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~Mission Test: Cat~


*During Toni's disappearance*

The Third Hokage looked at me, "Well," the Hokage said as he pulled out a file and handed it to him, "We took Toni under our care for military purposes and as a mission from the Raikage. Toni was constantly being kidnapped. She was beaten during a kidnapping when she was 7 it was during this kidnapping that someone placed the dragon, Fuzen, within her."

I picked up the file and looked at a picture of a 7 year olds body beaten her left arm was angled irregularly with a shurinken lodged into her shoulder. Her right cheek was facing upwards and there was a bruise coming in on her jaw and a dark black eye. There was blood pooling under her right arm indicating that something vital must have been cut. Her hair was soaked with her blood as it reached down the length of her arm and was in the pool of blood. Her battered body was in the middle of a healing circle, but I knew it was worse than that as fragments of the garments were suspended in the air in the picture.

I looked at the Hokage. As he studied my profile he stated, "I think you understand why I chose you now."

"Yes, Sir I understand." I affirmed

Back to Toni (present time)

I took a deep breath and returned back in the hospital. Everyone was looking at me tensely as my nails receded back to their normal length and my eyes returned to their natural green from their acid purple. I grabbed the scissors from the bedside table and cut my bangs and reached back and cut the too excessive hair but kept some length to where it was a little below my shoulders.

"There," I said, "I'm better now."

They looked relieved as I sat on the bed and let the doctor do his checkup.

He looked at me and said, "You may have some trouble breathing because the water you swallowed was very heavy in your lungs, but other than a few minor scrapes you're fine."

I smiled at him and said, "Thanks, Doc."

He left the room. Sakura jumped up on the bed beside me and sat down.

"Alright, Kakashi-sensei, what mission do we have to do so Toni can come on the mission with us." Sakura said.

Kakashi got a gleam in his eye and looked at Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura and said, "Well, you see, that Lady's cat escaped again."

Kakashi's words got an immediate reaction. Sasuke's eye twitched and his frown deepened.

Naruto groaned and glared at Kakashi-sensei, "Not AGAIN!"

Sakura fell back on the bed and said, "Why'd did I have to ask?"

I looked at them all and my sweat dropped, "What's so bad about a cat?"

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura looked at each other and glanced at me. They had an evil glint in their eyes.

Naruto said, "Oh, you'll see-"

Sakura continued, "Because it's your turn-"

Sasuke glanced at me and finished, "to catch the cat."

'Crap' I thought.

"Well, now that you have determined who is catching the cat it's time for Toni to get discharged. After that we'll meet at the mission assignment desk outside the academy. See you there at three." Kakashi said while laughing and poofed out of my room.

One of the nurses came in with the papers for my parents to deal with so I could be discharged. Mom had bought me a new pair of clothes since my other outfit was tattered. It consisted of a Purple shirt that showed part of my stomach and a purple skirt with black leggings underneath.

I waved bye to my parents as I and the rest of Team 7 left the room.

We all went to the mission desk as Kakashi-sensei told us. The Third Hokage called us up to him and gave us our wireless earpieces.

"This is a very important mission so hurry and get the cat and get back." The Hokage ordered.

"Right!" We all said and jumped away.

We went to the Academy roof to discuss how we would catch the cat.

They all started talking while I listened to their previous attempts at catching the cat.

"It's probably near the training grounds." I said because I heard their repeated mentions of the training grounds.

"True, that's where it's been every time we have come close to catching it and then it runs into the shopping district." Sasuke said.

"Okay so why don't we get some cat food and put a net under it and catch the cat. It's around lunch time so it should be hungry by now." I suggested.

Again no one opposed the idea so we headed to the training grounds and started setting up.

I transformed into a boulder beside the cat food and waited for the cat to show up, while everyone else was in a formation behind the trees waiting to confirm if it was the cat.

We waited for half an hour and then here comes along an orange cat with a ribbon on its tail.

I thought to myself, 'This must be it.'

The cat got closer and closer to the net it looked at it shrewdly and tapped the net to set off the trap and then went to the cat food that was still on the ground and started eating.

It looked at me, the boulder, and then continued eating.

Sasuke yelled, "GO!"

And we all leapt into action I undid the transformation and landed on the cat.

"REEEWWWR!" The cat protested and clawed me from one side of my stomach to the other.

I jumped up off the cat and grabbed it around its middle.

"Dang, why didn't y'all tell me this thing had claws!" I whined.

The cat still protested angrily and loudly but I just held it tighter as I reached into my kunai pouch for rope. I bound its legs together and shut its trap and then peace returned to the still sunny day.

We returned to the mission desk and there stood Kakashi-sensei chatting with The Third Hokage and Iruka-sensei.

"Hey, we got that stupid cat, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Old Man!" Naruto yelled.

"Well, you are here earlier than usual, but I guess that's to be expected with an extra team member, eh?" Kakashi stated.

"Heheh." I giggled nervously.

"So, Kakashi-sensei does this mean we can go on that mission?" Sasuke stated devoid of emotion.

"Well, what do you say Lord Third?" Kakashi asked.

"It should be safer and easier now that you have an extra member on your squad so yes you can go on your mission." The Hokage said.

"Hahaha, Believe it! We'll get that Old Fart to the Land of Wave." Naruto said.

"Alright, bring Tazuna in here once more so he can meet the last member of team 7." The Hokage stated.

In walked an old man that smelled of booze and had a bottle in brown sack in his hand.

"Is it time to go yet? I have better things to do than wait on snot nosed brats." The old man I assumed was Tazuna said.

Kakashi stepped up, "Let me introduce the last member of our team, Toni Haruno."

I bowed, "It's nice to meet you."

"Are you sure a little thing like her will be able to even kill a fly on this mission?" He said bewildered, "She's even smaller than that runt over there."

Naruto glared at him.

After a pause, Kakashi said nonchalantly, "Why don't you shake his hand it's rude not to during an introduction."

I looked at him and he had a spark in his eye.

I smirked, "Yes, Kakashi-sensei."

I walked up to the man and stuck my hand out. He grabbed while drinking out of his bottle. I smiled and squeezed his hand tightly crushing his hand to where he felt pain but not to where I broke it.

He howled and dropped his bottle. I still had yet to loosen my grip. I yawned and the man had taken a knee on the floor and was going red-faced.

I looked at Kakashi-sensei and the others laughing behind him, "Am I done now Kakashi-sensei?"

"Mmmmm? I guess we've proven your point." He said mock-seriously.

I let go of his hand and he gripped it immediately. I walked back over to my teammates and got back in line.

"Okay, point taken. Don't underestimate the snot nosed brats." Tazuna said.

"Alright, we leave in the morning at 6 see you at the Village Gates." Kakashi said.

We all left the room while Iruka-sensei glared at us. I looked at him smirking apologetically and went out the door.

Next Time: Journey to the Land of Wave

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