AN: Short first chapter! But, I am trying something new and writing two stories at the same time, so this should be interesting. I am also still rather unsure how this one will work out, so it will be even more interesting!

But, yes, this is it, the Mirror Mirror Merlin fic I promised you! If you saw the movie, this might seem very familiar, as I tried to take as much from the evil queen's speech as possible. I had to change quite a bit though, so still different. Unfortunately, what Merlin's do best is fly, not fall, so the end is a little silly. Umm... otherwise, should be fun! Hopefully my mind won't explode part way through writing this... Good news is I started watching the movie again, and Prince Charming is actually exactly like Arthur. It is fabulous.

I still don't own Merlin. I am also do not own Mirror, Mirror. Just my ridiculous brain which seems to have the need to replace the characters in every movie I watch with the characters from Merlin.

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, a baby boy was born. His skin as pure as snow, his hair as dark as night. And they named him Merlin. A silly name, really, after a falcon. As if they expected him to be graceful and strong, like his namesake.

As he grew, Merlin proved to be neither of these things, he was clumsy and slim. But, he did grow into a kind, intelligent young man, even though he was spoiled by his parents. They could afford to of course, as they were king and queen of the land. They loved Merlin and their people very much, and all their subjects loved them in return. The kingdom was a happy place where people danced and sang day and night. Apparently no one had a job back then, just dancing and singing all day, and all night, but I digress. Until one day a darkness fell over the land. King Balinor left his wife and son, in order to face the beast that had caused his subjects such fear. Although the beast did not return, neither did Balinor, and the land was left without a king and Merlin without a father.

The people mourned their loss, but Hunith shouldered her husband's duties spectacularly. She protected the people and cared for her son and the land prospered once more. She taught Merlin all he would need to know to one day rule over the land. But, Hunith worried that others would deem a kingdom with only a queen weak, so to prevent the attacks that seemed to be looming from the neighboring lands, Queen Hunith decided to look for a new king. The man she found was the most handsome in all the land. He was strong and intelligent and, just to clarify, he was me. And this is my story, not Merlin's.

Bewitched by my beauty Hunith begged me to marry her. I was everything to her, the stars, the moon, but sadly it was not meant to last. Hunith fell ill barely a month after we were wed, Merlin staying by her bedside day in and day out, until one morning he woke to find that his mother's eyes would no longer open, the sickness having claimed her life, leaving her son with only his father's dagger and her everlasting love to remind him of his lost parents.

Again the kingdom mourned. Merlin was devastated at the loss of both his parents. As he was still a boy, he was left under the care of the handsome king. Ten years passed, and Merlin grew older and blossomed. His powers grew as well, for you see, Merlin was not only a prince, but also a warlock. He had inherited the powers from his father, but even from a young age they proved to be stronger than any had seen before. So, for his own good of course, I had two bracelets fashioned that would keep his magic from destroying him and hurting those he cared for. Unfortunately, these bracelets also made Merlin weak, forcing him to stay in his bedroom, too frail to visit the people as he used to with his parents.

And so the strong, handsome, king ruled the land as his stepson would never be fit to assume the throne. But, the people began to grow restless. They did not understand the king's need for the money he took in taxes and resented him, and whispers began to spread, whispers hoping that the son of the previous rulers might be better suited for the throne than I was. So, for the good of the people, I would have to end this, and Merlin would have to fall.