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Previously on a Chance at Love:

"Before I go do you mind telling me why you and your mother don't get along?" Spencer shook her head and said, "We couldn't get along because I really, really, really enjoy doing this. . ." and with that she gently grabbed Ashley's waist and gave her a sweet kiss. . .

Chapter Eight

Spencer slowly reverted back into her shell that night; she began to regret kissing Ashley and the whole date period. She wasn't quite sure what her intentions where with her. One thing she knew for sure was that she couldn't fight the urge to be Ashley's friend. She tossed and turned that night trying to decide how to tell Ashley the kiss was a mistake even though deep in her heart she knew she was wrong. Meanwhile Ashley was lying in her bed struggling to sleep, only because she was so happy. She laid on her back hair spread on her pillow with one hand to her lips replaying the kiss over and over again in her mind. She sleep peacefully dreaming of her and Spencer and wasn't surprised when to woke up the next morning with a sight dampness between her legs prompting her to have some release therapy.

Ashley closed her eyes and let her hands wander, she began to imagine the date again, only in her mind her and Spencer where an actual item and it was their first time making love. She ghosted her lips with her finger tips imagining they were Spencer's lips trailing them down her throat. She began to slowly massage her nipples until they were hard peaks under her shirt before deciding that it needed to come off. She laid back on the bed as her shirt disappeared onto her floor somewhere and began to pinch each one gently. She slowly began to move one hand down her flat toned stomach inching her fingers underneath the fabric of her Joe Boxer boy shorts sighing in relief when her fingers made contact with the moist warm center that lay underneath. Just as she began to move her hands and let a soft moan escape her lips, her phone rang, she tried to ignore it but it wouldn't stop. Groaning in frustration she stopped and tried to calm down enough to answer the phone, and then all she heard was silence. She hesitantly began to massage her clit again gaining momentum; she felt her self getting closer and closer to the edge she was desperate to reach as she slowly slipped one finger inside of herself. "Oh Yes Spencer", passed her lips and she knew it was just a matter of moments before she reached her peak. Right before she toppled over the edge there was a loud banging on her door. So loud it frightened her and she fell off the bed. She got up as the banging continued and debated trying to fix her self but she was too pissed at whoever was at her door to care.

Ashley stormed to the door tangled in her white silk sheets with her hair a mess, threw the door open and screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" she was greeted with silence as she eyed the person standing at her door. Aiden stood sheepishly in front of her with his head hung down to the ground and muttered she made me do it before moving out of the way to reveal a pregnant Kyla standing with her arms crossed as she took in her sisters appearance. "So that's why you couldn't answer the phone this morning" as she pushed her way into the house and towards Ash's bedroom. "That's great I want to meet the girl that has you so crazy you couldn't even call me like you said you would" Kyla stood confused in Ashley's bedroom and then yelled. "You can come out of hiding you know I don't bite I just want to meet the girl that my sisters going to marry one day" "Kyla what are you doing nobody's here and FYI I didn't call you last night when I got in because it was so late and I didn't want to wake you." "Well if nobody is here why do you look like you were in the middle of. . . .?" Kyla's sentence trailed off as she saw the wet spot on Ashley's bed and her shirt lying on the floor and all she could say was oh. Ashley noticed what she was looking at and buried her head in her sheet covered hands before regaining her composure. "I need a shower you are more than welcome to wait here, in my living room, while I get dressed and then we can go out to lunch and I'll tell you all about the date." And with that she ran into her bathroom.

Spencer meanwhile was enjoying her first day at work. So far she had made five sales and was getting along great with her other co-workers. Karsyn was a very voluptuous 22 year old Indian woman with a wild personality who was showing her the ropes. She dressed slightly provocative but it fit her personality great. And then there was Donovan, he was tall about six foot two, and was really only there so he could get a discount for his girlfriend and her was the only one that could reach the really high products. He was great to be around always joking and making the customers laugh. The added bonus was that he was really good looking so he drew in a lot of women who bought things that he recommended in hopes of getting his phone number.

"Hey Spencer!" "What's up Karsyn?" She turned around from stocking the clearance rack to face Karsyn as she walked up to her and draped her arm around her. "In tradition, we here at Torrid are like a little family and since we like you we are going to keep with that tradition. We are closing the store early tonight and we are going out to have drinks and we wont take no for an answer." Spencer was being lead back to the dressing rooms and began to protest in spite of what she was just told. "Look you guys I really appreciate it a lot but honestly I'm not the club or bar type I never go out and. . ." "Oh stop your whining ok, it'll never get you anywhere. . .now get in that dressing room and try on the outfits we picked out for you and hurry up an choose one so we can go please?," said Imogen excitedly as she gave her a gentle shove into the room and held the curtains closed.

She decided that she would go along with it and keep her boss and co-workers happy because she had a feeling that she could really like it here. She eyed the outfits carefully and could tell that each one of her coworkers had picked an outfit for her. She could tell which one was Karsyn's right away because it looked like something she would wear so she moved the black floral corset and grey denim miniskirt out of the way and observed the outfit and decided it was worth a try. Once she put it on she knew immediately that it was Donovan's pick, he helped his girlfriend shop and she always went for classically sexy looks. The outfit she finally settled on was a distressed denim mini skirt that stopped an inch above her knees, a blue and purple one shoulder floral chiffon top, and black suede sandal wedges. She gave her self one more glance in the mirror and stepped out from behind the curtain and was met with approving glances from all her co-workers and it seemed to be a little extra sparkle in Imogen's eye as she gave her an approving once over.

Imogen was the first one to speak as Donovan left "Okay, well I was thinking that you could ride with me Spencer, because Donovan's stopping to pick up his girlfriend and Karsyn has to run by the bank and make a deposit, do you mind?" "Honestly Imogen I don't mind giving Spencer a ride it won't take me that long at the bank and. . ." "Great then its settled Spencer rides with me and we will see you there" said Imogen as if she hadn't heard a word Karsyn said and pulled Spencer out the store with her. As they got into Imogen's car Spencer began to wonder if the night would only get weirder and why Imogen seemed so adamant to be the one to give Spencer a ride. Her last thought was that she needed to save what little money she could to get a car, but first she had to learn how to drive.