Lily and Sirius

Sirius Black had never told anyone about it. Not James, not Remus, and definitely not her. She, with beautiful red hair that was like fiery tendrils of flames, shrouding her face, and her emerald green eyes that shimmered softly in the sunlight.


Uh-oh. Sirius was getting embarrassingly poetic. Again.

"Sirius, why do you have that serious look on your face?" asked James, smirking at his oh so clever joke.

Sirius promptly hit him. Hard.

"Shut up, you big git. That's getting old."

James just grinned.

"Oy, how do you think I should ask Lily out today?" Sirius tried not to wince. Whenever James said something like this, it reminded him yet again that James liked Lily and that it would never happen.

When Sirius didn't reply, James leaned in a said in a very loud whisper shout,

'Sirius! What's wrong? I noticed you haven't been snogging many girls lately. Did one of them bite your tongue again?"

Sirius grimaced. He did not like to be reminded of that particular snog session. One of the other the other thousands, sure, but nooooo, James and Remus always insisted on bringing up that one, and whenever they would pass Marie Coldjeens in the hall, they would stick out there tongues.

The reason Sirius hadn't been snogging was because whenever he and whichever girl were in the dark cupboard on the fifth floor, Lily's stunning facial features would pop into his mind, making him mumble an excuse and abandon the girl in the cupboard.

Sirius sighed. He was hopelessly besotted.

"Darling Paddy, we're so worried about you that we made a survey so you can tell us all about your girly, secretive emotions," cooed James, throwing an arm around Sirius as he was doing his Transfiguration homework.

James shoved a bright pink piece of parchment into Sirius's hands. It said in bright, curlicue letters:


Are you feeling down, Sirius? (Please answer honestly or I will be forced to hex you)

Are you okay, Sirius?

Do you need love, Sirius? HUGGIES! (Picture Marauder of your choice hugging you lovingly)

Do you need snog sessions, Sirius? (Only picture Wormtail here, he thinks your beautiful)

Sirius? (We couldn't think of anything else to ask you, so just insert a question here)

Sirius looked down at the violent pink parchment in his hand. He was speechless.

"Huggies?" Sirius asked in disbelief when he finally regained speech.

James beamed.

"Of course, Paddy!" He threw his arms around Sirius lovingly.

Sirius shifted on impact, and James and Sirius's lips smashed together.

They jumped away from each other so fast it was almost like

they had Apparated. Silence filled the common room. James and Sirius stared at each other across the room, each with a look of the outmost horror on their faces.

Finally Lily, who had been, most unfortunately, in the common at the time, broke the silence.

"Holy. Merlin's. Pants." A delighted smile spread slowly across her face.

"POTTER KISSED SIRIUS! POTTER KISSED SIRIUS! POTTER KISSED SIRIUS!" Lily started a chant. James turned very red, but Sirius did the only thing he could do to prevent people from thinking he was homosexual. He laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed.

More people came in form dinner, and soon everyone was in bed except for Lily, who was snoozing on the couch, and Sirius. Sirius liked watching Lily sleep. Her face was calm and relaxed, pleasantly so.

Sighing, Sirius knew he had to wake her up, or else she would have a back ache in the morning.

"Lily… Lily, wake up," Sirius said softly.

She awoke with a start, her beautiful eyes opening.

Sirius caught his breath. There was something different in her eyes, something that had not been there before. Suddenly there lips met. They snogged for what felt like hours. Soon they fell asleep, snuggled together on the love seat in the Gryffindor common room.