can ask you but I have a good feeling about you there is just one test that I need you to do to complete the interview while I go ahead and run a background check on you, think your up for the challenge?" She didn't hesitate to reply "Yes". "Good, judging by the way you are dressed this shouldn't be a hard task for you. You are going to draw three slips of paper out of this bowl and then you are going to assemble a complete outfit for each category, nothing in the store is off limits so have fun and I'll get with you in a little bit." Spencer smiled, nodded her head yes and took three slips of paper.

She set out to assemble the first outfit; Club Wear. She browsed around for a minute already knowing where she wanted to go with this as she had seen the perfect dress while she was looking earlier. She grabbed the black and neon pink splice Dress with alternating black bands and pink panels overlaid with black lace. She paired that with some black peep toe heels and some simple dangly earrings and styled the outfit on the mannequin and looked at the next category which was Job Interview, and easy she thought. She grabbed the grey off-shoulder belted dress and a basic white blazer she replace the black bet wit a red belt and some red patent leather Mary Jane heels. She added classic simple jewelry and preceded to the last category as she caught Imogen briefly appraising the mannequins she already dressed. When she was done the last mannequin was fitted with dark grey skinny jeans, a grey and white striped cami, a white crocheted back shrug and white gladiator wedges. The jewelry for this outfit was slightly more flashy but still simple and she stepped back satisfied with her work. She then heard someone clapping behind her and turned to see Imogen. "Congratulations Spencer you have got your self a job, you passed the test because you accessorized and not too many people remember to do that. Also since you have been in here I have people come up and ask for the outfits you put together. I love the fact that you didn't try to please me with what you thought I wanted to see and kept the styles true to you. Can you start tomorrow morning?" Spencer shrieked before becoming embarrassed and laughing.

She talked with Imogen some more and left the store feeling so much better, like nothing once again could break the good mood she was in. As she was walking out the store basking in the glow of getting hired she bumped into someone knocking them on their ass and shopping bags went flying every where. She blushed profusely and began gathering to hand the bags back to the person, and was met by the chocolate eyes of none other than Ashley Davies.

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