Suki sighed as she grabbed a napkin and wiped her face from the sticky substance.

"I'm so sorry!" the girl whimpered, flinching back a little.

"stop fighting, both of you." the black haired girl replied in a calm voice before turning to the green haired girl and sent her a little glare before heading toward the bathroom to wash up.

"Good going Junjun, if she doesn't kick us out she'll beat us." Cerecere stated causing Vesves to roll her eyes before retorting

"it was your fault too!"

Suki, who had just finished washing her face sighed as she heard this. Her patients becoming thin however she didn't wish to frighten them.

"Can all of you just stop it for ten minutes?" she asked as she walked out, struggling to keep her tone light.

"Sorry." three voices whispered at one and Suki sighed and took a seat at her previous spot as she tried to figure out how to handle the arguments that the girls had just had.

"Please don't get mad at us Suki-San! My sister's are just stupid!" Pallapalla stated, near tears and the seventeen year old only sighed.

"I'm not angry at any of you but I didn't want toast threw at my head either." she retorted though her tone withheld any indication of emotion.

Junjun glanced down at the floor when she heard that last statement before she muttered a soft "sorry."

Suki chuckled, these girls weren't that bad she thought as she stood up and sighed "well...perhaps it's okay this time." came the reply then she added "finish eating then go play, I'll clean up here."

the girls where remotely quite as they finished their meal then without a word they headed outside. Suki laughed gently and then began to wash the dishes.

Why can't I stay mad at them? She wondered.

After the work was done she had an idea and she quickly set up her trap and walked outside to see what the girls where up to; only to find them off to the side of the small pound nearby, talking quietly among themselves.

"So you're not getting into more trouble?" she asked almost playfully as she walked up behind them, causing them to jump slightly.

"You're not mad? Not even a little?" Vesves asked surprised that the older girl would even want to speak to them after what happened that morning.

"it was an accident was it not?" Suki retorted, placeing her hand on Junjun's shoulder lightly.

"yeah, she was trying to hit me!" Cerecere retorted, glareing over at her sister however Suki only chuckled.

"You're sister's, you shouldn't fight like this." she retorted before adding "why don't we go to the park or something?"

the girl's where shocked, they expected anything but being invited somewhere.

"so you're not going to punish us?" PallaPalla asked, still a little frightened however the shadow senshi only shook her head.

"Like I said, it was an accident." she answered as then added "so do you want to go or not?"

much to suki's surprise Cerecere jumped to her feet and whirled around to face her.

"We may be the amazon quartet but we aren't stupid!" she hissed, a dark look coming over her face.

"what are you talking about kid? I never said that any of you where." Suki answered then she glanced at the looks of mixed feelings that the other three had gave her.

"why are you being so nice to us? You should hate us!" Junjun demanded and Suki sighed and shook her head.

"you're a bunch of rambunctious kids, you need a little discipline but I also know that you're not bad either." the girl answered then added in a firmer but somehow loving tone "Stop putting yourself down."

After a few more minutes of conversation they agreed to go with the seventeen year old. Once at their destination Suki sat against a tree, watching the girls have fun until she saw that a woman she reconized as a teacher at the same middle school that she had went to as a child was screaming at them for no apparent reason.

"Hey, what's going on?" she growled as she walked up, however the woman only turned to her.

"You associate with these little freaks? That brat there must be a witch! She sent a swarm of rats into my classroom!" the teacher snapped, pointing at Vesves and Suki had to hold back a chuckle.

"Then mrs. Miller I'll have a talk with her but you still had no right to yell at my girls." she managed to say, her voice holding a tone that was not questionable.

After the teacher had left she turned to VesVes and sighed "what the heck was that about?" she asked, causing the redhead to glance down.

"each of us have a ability...Junjun can do about anything that requires balance and agility, Cerecere can communicate with plants, Pallapalla is actaully smart when she wants to be and as for me I can short of talk to animals."

Suki chuckled then added in a whisper so that no one would hear "I'd love to have seen that old hag freak out. She hates rodents."

The four girls giggled at that and then Cerecere glanced up at her before asking

"What did you mean we where your girls?"

Suki sighed and then replied "I meant that I'd take care of you, meaning that I am your guardian so I have to protect you."

PallaPalla timidly walked over to her and wrapped her arms around the black haired teen's waist, shocking her however Suki only placed a hand on the young girl's hair before adding

"I understand that you don't trust me but I can assure you that you are not going to face whatever you have had to in the matter what. However you can expect that if you've done something I will punish you in one way or another."

after she said this Suki thought about the prank she had set up for Junjun later, it was playful but she had a feeling the girl would be a little more careful afterward.