This is a random idea I got. . .Right before. . .a Math test I think. . .? I finally got around to finishing it. Yay random time excess due to super long car trips! ~ For the record, this is pre-reboot. I'm still in denial. To me, the New52 is nothing but a Funions-induced hallucination.

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A painfully sharp throb ribs through Tim's heart as Kon walks by the couch without sparing Tim even a passing glance. Two days. It had been *two* days now – and Kon hadn't said a single word to Tim. In fact, he'd been completely ignoring Tim – even going so far as to leave the room whenever Tim walks in. And that. . .that hurt Tim more than any physical wound ever could. He couldn't stand it anymore. His best friend, the one person he trusted more than anyone else in the universe(s), wouldn't even look at him! It had been tearing Tim apart inside, so he followed Kon when he left the room. He cleared his throat purposefully when Kon walked by. He tried his hardest to start some sort of conversation with the meta before Kon would just take off – face an emotionless void. He tried. . . up until this morning. Before, he thought maybe he could get through whatever barrier Kon had put up. And even if Kon wouldn't answer him, well. . . Well at least he could apologize. That *had* been the plan. But after this morning, after Tim had gently grabbed Kon's hand in a desperate attempt to keep him from walking out yet again, after Kon had forcefully ripped his hand away only to shoot it back at Tim, after Kon's fist had collided with Tim's cheek – sending the boy flying backwards and slamming into the wall, after Kon had walked out without batting an eye leaving Tim laying on the floor cradling the bruise already forming on his cheek. . . After this morning, Tim had given up. He was pretty sure that whatever they had ~ their friendship, their *bond* ~ was over. And it is all Tim's fault. He just HAD to try his luck – to try to make an already near-perfect. . . no, *perfect* thing 'better'. The only thing he did was manage to ruin one of the best things that ever happened to him. Tim shudders and pulls his knees closer to his chest – his watering eyes falling closed before squeezing tight with anguish.

"I never should have kissed him. . ." he half-whimpers under his breath, the fingers of his left hand subconsciously unlinking with those of his right hand to gently brush across the deep purple skin below his left eye.

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