A/N: This actually isn't the original Julius x Alice fanfic that I was going to post, but soon after I started it, I got the most touching request EVER from a girl named Serena, the older sister in the shared account: crazy2000. She told me that her little sister, Shelby, had recently experienced a hard break-up with her boyfriend and wanted me to write a fanfic dedicated to her. Though this is definitely finished quite later then both of us probably expected it, better late than never! So this fanfic is dedicated to Shelby, your sister told me the story and you go girl! She told me what she thought you'd like so just know that this is all for you, and I hope you're able to pull through! : )

So without further ado, here is Julius x Alice: Vampire Special!

Dedicated to Shelby: crazy2000

Description: Alice never realized the danger of the County of Hearts, until it bit her in the neck.

Pairing: Alice x Julius

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: Dark themes, light blood, oral sex



"The clock tower? You mean with Julius Monrey?"

"Many people hate my line of work."

"…It makes me hate clocks, and the person who repairs them."

"I assume it give you the chills, to share a roof with such a man."

"Then that's a rule I don't want to understand! Treating human beings like that!"

"This place is dangerous."

"You're not frightened?"

"Why would I be? I'm not scared of this or you."


"Yes, truly!"


"…I'm scared! I really am scared!"

"He is dangerous."

Alice didn't understand. The Country of Hearts was a dangerous place filled with dangerous people, from mafia bosses to trigger happy rabbit men. So in all that chaos, all of that disregard for human life that came with living in this "Wonder World", why was it that the one man, who simply spent his days sitting in a tower restoring life to the deceased, was the most hated man in all the land?

She never understood, not even a little bit. That is, until that night.


Alice sighed as she walked down the dirt road from the Hatter Mansion, adjusting her bag of borrowed books and freshly clipped roses from Blood. She turned only to return the wave to the Bloody Twins and the not-rabbit that held them back, and then sighed yet again. He had said it again.


"Forget that guy Alice. Leave his creepy death tower, and live here with us!" Elliot had said, mouth almost too full of carrot cake to comprehend what he was saying.

"Yeah!" the twins had cheered.

"We'll have so much harmless fun big sis!" Dee had said.

"And we'll show you more of our treasures!" Dum had added.

She had to keep herself from snorting out her tea as she laughed, "Are you kidding!? Last time we had 'harmless' fun with your 'treasures', I ended up with a knife to my throat and Blood over here calling me a slut!"

Alice had glared as the mentioned mafia boss attempted to hide his smirk behind nonchalantly sipping his tea.

"And besides," she continued, "My home is at the Clock Tower with Julius. I like it there."

Elliot, Dee, and Dum all moaned as they dropped their heads on the table sulkily, the former's ears dropping to the table. Alice had covered her mouth to stifle a gasp. She couldn't resist!


"Your ears are just so cute when they're droopy!" she squealed, fingers unyielding from the fluffy appendages.

"How mean!"

Blood had taken his time sipping his tea before finally saying, "While a mafia headquarters isn't exactly one's first choice when thinking 'safe', the twins do have a point you know."

Alice had paused, "What do you mean, Blood?"

"I mean that it's much safer for you to spend nights away from the Clock Tower. There are creatures in this world that roam the night that even we, who have no disregard for life, fear."

"But what does that have to do with Julius and the Clock Tower?"

Elliot and Blood shared a look before the former spoke, "What does it matter!? Just every night sequence you can come over for a tea party and you'll be fine!"

"That's kind of asking a lot Elliot, I mean have to sleep." She had said.

"Then you can just sleep here every night!"

"Slumber parties!" The twins shouted.

"But then I'm practically living here! Listen," she had said, standing up with her basket of books, "This time sequence has been really long, I should get home, Julius is probably worried about me."

"N-no sis!" the twins whined, grabbing onto her arms, "Stay until the next sequence!"

"No guys I should really go." She replied.

"Alright," Blood had sighed, "If you want to go, we can't stop you."

"Thank you." She had said.

"Just do me a favor."


"Take some roses."


"Why roses?" she asked herself.

She looked up at the sky through the tree tops and sighed in content The nights in Heart Country sure are beautiful, no wonder blood likes having tea at this time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden rustling in the bushes to her right. She raised an eyebrow and moved slowly to the brush. She reached a tentative hand pushing aside some of the branches. She jumped back with a squeak; only to laugh at herself as the small form of a rabbit stared up with its shining, black eyes.

"Aw, are you lost cutie?" she asked, kneeling down to the creature's height.

The rabbit didn't nod or speak, even though Alice had been half expecting it to. It simply gave her a glazed over look that confirmed her suspicions. She shifted around the roses and books in the basket and patted a small space.

"Hop in. Don't worry; if Julius won't let me keep you, I'm sure Gray will take you in with open arms."

The rabbit took a timid step forward before halting completely, eyes wide and his tiny body shaking furiously. Alice turned around to see what the creature had been looking at, immediately finding herself frozen with fear.


The shadowy forms of the afterimages reached out to her slowly. Everything around them felt cold and silent aside from her heavy breaths. Time seemed to completely stop for everything except for the afterimages that approached her still. A sudden gust of wind slammed against her, its howls at last reinstating Alice's thought process and forcing her to her feet.

She ran, making herself not look back. She'd rather, if the afterimages caught her, that they'd do it by surprise and not have to suffer knowing they were gaining on her.

Finally, Alice found herself outside the forest and in the Clock Tower Plaza. She dropped the basket she hadn't even realized she had grabbed and supported herself on her bent knees as she panted for breath. She glanced back and felt relieved to know that she was alone. Though even with this knowledge, she didn't feel safe, not in the slightest. In fact, a sudden chill shot through her body; subconsciously telling her that she was in more danger then she had ever been before.

At that moment, a tall, dark figure appeared in her peripheral vision. She almost turned around and marched right back in the forest, trying to keep the illusion that perhaps it was just her mind, so worn out from exhaustion, playing tricks on her. Instead she stood up and looked straight at the figure.

Immediately, Alice wished she had taken her chances with the afterimages. The figure was a man, clouded in darkness with two glowing red eyes staring straight at her. He was slightly hunched over and panting from what perhaps was sickness, or better yet, hunger. The moment she found herself face-to-face with this man, she knew he was not a force she wanted to reckon with.

The clouds in the night sky parted, bathing the figure in the moon light.

Alice gasped, "J-Julius?!"

She wouldn't have recognized her landlord at all had his custom suit not been a dead giveaway. Julius was in horrible shape, his hair was a complete mess, over half of it frizzing out of its ponytail; his mouth was filled with rows of sharp, crimson-stained teeth; and his eyes, those glowing, horrific red eyes, simply looking into them made Alice feel like she was looking into the very pits of hell.

"Julius." She repeated, "W-what happened to you?"

Not a second later Alice found herself on the ground, the clockmaker she had grown to care for so much, pinning her down with immense strength.

"J-Julius! St-stop! You're hurting me!"

She gasped as the collar of her dress was completely ripped away, red lines appearing on her neck as his claw-like nails grazed her throat. "Julius it hurts! Stop it!"

He snapped up at her with a growl. Alice felt the tears in her eyes, threatening at any moment to fall. "W-who are you?"

Julius did not answer. Alice yelped, in too much shock to scream, as what felt like tiny daggers, sunk deep into her neck. The pain was too great to resist, the tears finally fell. The physical pain was nothing, nothing she wasn't used to in this "Wonder World". What hurt the most was the aching in her heart. She trusted Julius Monrey with her life, and yet now, he was intentionally hurting her, and as the seconds passed, she realized, he was killing her.

Her feeble attempts to yank him off by his hair failed. She could do nothing but let her arms fall flat as he literally sucked the life out of her. She suddenly felt something brush against her knuckle. Alice forced herself to turn her head back enough to look at her hand. Through labored, foggy vision, she found exactly what she needed. Her basket. She clamped her hand around the handle as tightly as she could and dragged it closer to her body. Julius was too preoccupied to notice.

Alice took a deep breath and called upon all of her strength to slam the book basket as hard as she could into the side of Julius's head. She had to thank to herself the endless mind of Jane Austen for writing such astoundingly large books as the immense pressure of the Clockmaker's jaw left her throat.

Immediately, Julius dropped back on top of her, and Alice knew she would meet her demise . She moved to close her eyes, when her attacker suddenly let out an agonized scream. She stared at him for a moment, watching him writhe and twist in pain with a dangerous curiosity. It seemed even parts of him were smoking.

"What the-?"

It was then she remembered.

"Just take some roses."

She reached a shaky hand and peeled off one of the many rose petals from his cheek to reveal a deep, red burn mark. She gasped and cupped his face.


The crimson in his eyes suddenly melted away, the warm blue she came so familiar with shining through. They widened as he stared down at Alice in shock. She simply smiled up at him, trying her hardest, though unsuccessfully, to keep the tears in her eyes from falling.

"Y-you're back to normal." She said, her voice hoarse and cracked from screaming.

"A-Alice?" Julius whimpered.

That was all she heard before the world around her went completely black.


Alice shot up from bed, immediately regretting doing so, as her back cracked, her head pounded, and her neck throbbed with an agonizing soreness. She cupped her neck with one hand and her forehead with the other, slowly rotating her thumb and middle finger against her temples. It did very little to help.

Her last memories before fainting suddenly came back to her and she gasped, scanning her surroundings while attempting to prevent any more pain to her neck. She was…home, in her room and nightgown. Had Julius brought her-?

"Julius!?" she gasped.


Alice screamed, not expecting to be answered. She reached over to her nightstand and flicked on the light. Julius sat in a chair in the opposite corner of the room. He had cleaned himself up, his skin free of blood and his hair once again managed.

"W-was that a d-?"

"No" he interrupted.

"So you're a-you're a vampire?" she asked.

"If that's what your world call Jabberwockies, than yes, I am a vampire."

"W-why-I-I mean-how-?"

"I am the Clockmaker, the undertaker of this world. No living creature can control death as well as a dead one. This… thirst that makes me such a monster, it comes with the role."

"So you were born that way?"


"Julius I'm so s-"

"Don't be Alice, just… Just don't be. It's not your fault I'm like this and… and just look at you! Why are you apologizing?! I've hurt you!" he sighed and dropped his face into his hands, "I knew this was a bad idea. Right from the start, and yet I couldn't resist the allure of an outsider, the way your blood might taste. It was too much."

He stood up. Alice's eyes widened, "J-Julius? Julius what are you doing?"

He stalked over, each footstep like a clock ticking down to her demise. "Julius, please! You don't want to hurt me! I know you and you'd never-!"

"No you don't!" he screamed, dropping next to her bed. "N-no you don't."

There was a shift of weight on the bed. Alice looked to the end of it in confusion. A suitcase.

"What? I don' t- I mean-"

"I've packed up your belongings. Leave, right now."

H-he wants me to leave?! "But it's dark outside, some-something else could get me."

"I've already phoned Prime Minister White to escort you. Just wait for him outside."

"O-okay, but um, when should I come back?"

"You won't."

"What do you mean-?"

"Are you stupid?! I want you to leave! Forever! Never come back to this Clock Tower ever again! If you want to spend time with Grey or Nightmare then make them come to you but never ever set foot near me again!"

"But, J-Julius, no! No I won't! You can't do this to me! After all we've been through, you're my best friend and my-! And-and my-!"

"And your greatest fear." Julius finished, refusing to look at her, "I know. Now get out."

"Julius, look at me."

He stood up, beginning to walk away. Alice lunged forward and grabbed onto the back of his jacket. She hissed in pain that the sudden movement caused, earning a brief look of concern from Julius. He quickly hid it and attempted to pull himself free of her grasp.

"Julius Monrey, you look at me right now."

He hesitantly obliged.

"Yes I am scared. I know that that part of you wants nothing more than to rip out my throat and kill me. I'm scared of facing it, of being in that situation. But, I'm not scared of it hurting me, of you hurting me. Because I know that it's only one part of you, and that you can control it. Because the fact of the matter is, it's not you. You're not a monster. I am scared, but the thing I fear most is never being able to see you again." She couldn't stop the tears flooding down her face, "So please don't do this to me Julius! The only way you could possibly hurt me is by making me go away. Because I care about you so much Julius and I never want to leave your side!"

In a flash Alice was pinned to the bed, Julius on top of her. She could feel his heavy breathing on her neck, but then, there a drop of something wet on her chin. He was crying. She'd never seen him like this, she didn't even think that the cold Undertaker could cry, let alone cry for her.

"I don't want you to leave, but-but if you don't I'm, just going to hurt you."

"Didn't you hear me, the only way you could possibly hurt me, is by staying away from me."

Julius could no longer hold back. This girl he cared so deeply for, the skin he longed to touch, the lips he longed to kiss. The desire was no longer just for a meal; the voice he loved to hear, the hands he loved to hold, and the eyes, oh those eyes, that he loved to imagine staring into his own, so full of love. He couldn't hold back, he would see those eyes marked with the same desire that had tortured him for so long.

He slammed his lips against Alice's. She gasped, giving Julius the opportunity to slip his tongue in. He-he's kissing me! He's really, really kissing me! And his tongue is just- oh my god did he just roll his tongue? I can't- oh god!

Alice wrapped her arms around his neck, matching his kiss with equal force. She pulled his hair loose from its confining ponytail, twisting her fingers through it possessively. Her legs wrapped around Julius's waist, bringing her to a stunning new revelation. She wasn't wearing underwear.

She pulled back with a gasp for breath and a yelp of embarrassment. Julius gave her a worried look.

"D-did you um, change my clothes?" she asked.

His eyes softened and he chuckled, "Yes but don't worry, I wasn't thinking anything bad while I was doing it. I was just enjoying the last moments I thought I'd ever spend with you."

Alice smiled, "I'll spend every moment with you Julius. Vampire-er, Jabberwocky or not, I'll be right by your side."

With that, she moved her hands to clumsily undo the buttons of his shirt. Julius's eyes widened. "A-Alice, are you sure? I could seriously hurt you."

"You could, but you won't."

"I don't know about that."

"Julius, I trust you."

"Well you shouldn't."

"Oh stop being such a downer Julius." She smirked, "That'll be my job."

Julius raised an eyebrow and jerked suddenly as Alice cupped her hand against him through his trousers. She moved her hand up and down slowly, her thumb circling teasingly around the head.

"Alice." Julius panted, his hot breath encasing her ear, "Stop teasing me."

She smiled, "Sit back."

He did as told, allowing Alice to lie on her stomach between his legs. She made quick work of the zipper and buttons on his pants and tugged.

"Oh um, let me help." He said awkwardly and hurried to shrug his pants and underwear off.

"Tell me if something feels bad, alright?" she said, wrapping her fingers gently around his length.

"Mm-mmhmm!" he answered, trying to hold himself back.

He bit his lip as Alice stroked him, experimenting with different speeds and pressures to see how he liked it the best. She reached out her tongue tentatively, gaining more confidence as Julius final let out a long moan. She moved her hand down to twist at the base as she licked up the sides.

Julius clutched the sheets tightly when Alice finally took his tip into her mouth. He could hear her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. Oh what a wonderful sound a beating heart was; a heart that pumped her blood so fast and laced it with so much adrenaline as she grew more and more daring with her sucks and strokes. He gulped and dug his fingernails into his palms enough to draw blood. Blood, oh god her blood. He could see it rushing to her face from work and embarrassment. It pumped through her neck in such a plump, delectable vein.

"A-Alice, I don't think I can control myself." He hissed.

She pulled away with a gasp for breath and looked up at him with concern. "What do you want to do then?"

Drink your blood!

Finish where we left off!

Blood! Blood! Blood!

He wanted to scream in frustration but instead calmly said, "I think we should stop, Alice."

Alice's eyes narrowed in sadness, "But Julius, you just deserve this so much!"

"And why is that?"

"Because, you've done so much for me in my time here in the Country of Hearts. You've never let me down and I don't want to the opposite to you."

"You're not letting me down Alice! I just can't hurt you."

"How many times do I have to say it? You won't! I know you won't! I care about you Julius and I just want to make you happy." She said.

"So what are you saying?" he asked.

"I'm saying that I want us to try it, the real thing."

Julius sighed, "Alright, alright."

Alice yelped as Julius pulled her to sit in his lap, "But we're doing it like this. I don't want you under me. If I lose control, this way you can at least have a chance of jumping away."


Julius gave her a look questioning permission. She nodded for him to move forward. He reached down and stroked her clit, yielding a surprised moan. He rubbed it around, experimenting just as Alice had, with his middle finger, his opposite hand sneaking up under her nightgown and gently cupping her left breast. He moved from her clit to the lips of her womanhood, stroking with a feather light touches.

"J-Julius, stop teasing me." She gasped, nipping at his ear. "I can't handle it."

He sped up his ministrations with her breast and pushed a single digit into her womanhood, his calloused thumb returning to working her clit.

"Please Julius! I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me orgasm so we won't go forward with you! But Julius, please! I need you!"

He looked at her uncertainly.

She smiled, "It'll be okay."

With much hesitance, he retracted his hands and positioned himself at her entrance, "Are you absolutely sure about this?"

"Positive." She said, and sunk herself down onto him.

"A-Alice!" he hissed, resisting the urge to completely thrust in.

"Oh god, Julius!" she moaned.

She moved so that she was sitting on her knees on each side of him, causing him to go even deeper. She lifted herself up and then back down slowly, taking in the feel of him completely.

"Come on Julius, I can't do it all by myself." She teased.

Oh god, he thought, What if I hurt her?! Well you're pretty past the point now, if you're bound to hurt her it's going to happen- n-no! I won't hurt her! I can't! Fine!

Julius grabbed Alice's hips, finally pumping himself in and out of her. Alice moaned, her hands clawing into his back from pleasure. He could feel his fangs elongating at the smell of blood, even his own.

"A-Alice! I can't hold back!"

"Then don't!" she cried, pushing his lips to her neck.

Julius's thrusts grew faster and more desperate. He couldn't resist.

"Julius!" she screamed as his fangs sunk into her neck.

It hurt. There was no denying it. It really, really hurt. Yet there was something else. The pain, the pleasure, they molded into one great euphoria. Though she could feel her very life being drained, Alice had never felt more complete. Julius pulled her into a tight embrace as he bucked into her with desperate, unmatched velocity.

You must stop! You must stop!

"Alice!" he cried, ripping his mouth away from her neck and locking with Alice's lips.

It was enough to finally shoot Alice over the edge. She stiffened and gripped Julius's hair tighter than ever before as her whole body contracted from climax. He thrust in one deep, final time, the hot pressure too much for him to handle any longer as he fell into his own orgasm.

The two sat there in the afterglow for what seemed like eternity. Alice pulled back to look at Julius. His eyes were red and glowing and a trail of blood ran down his chin. It was such a similar sight to when she first saw him as a Jabberwocky. Except then, he was horrifying and now he was beautiful. She sighed and fell backwards onto the bed, her eye contact never breaking.

"I told you. I knew you wouldn't hurt me."

Julius chuckled at the irony. He hadn't hurt her? Then what were those bite marks on her neck? That long river of blood trailing down her pale, naked body into such macabre beauty; what was that?

"You're bleeding." He stated.

"No kidding." She laughed, "Why don't you lick it up?"

Julius rolled his eyes and reached over to grab a box of Band-Aids from the nightstand. "I might just take you up on that offer."

"I hope you do." She said, her grin rivaling that of Boris.

He bandaged her wound before tossing the box aside, lapping up the rest of the blood trailing down her neck.

"Well look who has his hunger mastered now." She giggled, "So tell me, how much better does an Outsider's blood taste?"

Julius laid down next to her, pulling the covers over them both. "You'd have to be mad as a hatter not to prefer it."

Alice smiled and snuggled up against him, "Well then I'm glad that you're the sanest man in this place."

Julius couldn't help but smile back, "So am I, Alice, so am I."


"Alice! Oh Alice, my one and only love! Where are you?!" Peter called as he looked through the first floor of the clock tower.

"Oi White, it's the middle of the night. People are sleeping." Ace said.

"Well I'm trying to make her come down so we can leave already. The Clockmaker said she finally wants to come and live with me at Heart Castle!" Peter shouted enthusiastically.

"I remember what you said when you asked for my help." Ace replied.

"I never asked for your help you directionally challenged knight. I asked you to go to Hell." Peter said dryly.

"I'll look upstairs, 'kay?" Ace piped, ignoring the Prime Minister's correction. Alice wouldn't ever want to come live with the freak, and even if she did, she would've told him herself. Something must've happened with Julius's true nature. She must've found out.

Ace found himself in front of a door labeled "Alice's room".

"Hmm, she's probably not in here, but what great navigator would I be if I didn't check?" he stated, opening the door. "Oh-ho-ho!"

Well she obviously didn't have a problem with it, did she? This should be interesting.

"Oi White! I found Alice!"


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