Danny sighed as he glanced at the clock, which read three twenty five. Sighing he glanced at the shot glass in his hand and let out a low groan.

"come on, drinking yourself to death is not going to help a thing." Michiru stated, taking a seat at the table.

"says the person who actually can get a girlfriend." Danny retorted groggily and Michiru sighed.

"Danny, all you have to do is keep her from knowing you're a girl until after your surgery." Haruka stated, handing her friend a glass of water.

"Yeah and she'll hate me after she finds out!" Danny snapped, knocking the glass of brandy from the table and onto the tile floor before beginning to cry again.

Michiru wordlessly got from her seat and grabbed a mop before handing it to Haruka.

"Make yourself useful and clean this up Tenou!" she ordered, causing Haruka to sigh.

Danny sighed as he rested his head against the counter, tears still running down his face. "what am I going to do?" he whispered and Michiru sighed. She didn't know how to reply to him so she sighed and shook her head.

"I'm sure you'll come up with something, but unless you know if she likes you or not you shouldn't make any decisions." she answered.

"it's just so easy to talk to her...I know that I was eclipses husband in the past but what if she can't stand the thought of talking to someone who has been a girl." the nineteen year old snapped, hitting the counter again.

"Just hang out with her for a while then, see if you can see if she'd be interested." Michiru suggested, cutting off Haruka, who was about to say something.

"You have a fifty fifty chance either way." Haruka stated nonchalantly, earning a sharp smack across the shoulders from her girlfriend.

"Ow! Hey! What was that for Michi?" The blonde whined, arching back slightly from the sudden force.

Michiru only sighed and took hold of her partner's arm, dragging her to the far corner of the room.

"Haruka it is obviously hard for him, and you of all people know how Suki is. This could very well blow up in his face!" Michiru whispered, her voice cold.

"but he won't know until he tries!" Haruka pointed out and the neptunian sighed.

"that may be true but imagine if you where in his position! Would you want someone to act like it didn't matter?" the aqua haired goddess whispered harshly.

"I was just trying to help!" Haruka retorted and Michiru sighed.

"Well you can help by not trying to advise him to be called a lair and a pervert. You know Suki would hate him if he just lied to her about his gender right away." Michiru stated.

"Suki might not..." Haruka began then added softly "what else could I tell him?"

Michiru chuckled softly at her partners cluelessness before saying "try not to give advice you have no clue how to give."

Haruka blushed slightly at this and nodded slightly before walking toward where Danny was still seated, drinking from the bottle now.

"You might want to stop that before you get sick, you're already going to have a hell of a hangover tomorrow." Haruka advised with a laugh.

Danny sighed and glanced down at the half emptied bottle in his hand.

"Who cares." he exclaimed breaking the bottle against the farthest wall.

Suki sighed as she stared at the ceiling of the small camper, hearing the bickering of the children in the other room. She couldn't think straight since Danny had spoke about his upbringing and had a felt almost a connection with him.

However then a crash called her attention over toward the sounds in the next room. So with a sigh Suki got off the bed and made her way toward the room, hearing yelling, cursing and crying from beyond the door.

"What are you doing in there?" she demanded, trying to open the door, only to find that it was locked.

"Nothing!" Vesves called as she tried to clean up the broken vase.

"moms going to beat the shit out of us!" Junjun muttered, glancing nervously at the door.

"she wont if she doesn't find out!" Cerecere stated as she hid the henshin sticks underneath their mattress's.

"Open the door. I know I heard something break in there!" Suki ordered, knocking on the door.

"Just open the door, if we do maybe she won't be too angry." Parapara suggested, obviously scared.

"Shut up dumb brain. We're in trouble either way! We're not suppose to rough house in the house!" Vesves hissed, too low for them to hear.

Suki, who was running out of patience rapped on the door again.

Cerecere sighed and glanced at her sisters and whispered "we might as wells, maybe she won't spank us if we just tell her what happened."

with that the pink haired girl slowly opened the door, eyes downcast.

Suki glanced around the whole room, taking in the mess that the room was in. sighing Suki glanced around at the girls, her eyes as hard as ice.

"What the hell happened?" She demanded, causing the girls to exchange glances.

"Please don't be angry." Vesves whispered and the dark haired teen glared at the ceiling.

"Don't be angry? Do you have any idea how much the stuff in this room costs?" She snapped, noting the scorched marks on the wall.

"We know what we did was stupid but we will work off the debt!" Cerecere stated, earning a glare from the older girl.

"you are right about that! All of you are grounded until farther notice...I don't know what the hell you were trying to conjuring up in here and frankly I don't care! Whatever you were trying to do to make my life even harder than it is..." Suki began however Parapara walked over to her holding a blue pen like object.

"We weren't conjuring up anything Mama...we...we kinda just lost control of our powers." the youngest of the girls whispered, tears welling in her eyes.

"what? You're senshi? When did this happen?" She asked, anger still in her tone but shock coming over.

"the night we got p...angry at you." Junjun whispered, catching herself.

Sighing Suki shook her head and handed the girl her scepter back.

"well you're still in trouble for practicing inside the house...though right now you should be getting to sleep." she retorted, sounding tired.

"we're really sorry Mom. We will clean this up first thing in the morning." Cerecere whispered and Suki sighed.

"you better, now get to bed." she retorted, though her voice had loss its harshness.

"how long are we grounded for?" Junjun asked and Suki sighed.

"that depends if you get this place cleaned up before I get back from the gym or not." came the answer.

"How long if we don't?" Vesves asked and Suki chuckled before answering "a week."

"how long if we do get it clean?" Cerecere asked and Suki couldn't suppress a smile.

"three days." she answered then added "unless you prove to me that you are actually sorry." she retorted, causing them to cheer up slightly then Parapara glanced down at the floor and nervously asked

"Momma? Can we get a story tonight?" she asked and Suki sighed

"alright, but only if you guys promise not to train inside or without adult supervision again." she replied kindly.

After the girls were sleeping Suki chuckled and walked toward her room and sat by the window. Her mind returning to Danny and how familiar he seemed to be.

Danny sighed as he stared at the stars from Haruka's balcony, thoughts rushing through his head.

"do you think I may have a chance?" he asked, causing Haruka to sigh.

"I can't say but I'm sure that if you just hang out with her for a while you'll get a good grip at who she is and what she likes." the blonde answered, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"do you have any idea what she likes?" Danny asked, his attention now fully on Haruka.

"well try to give her flowers or send her flowers." Haruka stated as she leaned against the rails.

"Flowers are suppose to represent something...what kind should I get her?" Danny asked.

"How about Camellia? Pink camellia means longing for someone and red means the receiver is the flame of your heart." Haruka suggested and Danny nodded.

"I remember one time my older sister got her shy boyfriend a bouquet of white Violets. What does those mean?" Danny asked and Haruka sighed.

"it means lets take a chance." the blonde answered.

"Do you think that a bouquet like that would suit Suki?" the redhead asked again and Michiru, who had just walked out carrying a tray of hot tea answered

"I think that would be a good start."