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Previously on a Chance at Love:

As she was walking out the store basking in the glow of getting hired she bumped into someone knocking them on their ass and shopping bags went flying every where. She blushed profusely and began gathering to hand the bags back to the person, and was met by the chocolate eyes of none other than Ashley Davies.

Chapter Seven

For a moment they just stared at each other, and then Ashley looked down and blushed. She took the bags offered from Spencer's hand and said a simple thank you, before turning to leave, not quite knowing what to do but respect Spencer's wishes. She stood at the elevator wishing she would have said something more as the doors opened. She was brought out of her daze by someone yelling hold the doors and a foot making its appearance between the closing doors. She pushed the door open button and stood back to let the person enter.

Spencer said, "Thank You", as she made her way and stood in an awkward silence for a few minutes. Ashley couldn't take it anymore so she blurted, "Thank you so much for the coconut bars they were really great, but really didn't have to pay me back, but thank you anyway." At the same time Spencer said "I'm really sorry about the way I acted and the note that I sent, I'm sure it was pretty confusing." They stopped talking and laughed at the same time realizing neither had heard what the other said. "Have dinner with me tonight Ash?" Shocked at the request and wondering if it was too good to be true Ashley briefly thought about turning her down but instead said, "I would love to Spence." "Great so you can pick me up around 7:30 tonight" "Yea sure, see you tonight Spencer", Ashley said as she walked backwards off the elevator.

Spencer stood there for a moment smiling at herself for her bold mood; she was just taking chances all day today. She began to imaging how the date would go, should she call it a date, or just two friends having dinner? What she really wanted was someone to celebrate with, and Ashley was there at the perfect time. Does it mean something she wondered? She was still on the evaluator when her thoughts made it to OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? mode. She decided that she would splurge and buy something special, to celebrate, not impress she reasoned in her mind. As she walked back into the store and made her purchase.

Around six that evening Ashley was pacing around in her closet, biting her thumb, not knowing what to wear. She had no idea where they were going, was this a date or not a date, or what. So she made a phone call, "Hey Aiden, is Kyla around I really need to speak to her?" "Yea Ash hang on a second" He dropped the phone and yelled for his fiancé to come and get the phone. She heard him yell ow in the back ground and laughed assuming Kyla smacked him in the back of the head. "Hey Sis, what's up?" "Nothing much Kyla but you have got to stop beating on Aiden I cant have my little niece or nephew being brought into a domestic violence situation." "Well if he would stop treating me as if I would break every ten seconds we would be fine" She laughed before addressing the real reason she called, " Kyla, I think I have a date tonight and I'm really nervous and I don't know what to wear." "Whoa hold on Ashley Davies is nervous about a date, who is this girl and when can I meet her?" "Never if this tonight doesn't go well I have been waiting for a moment like this with her and I don't want to mess it up. . . " Kyla cut her off, "Wow you must really like this girl, you have never been like this before, I don't have to give you any advice except to remind you to just be yourself, and wear that little red dress, the strapless one with the black belt, and those leopard pumps mom sent you from Italy." "Thanks Kyla, Love You, I'll call you when I get home." With that she hung up to go shower and get dressed.

Spencer took a look in a mirror pleased with the outfit Imogen helped her pick out, she even let her use her employee discount already. She loved the new grey and purple peep toe heels; they made her legs look long. The dress was a simple and black with a pencil skirt bottom and a sweetheart neckline at the top and thin spaghetti straps. She completed the out fit the triple purple and silver python belts and some jet black and hematite jewelry. She applied a smokey eye shadow, light mascara, and a coat of lip-gloss. As she began to fluff the curls she placed in her hair she heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door he mouth dropped, Ashley was stunning when she was dressed up. She laughed when she realized they were both staring at each other in the same way. "Wow Ash you look great." "Yea but not half as spectacular as you do." Spencer blushed and pushed some hair behind her ear not knowing how to reply so she just said, "I just have to grab my clutch and we can go."

Both where to nervous to actually eat anything but they didn't want the other to know, so they debated back and forth about where to actually go to eat, each wanting the other to decide. "Ugh, honestly I'm not hungry Ashley." "Me either" So the sat in the car not really knowing what to do, when something hit Ashley. "Maybe now's a good time to cash in that rain check?" "That's a great idea Ashley, I think we are a little over dressed, but let's go." "Smsh, we are two hot chicks going to the movies, they'll love us." So they laughed and made light conversation all the way to the theater. Ashley paid despite protest from Spencer and they made their way into the theater and settled into seats to watch Project X. They laughed together the whole time there was a lot of touching and readjusting during the movie but each was in their own little world with each other an the movie they were sad to see it end. As they walked out to the car they heard a slight rumbling coming from Spencer's stomach. "Sorry with everything going on today I haven't really eaten anything." "Well let's change that then, come on."

Ashley grabbed her hand a pulled her in the opposite direction of the car. They then went across the street to the board walk where Ashley told Spencer to sit on at a picnic table and wait. When she retuned she had a tray of food and two large cups. "Ok so I wasn't exactly sure what all you like so I got hot dogs, hamburgers, ranch chicken wraps, fries and chips." Spencer tried to quench the feeling of being insulted at the amount of food set before her and smiled politely and said thank you. She grabbed some food and began to fix it the way she wanted it and they made small talk. When they were done Spencer asked Ashley to get a bag and she put all the food in it. She suggested they take a walk on the beach as she took off her shoes and walked backwards on the sand waiting for Ashley to join her and they walked in a comfortable silence for a while. They came across a homeless man under one of the bridges and Spencer gave him the leftovers from their dinner, and Ashley handed him some money folded up.

They found a spot and sat down to stare at the ocean and the night sky. "You know this is my first time coming to the beach?" "Really, wow, my mom used to bring me and my sister, Kyla, all the time when we where little, and in high school this is where all the kids came to skip school." "Sounds like fun, my mom was always to busy helping the church to pay any attention to me unless I did something wrong." "I'm sorry, do you have any siblings?" "I do, kind of I was adopted when I was younger with my brother Clay, he's a few years older than me, he was my best friend. And then I have another older brother who is the biological child of the people who adopted me." "So where are they now?" asked Ashley. She noticed Spence was quite for a minute so she turned to look at her and noticed a lone tear on her face she started to speak again, but Spencer started talking. "Glen still lives with my parents I don't speak to them often, we sort of have out issues. Clay left home because Paula and I could never see eye to eye. He didn't understand why she couldn't accept me for who I was and stop trying to change me. He joined the army right out of high school, and he got sent into the war. . . . and. . ." Spencer couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence but Ashley didn't need her too. She knew that he never came home and it broke her heart. She did her best to wipe away the tears that were now cascading down Spencer's face and the few that slipped past her own eyelids before giving up and holding her.

Spencer didn't know why she opened up like that to her, it just felt so right, as if she had word vomit and couldn't stop. She didn't regret it though and she began to calm down as Ashley's arms wrapped around her. She didn't know how long they sat in silence, but it was awhile. Finally Ashley decided that she'd had enough of Spencer shivering and stood up, holding out her hand, "Come on beautiful, it's time to get you home, your getting cold and sleepy" Spencer took hold of her hand and said ok, "but I'm not sleepy, just cold" as a yawn escaped her lips. They walked back to the car holding hands and smiling as Spencer laid her head on Ashley's shoulder.

Ash walked her up stairs to her door as she tried to fit the key in her lock she started to speak again, "I had a really great time with you tonight Spencer, and I don't know if tonight was a once in a blue moon type thing but, I hope its not and I hope you give more consideration to at least letting me still be your friend" "I really enjoyed myself with you tonight as well and I would love to hang out with you some more." They smiled at each other and then Ashley asked Spencer another question. "Before I go do you mind telling me why you and your mother don't get along?" Spencer shook her head and said, "We couldn't get along because I really, really, really enjoy doing this. . ." and with that she gently grabbed Ashley's waist and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips before turning into her apartment saying good night to a stunned Ashley and shutting her door.