The New Beginning

Todd: Viola…..viola…keep calling….viola?

Viola: I sit in the same chair I've been sitting in for the past 6 months. Nothing has changed. Todd is still in a coma and I still wait. Every day I visit, waiting for Todd to wake up. I stay for about 6 hours every day until I have to go with Bradley and Ben to plan and start rebuilding a new city for the survivors and settlers.

Today feels like a special day though; I have that feeling that something good will come out of what has happened to all of us. All I do is stare at him, but I can't stare without a tear rolling down my cheek every time. I miss him. I miss everything about him. I miss his smile, his laugh, the way he looks when he's confused, how he says "Ain't" , and most especially I miss how we used to do everything together. We were a team and building a new town doesn't feel the same without Todd. I need him.

2 hours later….

Todd: Where am I? Viola? I see viola asleep with her head on my stomach holding my hand. I shake her head a little.

Viola: "Oh my gosh, Todd"! I say with tears rolling down my cheeks. I hug him with all my emotions pouring out. "Todd, I've missed you so much, I didn't think you were every going to come back". My tears were soaking his gray shirt he's been wearing for the past 6 months.

Todd: "I don't understand? How long have I've been sleeping? What happened? Wait, why do you look older"?

Viola: I explain everything to Todd. Everything from when he first got shot with the acid by 1017 to what has happened during the past 6 months.

Viola: "Todd, I've missed you so much", I say smiling and crying at the same time.

"There hasn't been a moment where I haven't thought about you. I need you, and I never want to lose you again".

Todd: I smile at viola, and take her hand. The feeling of her soft hand just warms me. Her just being here makes me want to kiss her again. Just like a few months ago. Then I see viola look up at me i realized she can hear my noise. Before I can say anything she's already leaning in for her lips to touch mine.

Viola: Once my lips touch his, I feel something I've never felt before. Not even in our last kiss. I did feel love and warmth in the last kiss, but this time I feel something more than love and warmth. Something that makes me want to be with Todd forever. Something that makes me want to pause this moment forever.

Todd: Once our lips separate she lays in the bed with me with our hand locked. She tells me about how the settlers are here and how they know everything that has happened.

Viola: "I told, them how you sacrificed everything for this planet to come to peace".

Todd: "It wasn't just me. Without you I wouldn't even be alive, I wouldn't have been able to stop the mayor without you".

Viola: "But Todd-"

Todd: "Forget it, it's the past. All that matters now is you, me and rebuilding a new city".

Viola: I smile at Todd and just think about our future. Todd and I being a team again just warms my heart. I've never had feelings like this for anyone ever before. I hope we do have a future together on this planet. I never regret my choice of staying with him while fleeing from Aaron and the Mayor. All the sickness and tears I've gone through he's never given up on me he was there for me. Without him I would have died. I want to be with Todd forever. I love him.