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Chapter One

Karen's POV

I am packing as fast as I can. They don't want me here anymore and I get that... I heard them in their meeting in the empty theatre after our last performance. I'm too green, they think I would choke, and that I'm too innocent for Broadway. I was only good enough for previews while they searched for a new star. I am thankful for Derek's faith in me and I will always remember that he believed in me when no one else would. Most of all I will remember the most amazing six weeks of my life where I lived my dream, when the spot light hit and I left Karen Cartwright behind and transformed into the biggest Icon in history.

I empty it out my closet and dump everything into my suitcases. Its 11PM, everyone is all probably out partying, drinking, and celebrating the last night of great success in our previews. I look over the room to make sure I'm not forgetting anything and I lock the door behind me. I drop my key card at the front desk with a note for Eileen.

I take a cab to the Airport and for the next phase of my life. Two things I know: I'm done with Bombshell and I can't go home. I call the only number I know that is willing to help me.

"This is Karen Cartwright; I have changed my mind, if your offer is still good I'm willing to take it… Sure. I will be there Monday morning. Thank You." Relief, I shut my eyes and succumb to sleep until I reach the Airport.


Derek's POV

I am furious with Eileen. How dare she replace Karen with a star… I fought so hard for her, the show needs her, and I'm desperate because I now realize that I Derek Wills am in love with Karen Cartwright. Drinking alone is a bitch, but knowing that you cannot ever have woman who stole your heart is purely agonizing. It's like drowning in the ocean and letting the waves carry you under.

I drank an entire bottle of scotch and all I want is to forget the most mesmerizing night of my life. I take the elevator to my room and I pass out as soon as I hit my bed.


Eileen's POV Saturday 8AM

Looking out the window, it is morning and I have to make a serious decision. Do I keep the innocent girl who astounded the critics or go with this feeling that it's not safe to put all my eggs in one basket. It's my show and I have to make sure that I get the most return for my money… Needless to say, I may drive a wedge between my creative team and me, but I have to go with a mature Broadway Star. I need a seasoned performer who has the star quality to deliver success if it all fails I have Ivy as the understudy. They don't need to understand and if they have a problem with my decision, they can leave the show too. My decision is final and I won't change my mind. I quickly dressed and in order to deliver my news and speak to the poor girl whose dreams I am going to shattered.

At the lobby I am told that I have a note from someone. I quickly rip the envelope.

"You were right. I may be green and innocent, but I will not stand for a fool… I heard you and I will not stay where I'm not welcomed… I may not be cut out to be your Broadway star, but it certainly does not mean that I'm not going to attain my dreams. I hope you get what you want with your decision. Thank you for the most amazing six weeks of my life. Although, between you and me you had no choice…."

I kept re-reading the note to see if I missed anything, and it infuriates me. The audacity of that little girl from Iowa… Well at least she quit and I don't have to pretend I liked her. Now is time to call my contacts to find me a star. In the meantime Ivy will have to do.


Derek's POV

I woke up to the most horrible noise. My phone rang and I had the worst hang over with a splitting headache. I find my phone tossed on the floor and I answered.


This is Derek. Why the bloody hell did you wake me?

Tom- In the theatre

Is Karen with you? The cast and crew cannot find her…


What do I look like her babysitter? I'm sure that Miss Cartwright has probably found someone to have some quick fun and spent the night with him…


Derek, this is serious. It is 3PM and I know that I shouldn't bother you in your day off but I know how upset you were about her last night. For the record she was breath taking as Marilyn during previews. Julia and I agree that she should remain as our star.


You know damn well that our opinions don't count for Eileen... If she makes a decision she will drag us in the mud along for the ride. I just hope that if she chooses some veteran that I have enough time to jump ship before Bombshell sinks.


I will be there soon to help you guys look for her.

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