A/N: This will only make since to people who are in the middle of middle school/ Jr. High (whatever you call it!). Maybe even high school, but I'm only going into the 8th grade so I wouldn't know what it is like!

They know nothing; they're innocent; innocent from hate, love, and, more importantly, their own selves (Lucky them). If I was a first year again getting housed, or looking up at Hogwarts in the boats and seeing the magic it holds I would tell myself what I know now; that much of the magic is dark and created by you. Some of it isn't created, but held; held in the atmosphere. After telling, I wouldn't hurt, or have been hurt so much. Change wouldn't have been like it was. I've already lost who I love, by calling out things not worth repeating, lost a couple more friends, hated people, and loved others who make things worse. Will have to find out if drama comes this year by living it, or if it's like they all say, people mature at this age. They also say that brothers start to get better after the age of 15, mine didn't and I haven't talked to him since his graduation last year. The little first years will never be who they are today unless we lock them away to come back another day like that old song sung by little kids and immature adults who wish they were kids: "Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day".