Disclaimer: Don't own sailor Moon or any of the characters...(keep dreaming), all I own is the characters I threw into the mix and the plot.

WARNING: Haruka and Michiru are lesbians so don't read if this is not something you want to see. Another thing is that there is Homophobic situations in this but I mean to offend no one. This is based on my first year of high school and how I learned to accept people for who they are, not by religion or sexuality.

Suki sat and listened as her friends ranted on and on about two new students at the school, both which seemed to be gay.

"Okay guys can we drop the subject of them being lesbian? I mean come on they have feelings too." Lira stated as she took a sip of her drink, though the comment only caused tomboyish Suki to laugh

"Yeah, you'll say that when one of them try to rape you in the bathroom." she retorted before taking her tray over to the garbage.

"You're Suki Sarvisa right?" a husky voice asked from behind her and she whirled around, staring at familiar teal eyes.

"Haruka? What in the heck are you doing back here?" she asked, surprised to see her old friend.

The tall blond just shrugged and retorted "tell your buddy over there to stop throwing food at us if you don't mind."

Suki blushed and glanced down, "Gomenasai Tenou San." she whispered, feeling embarrassed of herself now.

"heh, what do you have to be sorry for? They're the ones who where throwing things." the blond retorted before adding "though I did hear the 'try to rape you' ordeal. Do you honestly believe that they are that bad?" she asked and Suki shrugged, not really wanting to get into all of this.

With a sigh Haruka closed her eyes and ran her hand through her always messy hair.

"we where friends for a long time, but you'll probably hate me for this...but you've know a Lesbian ever since middle school, you just didn't know it." she whispered, her voice shaking slightly.

Suki backed up slightly away from her former best friend and narrowed her eyes at the taller girl

"What do you mean?" the dark haired girl asked, her voice low and venomous, causing Haruka to glance at her before replying softly.

"I'm gay."