Alice in the Country of Lemon

A/N: This is an idea I've had since I saw a picture of Alice Peter and Elliot at a carrot tea party together. You've gotta admit, three some with two bunny-eared, handsome men… HAWT! Lol enjoy! Sorry for the long wait, this is more of a side thing for fun since I have other ongoing stories that I'm writing. Also, this is probably more directed as an Elliot fic since Peter received quite a bit of limelight last chapter. xD

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Rabbits Only

Description: Sick of Elliot and Peter fighting all the time, Alice comes up with a devious plan to make Elliot admit hthat he's a rabbit and stop the two's annoying fighting once and for all.

Pairing: Peter x Alice x Elliot

Genre: Romance/Humor

Warning: Contains threesome!


Alice sighed irritably as she sat, knees supporting her elbows and face rested in her palms, staring at the sight before her agitatedly.

"You are a rabbit! You eat carrots like a bad habit!"

"I don't eat carrots! I eat carrot dishes!"

"That's the same thing!"

"It is not!"

"It is too!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"This is so stupid." Alice sighed.

Elliot March back flipped and rolled into a kneel, shooting bullets at the rabbit before him all in one motion.

"You have great reflexes, I must confess" Peter growled, diving out of the way and shooting at Elliot, "reflexes only a rabbit could possess."

"Rabbits have bad eyesight, but I can hit almost any target without glasses. Therefore I am not a rabbit."

"Imbecilic brat! What kind of stupid logic is that!? And if you're not a rabbit, how do you explain those ears?! No ordinary man can have such large ears!"

"Well duh, but I'm not an ordinary man." Elliot stated.

"Oh than what are you?" Peter asked, halting all shooting.

"A dog."

"A dog?"


"As dumb as a log in no way are you a dog!"

"Yes I am!"

"What dog has ears like that!?"



"NO! I'M! NOT!"


The two turned their heads in shock to the fuming girl before them. She stormed over to them, hands clenched tight into fists, flushed with anger, and a small vein popping on her forehead.

"This is ridiculous! This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and trust me, living in the Heart Country, I've seen a lot of incredibly stupid things," she growled, extending her hands flat to each, "Guns. Now."

"A-Alice!" the two whined.

"Shut up! Guns now!"

The two clicked on the safeties before laying their guns in her palms, which she promptly put into her skirts pockets.

"We are settling this once and for all. You two, come to the clock tower in exactly seventy-two hours, no sooner! I don't care how many time sequences pass; do not come by until the seventy-two hours are up. You can have these back then and only then. Goodbye."

With that, Alice stomped away without another word, leaving Peter and Elliot frozen in place and speechless.


In the time span the rabbit and non-rabbit had to wait, there were five mornings, six mid-days, three dusks, and one night. Alice hadn't left the clock tower once, not even to go shopping or to the amusement park and having no guns to take out their frustration, both were forced to do paper work the whole time. Needless to say, it was the longest seventy-two hours of their lives. Now, the two stood at the front door of the clock tower side-by-side in the snow, not only eager to see their precious Alice, but their precious weapons as well!

Both moved to knock on the door, freezing to glare at each other as they noticed this.

"Rabbits have too delicate of hands to knock, White."

"As straight-minded as an arch. You are a rabbit, March."

"I am not a rabbit! And stop rhyming! It's stupid!"

"Yes you are!"


The door opened, halting their arguing, to look at a slightly annoyed Alice, but more so, at the outfit she wore. It was quite similar to a maid costume, frilly, and lacy, but stopping about the middle of her thighs. The actual dress was orange with yellow lining on the short sleeves, bottom, and a yellow bow at the neckline. The yellow lining as well as the lining of the apron was adorned in none other than a carrot pattern. To match the dress, she wore white, frilly knee highs, an orange and equally frilly garter, and white frilly headband, all of which adorning the same carrot pattern, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.

"Peter! Elliot! Your noses are bleeding!" Alice said in panic.

The two shook themselves out of their fantasies before going to wipe the blood from their noses, Peter using a handkerchief and Elliot using his sleeve.

"It's probably because it's so cold outside, come in, come in!" Alice said, guiding the two in by their sleeves.

Elliot and Peter sighed as they were met with the warmth of the inside.

"Here, let me take your coats and shoes, Julius hates it when people track snow in. Gets in the clocks he says." She offered.

The two did as she asked and handed her their jackets, which she promptly hung on the coatrack, before they moved to their shoes.

"Where is the clockmaker by the way? I'm almost positive he doesn't like guests." Elliot asked as he struggled to take off his boots while standing, almost falling in the process.

Alice offered her shoulder for him to use as balance, "He's over at the circus with Nightmare and Gray for business; I decided to stay behind."

"Alice, my love, my gift from above! If that is the case, what reason is so grim, that you must sacrifice our alone time, and invite filth such as him?" Peter cried, latching onto her.

"Because, like I said, were settling this whole rabbit thing once and for all." Alice answered, "Now let go!"

He surprisingly did so. "Come," Alice said walking living room's direction, "There's a surprise for you two in the living room."

The two followed. The moment they entered the room they were met with even greater warmth and the smell of carrots and cinnamon. Elliot's eyes gleamed at the spectacle before him. A beautiful kotatsu in the middle of the room, covered with every carrot dish imaginable; and Elliot had imagined many carrot dishes in his lifetime.

"A-Alice! Thank you so much!" Elliot squealed, kissing Alice on the cheek before diving under the kotatsu to stuff his face.

"How dare, you touch my love, my Alice, you idiotic hare!" Peter reached for his gun, before remembering that it was no longer there. "Alice, my hun, please I beg of you, tell me, may I please have my gun?"

"In time, for right now, just sit down and enjoy the meal I spent the last three days making. There's carrot cake, carrot pudding, carrot ice cream, carrot and lentil soup, carrot spice pie, glazed carrots, steamed and boiled carrots, carrot bread with carrot compote, and even just raw carrots with an assortment of different carrot dips: curried carrot dip, carrot marmalade, carrot and mango salsa, and carrot humus. To drink, I special ordered a brand of carrot wine for you guys. I hope it's enough."

"It's perfect!" Elliot shouted, mouth full of one of everything (except for the raw carrots of course) and tears of delight streaming down his face.

Peter sat on the opposite side of the table, trying to decide what to choose first. He dipped one of the raw carrots in the carrot and mango salsa, smiling widely at the taste.

"Do you like it?" Alice asked, sitting next to him.

"It's exquisite!" he exclaimed, going for seconds and then a dish of the carrot pudding.

Alice herself went to eat a slice of the carrot spice pie. It was quite good, if she said so herself. She nibbled softly on the sweet treat, waiting for the perfect moment to put her plan in action. The moment appeared, as she noticed a bit of orange staining the corner of Peter's mouth.

"Hey Peter, you have some food on your face, let me get it." Alice said, moving Peter's face close to hers, and licking the corner of his mouth.

Peter's face turned fifty shades of red as his eyes widened at her actions, "A-Alice!" he squeaked.

(A/N: Sorry to interrupt but rereading this sentence immediately made me think of 50 Shade of Gray. X/X Just had to comment!)

"A-Alice!" Elliot shouted, "I-I have food on my face too!" he then proceeded with smashing a whole piece of carrot cake into his own face.

"Yes I see, but I'm sorry Elliot, I only clean rabbits. Oh Peter, you have some more." Alice answered.


"On your teeth," she replied, kissing the rabbit immediately, her tongue exploring his mouth.

The more time went by, the more passion filled the kiss became. Alice pushed Peter down gently on his back, climbing on him and deepening it further. Her hips moved against his lightly, earning a soft moan from the white rabbit.

"A-Alice," Elliot whined as she ran her hands along Peter's chest.

She pulled away and shrugged, "I'm sorry Elliot, but I only kiss rabbits," before returning to her ministrations with Peter.

Her hands moved to skillfully unbutton his shirt and vest, shoving them off his shoulders. She dragged her lips against his chin and neck, sucking slightly at the space between his jugular and collar bone. Peter moaned, fingers running through her long, blonde hair. He sat up to move Alice into his lap, her legs on both sides of his own. He untied her headband and set on the table, twisting his hands deeper into her hair.

Alice placed her fingers over his and moved them to cup her breast, moving it in circular motions. "Like this Peter, and do the same to the other one." Peter did as he was told.

"Alice!" Elliot was practically crying at this point as his pants tightened uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry Elliot, but I only let rabbits do this to me," she paused as she felt the sash of her apron loosen, "Peter, only rabbits can see me naked, so make sure he doesn't see."

Peter nodded, untying the girl's bow tie and unbuttoning her dress down to her bra, slipping the apron down at the same time. He ran his tongue along the skin showing just above her brassiere, hand slipping up under the material to rub her pink buds. Alice let out a soft moan as her face flushed.

She was barely able to process the sound of footsteps before she felt a great force encase her back, a pair of strong arms encircling her waist and pulling her against a broad chest. She looked up to see Elliot staring into her eyes, tears in his own.


"I'm a rabbit okay! Just p-please, don't do things like this with him, in front of me." He begged.

"I-I'm sorry," she said, leaning back against his chest, "That was a bit cruel wasn't it? I just wanted you to admit it to yourself so you two would stop fighting like idiots."

"I-I promise, it won't happen again," his voice becoming progressively lower as he placed his lips against her ear, licking softly.

"A-Alice, no! How quite unfair! Your love, your affection, I refuse to share!" Peter whined.

Alice cupped his face in her hands and pulled him in for a kiss. She pulled away. "Please Peter?"

The white rabbit sighed, "All I want is to see happiness in your eyes. If this will be so, then I shall compromise."

"Peter," she groaned.

"Yes my love?"

"Please, stop rhyming!"

He chuckled before pulling her in for another kiss, his hands stroking her face as Elliot moved his callused hands to cup Alice's small breasts. Peter unbuttoned and lowered the blonde's dress further down her body, pulling away momentarily to pull it down her legs and toss it away.

He pushed her down gently, her head lying in Elliot's lap. The now-rabbit smiled at her warmly as he ran his hands through her hair. She blushed as she felt something bulging at the back of her head. Peter lifted her left leg up, running his hands up and down her thigh and slowly peeling of her stocking, stopping to unbuckle her shoes, before pulling both off. He did the same to the opposite leg.

Elliot lowered his lips to hers, kissing her hesitantly at first before become more daring, running his tongue against her lips. They parted slightly in a sigh, giving him the opportunity to dive in. At the same time, Peter lowered his head down between her legs, running his tongue up and down her thighs, becoming dangerously close to her underwear with each stroke.

At that moment, Alice was no longer satisfied with the closeness of the two men. As she squirmed against Peter's mouth, she found the feeling against her back, the feeling of Elliot's fully clothed legs, rather odd. She longed for the feel of flesh against flesh, the friction of pure skin and lust, not the rough friction of denim.

She reached her arms around to grip at the back of Elliot's collar, giving it a light tug down. Immediately understanding the message, he began unbuttoning his shirt, never pulling away from his passionate kiss with Alice. He pushed the shirt down his shoulders before repositioning himself so that he could unbutton his trousers and slide them down his legs, leaving himself in only his boxers. Peter, noticing Elliot's sudden lack of clothing did the same.

Both men pushed Alice down to lie on her back. Elliot lowered his head between her legs, Peter down to her breasts. The hare ran his thumb along her clothed womanhood applying greater pressure in the sports that made her gasp the loudest. At the same time, Peter engulfed her entire left breast in his mouth, his tongue swirling around the pert nipple, while his hand massaged the other. He hummed, sending an uncontrollable shiver down her spine.

"Alice, can I take these off?" asked Elliot, his fingers running along the edges of her panties.

"G-go a-ahead." She gasped.

He hooked his fingers underneath the waist band and tugged them down over her knees and feet before tossing the offending scrap of clothing in a random direction. Alice moaned as she felt Elliot place light kisses along her womanhood, placing an especially hard one on her clit. He trapped the bead between his lips and sucked lightly, running his tongue in circles around it.

"Ngh!" she gasped as she gripped hard onto Peter's wrists to keep her from bursting in a fit of spasms due to the double treatment.

She hit her peak when both men lightly grazed their teeth against each bud; Peter, the bud of her breast; Elliot, the bud of her womanhood. Peter ran his hands through her hair as she attempted to catch her breath, Elliot drawing intricate patterns on her ankle.

Alice sat up and moved so she was sitting between the two, and grazed her hands against both of their clothed erections, earning synchronized groans.

"A-Alice, please I can't take any more." Elliot gasped as the blonde's thumb ghosted over the head of his penis.

"N-neither can I." Peter moaned his glasses completely fogged up.

"Th-then go ahead." She whispered.

The two rabbits needed not another word as the remainder of their clothing was gone. Elliot moved Alice into his lap, his erection gazing lightly over her womanhood. Peter moved to stand up in front of her, feeling rather awkward at the position.

Alice wrapped her delicate fingers around the white rabbit's length as Elliot directed his own with his hand into her warmth. The three all let out small cries of pleasure before finally moving against each other. With each thrust Elliot made, Alice grinded down against him, and brought Peter closer to her mouth. He bit his lip as he could feel his beloved's hot breath heating his erection further. Finally she gave him a tentative lick, causing a generous amount of pre-cum to drip down.

"P-please Alice, if you tease me so I'll go ma-NNNGH!" he couldn't finish before Alice had brought the head of his penis into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, wanting to memorize every detail of the way he felt. As she bobbed her head up and down his tip, her right hand slid his foreskin back and forth in swift, but sloppy motion; her opposite hand tangling in Elliot's orange curls.

Elliot gripped her hips tighter, thrusting harder than before at the extra momentum Alice's ministrations on Peter added. He ran his tongue along the curve of her neck and shoulders, stopping at especially delicate areas, to suck and pay more attention to.

Peter tangled his fingers lightly into Alice's hair, resisting the urge to completely thrust himself into her mouth as he approached his limit. Alice pulled away to catch her breath, her hand still pumping, before redirecting her mouth to the prime minister's testicles, running her tongue lightly against the seam. This caused him to almost leap away at the sensitivity. Noticing this, Alice chose to move away from that spot and swirl her tongue around the right testicle before completely encasing it in her mouth.

"A-Alice- ALICE-NNGGHH!" Peter practically screamed as his ejaculate spurt out in concentrated streams across Alice's face and hair, some even getting on her chest and breasts.

As Peter dropped to the floor to catch his breath, Alice turned back to look at Elliot. He stopped his thrusts momentarily to turn her around so her chest was pressed against his own before thrusting up at an even greater pace at the sight before him: Alice, red as a tomato from pleasure, moaning and gasping louder then he'd ever heard her speak before, and covered in the pure essence of pleasure.

He moved his callused thumb to rub roughly against her clit. "E-ELLIOT!" she screamed, her legs and arms wrapping tightly around his body as she felt her very core contract and the warmth of her orgasm, slow yet hard, spreading over her body.

The sudden tightness was too much for the rabbit as he made one final hard thrust before quickly pulling out, shooting his seed all over her stomach and the undersides of her breasts. Alice rolled off of Elliot who at the same time dropped down on his back. After taking a moment to clean herself off with her discarded stocking, she reached behind the couch for a blanket. Elliot and Peter climbed under it with her, their arms entwining her from both sides.

"Alice, my dear, now that you have two rabbits in your life, I must ask. Which is a better lover?" Peter asked.

"Well that's a stupid question, because it's obviously me." Elliot said.

"Oh god," Alice gasped.

"You've lost your mind March, the better lover is obviously I!" Peter retorted.


"You're just jealous, for though you may try, you cannot make Alice writhe such as I!"

"You carrot-eating psychopath!"

"You true rabbit wannabe!"

"This is so stupid." Alice muttered under her breath, before sneaking out of the covers and walking up to her room, unnoticed by the two bickering rabbits.


A/N: Yay it's finally done! I literally only had two write like two more paragraphs. Sorry for the wait, but like I said, this is more of an on the side thing to improve my smut skills! I hope you liked it, it was my first three-some ever! As you can tell I like making Peter all rhymey! XD Anyway since it's so highly requested and since there are absolutely NONE on the site, next up is…

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