Alice in the Country of Lemon

A/N: It all started with an extremely long Peter/Alice lemon one-shot. Then half a million ideas jumped into my head and I thought, "Hey? Why not make one of those one-shot collection thingies? So here we are!

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Description: She had never known that he was so devoted to her, so obsessed that he would think of her while doing… That. Alice finds Peter doing something, rather, compromising.

Pairing: Alice x Peter

Genre: Romance/ Hurt/Comfort

Warnings: Contains masturbation but aside from that it's your basic smut fic. ^_^

Words: 5,359


Alice was thoroughly enjoying the day so far as she walked through the rose garden in the direction of the castle gates. After getting a remarkably good score from Julius on the coffee she had made him (at least, remarkable by her standards) she had come to Heart Castle for tea with Vivaldi and to help water the newly planted roses. Usually a trip to Heart Castle made her an anxious wreck, but today was different. Today she had seen absolutely no sign of that stupid pervert of a rabbit. It would seem that finally, Alice Liddell could have one day of peace and quiet in Wonderland.


She cringed at the voice behind her, "I spoke too soon. Please don't be-!"

A force suddenly slammed into her from behind, knocking her to the ground. The man she least wanted to see laid comfortably on top of her, holding her tightly in his arms as he snuggled his face into her hair.

"Alice!" he stated excitedly.

"And it is." She groaned.

"Alice, my love, I have been looking for you all day! That knight told me that you were here and yet you were nowhere to be seen! Where have you been that kept me away from you so?" Peter asked.

"Um let's see, avoiding you!" she growled, "And get off me I can't breathe!"

Peter moved off her slowly, settling with simply hovering over her on his knees as Alice pulled her ribbon from her hair to readjust it, "Avoiding… Me? OH! I see! You were avoiding me so that you may prepare a present! Oh my love, my dear Alice! That truly is pleasant! How kind you are to your dear Peter! That means you truly do love me!"

Alice moaned in exasperation as she rubbed her temples, blue silk ribbon still in hand. Peter looked at it excitedly, "Is this it Alice? Is this the present?"

She rose an eyebrow, looking to her ordinary old ribbon, "This? You want this?"

"Oh truly Alice can I! Can I truly have such a gift? The ribbon straight from your precious head!" at this point Peter's face was practically beet red as he tried to contain his excitement.

"Fine, it's yours if you will just leave me alone." She answered, putting the ribbon in his palms.

The rabbit could no longer contain himself as he tackled Alice in gratitude, "Oh thank you my dear, sweet Alice! I will cherish and carry it always!"

"Ugh! Get off!" she shouted, punching him off, "I'm leaving, I need to get back to the clock tower before the sun-"

Suddenly, the time sequence ended, covering the garden in the all too familiar shadows of the night, "-Sets." She finished.

"Oh Alice you cannot go now! It is dark, dangerous! Please stay for your dear Peter!" He begged.

"And why would I want to stay for you?" she snapped.

"Well if not for me, at least stay for her majesty, she would be devastated if she knew I allowed you to leave in the dark dangerous night, she might even start decapitating poor, innocent townspeople with such spite." Peter forced himself not to gag at his final words.

Alice groaned for what seemed the umpteenth time, cursing the fact that Peter knew exactly how to pull on her heart strings, "Fine."

"Hurray! With me, Alice shall stay!"

"Get off! And quit rhyming!"


"Here we are my sweet, to your suite!" Peter announced happily as he opened up the door to her usual bedroom at the Heart Castle, earning yet another groan from Alice at such a corny joke. He paid no mind to this for the next moment he asked, "Alice, may I sleep with-"

"No." she said sternly.

A puff of smoke, and suddenly, she was looking down at Peter's small, fluffy, and overall irresistible form. "Pweeeaaassseee?"

Before she could give in, a voice sounded from the end of the hall, "Minister White! Minister White!"

The two turned to see the King of Hearts rushing down the hall in hysteria.

"Pathetic monarch, why do you need me after dark?" Peter growled, earning a giggle from his company at the pitch of his irritated voice.

His rhyming was actually quite adorable in this form.

"Please Minister White, it is urgent! Her Highness has work that she insists that you do. You must come immediately! If you don't, Her Majesty will order off with my head!" he shouted in a panic.

"And tell me why exactly I care about your head?" Peter replied.

"Peter," Alice scolded, "That's not right, he doesn't deserve to die."

The small rabbit turned to her, eyes especially shiny and rimmed with tears; his lower lip puffed out slightly and his tiny paws pressed together innocently, "Pwease Alice, pwease don't make me go. If I leave I will miss you so. Who knows the next time I'll see you, if I got with this sir. I just want you to hold me, and cuddle, and stroke my soft, fluffy fur." He ended his plea with a small sniff and nose wiggle.

The outsider shook her head rapidly, trying to remove all thoughts of giving in from her mind, a fact that was not even easily said as she looked at the sad, rhyming bunny. "Al-alrigh-"

"Please Ms. Alice! She'll quite literally kill me! And this work is so desperately important!"

Alice sighed, "He's right Peter. You truly need to go.

The rabbit stomped his miniature foot angrily before in another poof of smoke, he returned to his man form. He crossed his arms impatiently and glared at the man before him, "Very well my dear, though now we cannot sleep near, if you wish that I go, then I will eagerly do so."

"Thank God," she grumbled, "and stop rhyming it's weird."

"Well lead the way you incompetent King."

As the two walked down the hall, Peter removed the blue ribbon from his pocket and pressed it to his nose, inhaling deeply. 'It still smells like her.' He thought dreamily, shoving it back in his pocket so the King would not see it.


Alice sighed as she shut the door behind her, "I really need to learn how to say no to that form."

She shrugged out of her apron and overdress, at the same time wiggling out of her petticoats. She took off her buckle shoes contemplating whether or not she should peel off her stockings as well. Deciding she didn't in the least want to feel the coldness of the tiled floor, she left them on.

She continued to undress until she was left in only her chemise and stockings. The one thing Alice thoroughly enjoyed about Wonderland and not having her sister around, was the fact that her sister wasn't there to order her to wear a corset. Yes, for once in her adolescent life, Alice had the sublime privilege to breathe as she went about her daily routine, errands, adventures, and naps. She instinctively went to untie her ribbon from her hair before realizing it was gone.

"Oh yes, I gave it to Peter. Darn, now I'll have to go buy a new one. I'm sure they will have some rather unique ribbons here though." She grumbled to herself as she hung the several layers of clothing across the room's desk chair. "Hm, to think that I can actually wear such a great amount of layers and still be able to stand properly."

She moved to her bed and dove under the covers, switching off the light next to her and snuggling into the abundance of pillows and comforters. She said to herself before drifting to sleep, "If it wasn't for that stupid Peter white, it would be quite nice living here."


"Done!" Peter growled, dropping the twenty pound stack of papers on Vivaldi's chest as she lay in bed, causing her to shoot up from her sleep and remove her night mask.

She sneered as she saw him, before her stood a complete wreck of a rabbit. Disheveled didn't begin to describe his hair, the usually down and precisely straight locks were now standing in every direction, frizzy, and greasy. He was more than ten shades paler then he had ever been before, his red eyes were even redder, bloodshot, circles under his eyes as black as night. He didn't even bother to look presentable in his attire as he usually did; he wore only his pale pink button up shirt, which remained half un-tucked from his trousers which were rolled up past his socks; all of which were wrinkled beyond apprehension.


"Not another word Your Majesty. I am done with the work you have given me, it is far, far, far too late into this horribly long time sequence and I am still terribly angry about the way I was ripped from my sweet Alice. So if this is the end of this paperwork you have given me, and it does not matter to me if it is the end or merely the beginning, I. Am. Going. To. Bed."

He stormed out of the bedroom without another word. He pulled out his pocket watch and turned it into a pistol, pointing it in the general direction of the guards lining the hall way, "If anyone even looks at me, you die." Without hesitation, all the faceless soldiers' heads shot up in the direction of the ceiling.

Peter slammed the door behind him when he finally arrived to his room. He flipped on the light and yawned. He groaned as he twisted his neck, cracked his back, rubbed his temples; trying every method he knew to desperately work the kinks and tenseness from his body. He kicked off his shoes and dropped to his bed, tossing his glasses onto his nightstand; having no care for whether they made the landing or broke. He unbuttoned his shirt and trousers, kicking them in random directions, for once, being too tired to nitpick and clean his room to perfection; but not before pulling Alice's ribbon from his pants pocket.

He sighed in content as he inhaled the aroma of his love and dropped to his bed, "Oh my precious Alice, if you were with me right now, even just in the same room, I would feel completely at ease."

Though stating that, Peter couldn't help but begin to think of other ways his "precious Alice" could put him at ease. Suddenly, the scent from her ribbon was much too strong in his nostrils to be just her clothing. Suddenly, that ribbon was containing long blonde locks of hair; the color of the ribbon was now the stunning blue of her eyes as she climbed on top of his exhausted frame. His lower body was set aflame; he knew very well how to extinguish it.

"Oh Alice."


Alice shivered as she walked down the unheated corridors of Hearts Castle, oil lamp in hand. She used her free hands to unsuccessfully rub the goose bumps away

"This castle is huge, ugh; I just wanted a glass of water. Where is that kitchen?" she said.

She then noticed a ray of light shining out from under one door to her front right. "Oh the lights are on in there, I wonder if that's it."

She tip-toed over to the door and slowly opened it so as not to startle anyone inside. "H-?" Alice managed, not even the beginning of her statement as she stared at the occupant of the room, specifically the occupant's actions.

There, over the covers on his bed, lied Peter White; ears slightly down, face completely flushed, glasses off, and stripped down to only his unbuttoned dress shirt. His manhood stood high and proud above his thighs and his hand clutched it tightly, running urgently up and down the shaft. She could almost see a tuft of white hair at the base behind his hand.

The most shocking of the sight, was Alice's ribbon lying on his nose as he inhaled deeply and moaned, "Alice, Alice, oh Alice!"

Alice had to cover her mouth so as not to audibly gasp as she watched him through the crack in the doorframe, 'He-he masturbates to me?' she asked herself.

It actually wasn't too hard to believe, especially due to the way he so desperately loved her, and the thought had come to her mind before. But seeing it and thinking of it were two entirely different things. She was snapped out of her thoughts by an especially desperate moan. Her eyes locked with the head of the man's penis, as he rolled it around in his palm, his other hand continuing it's up and down motion.

She knew she should look away, run back to her bedroom, and never think or say anything of the occurrence ever again and to go on rejecting Peter as usual, if not more often and harsher now. But somehow she couldn't lift her gaze from such a beautiful sight. That's exactly what it was: absolutely beautiful. An absolutely beautiful man, performing an absolutely beautiful action on himself, while fantasizing of something, and in his opinion someone exponentially beautiful. She felt herself leaning against the doorway, trying to see Peter better while still remaining undiscovered. The spectacle rose fires deep in her core that she had never felt so strongly. She rubbed her thighs together, tightened her core, even pressed her palm to her pelvic area to try to control her lust; all just added fuel to the fire. In that moment, Alice had truly wondered, why she rejected Peter so often.

"A-Alice, please have my babies!" he moaned.

'Oh yeah; that's why.' She thought to herself, suddenly remembering the forceful, perverted stalker that was Peter White.

She pushed her weight against the door to close it and turn around in one movement; highly disturbed by the incident and wanting to go back to sleep and forget what she saw. But at that moment she discovered something very, very important.

Peter's door opened inward.

Alice let out a yelp as the door slammed against the wall inside and she fell to the floor right in the middle of the lust filled rabbit's sex-smelling room. Peter, by instinct immediately covered himself with a pillow, grabbed and pointed his gun at the intruder and demanded who was there; all in one swift movement. She was hoping she could simply runaway unacknowledged, for Peter was practically blind at that moment without his glasses, but she watched as his ears stood completely straight up. Even her rapid fire heartbeat he'd be able to hear. Wait! HER HEARTBEAT!

"Alice?" Peter asked confused, dropping his gun and putting his glasses on and looking at the intruder; his suspicions confirmed.

"ALICE!" he shouted excitedly, almost jumping out of the bed and tackling his beloved with a hug before he realized something very important.

He was naked. And horny. For her.

He dove under the covers, covering himself up to his neck; a look of absolute mortification covering his even redder then before face. 'She'll think I'm a pervert!'

"W-w-what are you doing here Alice? N-not that I'm n-not happy to see you, b-but what's the o-occasion?" he stuttered, trying desperately to think his erection away.

With Alice laying on the ground before him, flushed, and wearing a skimpy white night gown; he had no such luck.

"I, um, thought it was the kitchen, and it, um isn't. It's your room, so, sorry." She stuttered.

'Oh God!' he thought, 'She saw me! She heard me! What I said about her! I just know it!'

Oh," he said awkwardly, "Um, n-no; it is not the kitchen. That's- that's in the east wing of the castle. Y-you probably shouldn't g-go there by y-yourself. You could, um, get, get lost."

"Y-yeah, I just wanted some water."

They sat in silence for what seemed to them hours.

"W-well," Alice said, tripping as she stood up and turning to the door quickly, "I should get to bed. See you tomorrow. Maybe."


She froze.

"A-Alice, how much of that did you see, did you hear?"

"A-a lot of it." She admitted.

Alice heard a large rustling of blankets and a slam to the floor behind her, causing her head to snap back. Peter lay hunched over before her on the ground, blankets covering him all the way to his ears, which lay down past his chin in shame. His head was against his hands and his eyes were closed.

"P-please forgive me Alice! I just couldn't help but pleasure myself to you, I just love you so much and would never want to force you into something such as that; so it was the only option to calm my cursed, filthy lust. Please, please forgive me!" he lifted his head and hands just enough to extend the ribbon to her, "I promise I did nothing to it that would make it unsanitary or germ-infested. Please, the last thing I want you to think of me is as a pervert. An unclean rabbit such as me though, does not deserve such a pure gift."

'Well I already thought you were a pervert but this… This really takes the cake.' She thought to herself before replaying his words in her mind.

'I just love you so much!'

'I'd never want to force you!'

She had always thought of Peter as a pervert, and right now, she thought of him as such more than ever. But when she thought about it, he was probably one of the least perverted of the Wonderland men. He never touched her chest such as Ace , never played with her head such as Nightmare, never intentionally forced her into uncomfortable situations such as Boris, and of course he had never tried to kill her like the twins, Blood, and… practically everyone else. Though he did steal her first kiss, and sneaked his way into his bed. Okay maybe he was still a big pervert.

Alice was shocked out of her thoughts as she heard a sniffing sound. She looked at Peter, to see that his was shaking, his head even further tucked into his own chest. He looked like he simply wanted to curl up into as tight as a ball as possible and die.

"P-Peter, are you, are you crying?" she asked, panicking, for she had never dealt with a crying person before, let alone a crying boy.

"N-no," his voice cracked.

"Oh God Peter you are!" she immediately dropped to her knees in front of him, guilt shooting through her entire body.

Against her better judgment, she threw her arms around the rabbit and pulled him to her in a tight comforting hug. Her bear shoulder soon became wet from his tears. She rubbed his back comfortingly and cooed repetitively "It's okay" to calm him down. She pushed him away slightly to look him in the eyes. Peter stared at her, eyes slightly puffy and glistened with fresh tears.

"I forgive you Peter. Besides it's not a bad thing what you were doing, its, natural, I suppose. And you know I've um…" she paused, not knowing if she should continue.

"You've what?" he sniffed.

"Forget it." She answered, beginning to stand up.

Peter caught her by the shoulders, "You've what?" he repeated more serious.

"I've, um, done it… too." She said so low that had it been anyone other than Peter, it would have remained unheard.

"R-really?" Peter asked, the sheer mental image beginning to fog his mind.

"Y-yeah," she answered, embarrassed and completely red.

She wanted to look away, to pull away, and to run away. But some unknown force somehow kept her there, staring absently into spectacle covered, half lidded eyes. She felt herself being pulled closer and closer, her eye lids feeling heavier and heavier, and Peter's breath growing hotter and hotter.

At that moment, their lips molded together perfectly, heads tilted, and mouths slowly dancing together. Mouths open, pulling back and then pressing further forward, deeper into the corner of each other's mouths, taking brief, miniscule breaths, but never separating. Their heads seemed to bob together into one another, slowly and passionately, with each lip movement eliciting an almost silent puckering noise.

Alice leaned forward into the kiss, pushing Peter back to sit properly and lean back against the bed. He enclosed her cheeks with his large hands, pulling her ever closer, and causing her to lean forward over him on her hands and knees. He was barely able to run his tongue softly along her bottom before they had to pull away for oxygen.

They stared into each other's lust filled eyes for only a moment before they desperately attacked each other's lips with strength much greater than before. Alice moved into Peter's lap, pulling his face up to her own with her hands whilst his own moved down, feeling the outlines of her subtle curves before resting on her hips. Their tongues fought passionately for dominance, dancing all around each other's mouth.

Peter had always thought that the idea of kissing with tongue sounded absolutely dreadful. Sliming, unsanitary tongues exploring germ infested and diseased ridden mouths was never his idea of fun, let alone romantic. But he could honestly say his first kiss with tongue, actually, his first mutual kiss with anyone, was quite fantastic.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the feel of Alice gently rubbing against his bare shaft. A feeling that to anyone else, what have been almost unnoticeable, but to him, was the most erotic thing he had ever felt. He couldn't help himself. In one swift movement, her lifted Alice by her waist and by his own hips, and dropped her onto the bed and pillows; not once breaking skin contact of the kiss.

The prime minister deepened the kiss further, moving his lips from hers and leaving a trail of kisses from the corner of her lips, along her jaws, and finally along the junction of her earlobe and neck, both of which he took into his mouth and sucked gently.

"Ah, Peter!" she moaned, legs wrapping around his waist, and fingers twisting tightly in his white hair.

"Alice I love you so much!" he moaned into her ear before sucking even harder.


It was then that the reality of the situation hit her. This was Peter White! Her stalker and kidnapper, probably the single person that she hated in Wonderland and yet she was allowing him to do to her what only one other person had done…

"Alice, don't think about him." She heard him whisper.

"Wh-what? How do you-?"

Peter pulled away to look her deep in the eyes. "Because I love you Alice."

"We-we shouldn't do this Peter, it won't be special I'm, I'm not-"

"I don't care that you aren't a virgin Alice. Yes, I do with I could've been your first and not that horrible, rat of a man, but you'll be mine! Alice I love you, and you love me, that is all that matters." He said.

"B-but Peter, I don't love you-" she said, on the brink of tears.

"Yes you do." He insisted, "You just can't say it yet, and that's okay. I'll make you feel good regardless. I'll give you the things that he never could. Love, security," his voice lowered seductively at his last two words, "and pleasure."

Peter moved lower, kissing every inch of skin he could before sucking on the girl's collar bone, pushing the straps of her chemise down as he did so. He swiftly unbuttoned the front of it with one hand before pushing it down to her hips, causing Alice to shiver at the sudden cold air.

The rabbit reached forward, his hands shaking with anxiety and excitement. Finally, his hands clasped over her tender breasts. He sighed at their softness, their exponential tenderness and roundness; the way her small nipples perked tightly at the contact. Her breasts were quite small, but they held a certain plumpness to them that made them perfect. He slowly moved her breasts in symmetrical, inward round motions, trying to memorize every feature through the palms of his hands.

"I-I'm sorry they're-they're small-oh!" she moaned, as Peter clasped both nipples between his thumbs and pointer fingers, rolling them around swiftly; the friction sending chills down her spine.

"They are perfect, my love," he said softly, looking at them in amazement.

Alice blushed, "S-stop looking at them like that. It's-it's weird."

"Alright," he said, before engulfing the left one entirely in his mouth.


He sucked tenderly, swirling his tongue around the pert nipple, never braking eye contact with her as he did so. He moved the same treatment to the other, never leaving either unsatisfied. He trailed his tongue along the space between and the underside of each breast before moving slowly down the middle of her abdomen. He lowered slowly, dipping his tongue slightly in her navel before coming to the edge of her wrinkled chemise. He unwrapped Alice's legs from his waist long enough to remove the offending clothing and throw it to the ground.

Peter ran his fingers up and down her legs, massaging the softness the farther he moved. He moved his hands to cup her backside, giving a light squeeze to both cheeks, earning a gasp from his love. He kissed the inside of each of her thighs before sucking at the place her legs met her pelvic bone.

"Ah! Ah! Peter! Please! St-stop teasing me." She begged.

"Of course my love." He said, pushing his glasses further up his nose, "Tell me what feels good."

He licked slowly up the seam of her womanhood, not quite penetrating, but still within her folds. He pressed his tongue against her clit experimentally, earning a buck from Alice at the sudden contact.

"Th-there there! Please, focus there!" she moaned.

He looked up at her, staring deep into her lust fogged eyes as he licked and sucked at the pear atop her woman hood. He moved a hand, his middle finger protruding slightly into her folds. He rotated and moved his finger in circular motions, increasing the wetness. Alice's mind cleared slightly, and she noticed the way he never broke eye contact with her.

"W-why are you looking up at me. And why don't y-you take your gl-glasses off?" she asked.

He pulled away for a moment, replacing his mouth with his thumb, "Because Alice, I want to see how good I make you feel. I want to look into you while we make love. I love you Alice. I always have and I always will. This may be the only time we ever do make love, and I want it to be special." He was quick to return his mouth to her need filled clit, at the same moment, plunging his middle finger deep inside of her.

Alice moaned in pleasure at the sudden rough attention, her legs wrapping around his shoulders, hands pushing him closer and deeper in her womanhood.

"P-Peter I'm- I'm-!" she was unable to finish her sentence as her core clenched tightly around Peter's long, nimble finger.

She fell limp against the bed, the warmth of her orgasm's afterglow spreading through her body. Peter smiled at the sight of his precious Alice marveling in pleasure. Pleasure he gave to her. The pleasure that no one else could. He unfortunately couldn't say the same for himself as he sat back patiently on his heels, his manhood standing painfully high above his legs.

Alice wiped the sweat from her brow as she was finally able to catch her breath. She leaned up onto her elbows and almost gasped as she saw Peter, more specifically Peter's… Not so little friend. She moved over to him onto her knees and moved her face close to it. She had only seen one other so close and only for a brief second. Her ex's. Needless to say, Peter's was far greater in girth and length. She admired every detail of it, from the large vein running down the side, to the scrunch at the bottom of his shaft that was his foreskin. She patted a finger lightly on the head, causing a generous amount of pre-cum to release from it.

"Nnngghh," he moaned, "A-Alice-?"

She pushed the pale pink shirt from his shoulders with one hand, and with the other, she pushed him to lay down flat on his back.

"W-what are you doing?" he asked as the blonde climbed over him.

"You look like you will implode if you don't get some attention soon, and since you don't want to take your glasses off, this is the only way we can finish this without them dropping on me." Alice answered as she propped herself on his waist.

She slowly bent her legs, lowering her hips to meet his. She grabbed the middle of his shaft to move into the right position, earning a moan from Peter. The head slipped in, earning a gasp from both parties, an especially loud one from Peter. He couldn't help himself. He bucked his hips up, impaling her fully with his manhood.

"Ah!" she moaned, moving her hips up and down to meet his urgent thrusts.

Her arms stretched out and clasped Peter's shoulders for support as she thrust against his eager hips, breasts hanging conveniently in his face. And yet, he did not look at them. Still, he never broke eye contact. Never refocused his attention to the smacking sounds their hips made, to the door which still remained a bit open, to the flush covering her own body. His eyes stared deeply into his, staring lovingly into her very soul, her very being.

His hands grabbed Alice's hips, quickening his pace to a speed she had never even imagined. "A-Alice, I'm-I'm going to- ngh! C-c-cum, I-I should p-p-pull out!"

"J-j-j-just do-o wh-what you wa-ant!" she said.

"Ngggghhh Alllliiiicccceeee!" he practically screamed, pulling out of her quickly and pulling her tightly against his chest.

He let out loud, emotion and passion filled breaths as he experienced his own after-glow, the orgasm still fresh in his mind. He moved Alice to lay back on the bed against the blankets before collapsing next to her, still, not quite able to catch his breath quite yet. As he looked up lovingly at Alice, he took note of his essence, painted thick along her abdomen. It was probably one of the most erotic things he had ever seen in his life.

Peter grabbed his dress shirt from the edge of his bed and moved slowly to put it against his lover's abdomen, cleaning it off gently.

"Peter you're so tired, you don't have to do that; I'll just go take a shower."

"No! Please, Alice, don't leave me." He begged, "I just want one night where you-you willingly sleep with me."

"Well I think I just did." She stated.
"N-no, I mean actually sleep. In my arms. Willingly…" he needn't speak another word before Alice took the shirt from his hands and threw it across the room, replacing it with her own hand.

She moved close against him, pulling the comforters of the blanket on top of them. She placed her head into the crook of his neck, an action, which Peter definitely thought of as the perfect fit in a beautiful puzzle. This was how things were supposed to be from the very beginning. He wrapped his arms around her waist and molded her petit body to his. He moved his ear to her chest to feel her slowly descending heartbeat. Such a warm, beautiful sound.

"I-I love you Alice." Peter whispered.

"I know." She whispered back.

"Are you ready to say you love me too?" he asked.

He was met with silence.

Peter sighed, "Regardless," he said, removing his glasses and placing them on the nightstand, "I will love you until the end of time and beyond. My existence is insignificant without you in it. Goodnight, my sweet, sweet Alice."

"Goodnight… My desperate little white rabbit." She teased, placing a small kiss on his chin before drifting to sleep.


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