Hello there, dear readers~ May I present you, the final chapter of Seeking Guidance.

Juushiro was breathing too fast, way too fast for his own good. The feeling of the younger man's eager mouth on his neck was intoxicating, and soft moans spilled from his lips with each nip, each flick of the tongue.

Renji kissed like he fought—rough, passionate, aggressive. Once he figured out that Juushiro was as willing as he was to go further, his initial shyness gave way to what was obviously his preferred style. His teeth constantly grazed Juushiro's skin—although it was never hard enough to cut—and Juushiro surprised himself by loving the feeling. It felt...dangerous, like they were skirting the fine line between pain and pleasure.

With a breathless groan, Juushiro's head fell back and he shivered as Renji dragged his lips and teeth lightly down his pale throat, leaving behind a faint pink trail as though to mark his territory. Once he arrived at the hollow between Juushiro's collarbones, he began to slide his body southward, tracing his tongue on the captain's chest as he went, raising goosebumps on the taut skin. Using his teeth, he pulled the robes open, exposing more and more skin.

As he moved, Renji unintentionally brushed against Juushiro's hardening arousal. Even through the fabric of their robes, the pleasure was intense, and Juushiro gasped—much louder than he intended to. He immediately blushed a deep shade of red when he heard the lustful sound that tumbled from his own lips.

With a sly grin, Renji moved back up and deliberately rubbed the front of his lower body against the captain. This time, he was rewarded with a soft hiss. Grinning now, he did it again, rolling his hips against the overheated flesh beneath him.

"Abarai-fukutaicho...if you keep doing that..." Juushiro admonished, moaning and chuckling at the same time.

Renji laughed, then, lowering himself on his elbows, he leaned down and whispered next to Juushiro's ear. "Don't you think that name is a little too long?"

The captain chuckled again. "Habits die hard," he said.

"Yeah?" Renji ran his tongue along the older man's earlobe and felt the man shiver. "We'll have to work on that one." Taking the sensitive flesh between his teeth, he nibbled on it gently, then, without warning, he rocked his hips again, crushing their arousals roughly together.

Juushiro cried out as the friction sent a jolt of pleasure through his limbs. The tension that was already beginning to pool in his belly tightened a notch, and he dug his nails into the lieutenant's back as a warning. "Stop," he gasped.

"Stop what?" Renji asked teasingly before repeating the movement. The muscles on his back protested when the captain's nails dug even deeper.

"Stop that," Juushiro said with a hint of exasperation, knowing full well that the younger man was taunting him.

Renji grinned. "This?" he asked with mock innocence, following the question with another well-calculated roll of his hips.

Juushiro made a noise that was a mixture of a laugh and a groan before saying, "Stop that, Renji...before I—"

The rest of his sentence was lost as his lips were claimed by the redhead. Strong fingers tugged on his hair, sending little jolts of pain to his scalp, but they were but an insignificant distraction. His mind was much, much busier with other things—looking for a way to hold back his release was one of them.

"I love the way you say my name," Renji whispered with a satisfied smile. Then, without further comments, he moved off of Juushiro's body and offered a hand to pull the older man up into a sitting position.

Juushiro remained still and let Renji undress him. The redhead circled to the captain's back and wrapped his arms around the man's waist to loosen the sash that was holding the robe closed. Juushiro pressed his back into Renji's chest, feeling the younger man's heartbeat—it was racing madly, just like his own.

Renji nuzzled the captain's hair, taking in the faint scent of herbs. "You smell nice," he murmured. His fingers moved up to caress Juushiro's chest, stopping briefly to tease the sensitive nipples, then he slowly peeled the robe away, sliding it off one shoulder followed by the other. Juushiro shivered as the fabric brushed his skin, and Renji mistook it to mean that the captain was cold and hastily brought up the robe to cover the man again.

Shaking his head, Juushiro turned around and placed a hand on Renji's arm to stop him, then, with his other hand, he grabbed the redhead's collar and pulled him closer. Their lips met once more in a passionate dance of desire, drawing soft whimpers and growls from their throats.

Their kiss grew in urgency, broken only for Renji to shrug out of his clothes, and then Juushiro found himself on his back again. The brief pause in their body contact earlier had calmed him down slightly, but now the heat returned as Renji's mouth moved lower and lower. Anticipation and arousal made Juushiro's hands tremble as he raked his fingers through the fiery red mane hovering over his body. Renji's hair was coarser than his, and for a moment he was distracted by the difference in texture, so when Renji suddenly took him in his mouth, he was completely unprepared. His fists clenched on their own accord as he cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

The pain from the hard tug on his hair nearly made Renji yelp out loud, but it also sent a wave of satisfaction through his body, and he smiled, proud that he was able to garner such a reaction from the older, more experienced man. Still, he grumbled playfully, "You're going to make me go bald if you do that again."

The vibration from Renji's throat added to the pleasure, and Juushiro's toes curled. He understood what Renji said even though the words came out muffled with him being in between Renji's lips, and he laughed. "S-sorry," he said apologetically, letting go of the younger man's hair.

But when Renji hollowed his cheeks and began to suck, Juushiro's fingers found the red strands again. His surroundings faded away—all he felt was the warm, moist walls rubbing along his length. Renji alternated the pace, sometimes pulling away and kissing just the tip, sometimes dragging his sinfully-skilled tongue up and down the shaft.

Juushiro could not stop the moans that spilled naturally from his lips—all his self-control was spent on refraining from thrusting up into the delicious heat. The pleasure built, and built, and built. With a shudder, Juushiro suddenly realized that he was close to his limit. "S-stop," he said shakily, tapping lightly on Renji's head.

The redhead let go of him and crawled up for a kiss. Juushiro tasted himself on the quivering lips as their mouths clashed, their urgency making their movements clumsier.

"I...can I..." Renji stuttered breathlessly, ducking his head down and brushing his nose against the captain's ear.

"Yes...over there." Juushiro waved his finger blindly, gesturing in the general direction behind his head. Vague as it was, it wasn't difficult to decipher his intention. Renji scrambled to his feet and half crawled, half stumbled over to the lone chest of drawers against the wall.

The drawer slammed shut and Renji returned. A small bottle slipped out of his hand and fell on its side along with two hair ties. He threw one to the captain, who propped himself up and quickly gathered his hair into a ponytail. Renji, however, had some trouble as his trembling hands refused to cooperate.

Laughing, Juushiro reached out to help. As he swept Renji's hair into ponytail, he teased, "Patience, Renji."

Renji proceeded to shut the captain up with another one of his fiery kisses, then, without breaking the kiss, he pushed the older man onto his back.

Once Juushiro's back touched the mat, Renji's mouth moved to his neck, licking and nipping at the skin that was already peppered with the marks from earlier. As Renji's body pressed against his, Juushiro made way for the younger man and drew up his knees, trapping Renji between his legs.

When the first finger entered, Juushiro didn't flinch, but by the time the third was added, his muscles began to protest, and he couldn't stop his grunt of pain in time. Renji flicked a worried glance at him. When Juushiro shook his head to indicate that Renji shouldn't stop, the redhead kissed him lightly on the lips in an unspoken apology.

Perhaps it was because of that, Renji was surprisingly gentle when he finally withdrew his fingers and aligned himself. He slid in almost politely, pushing forward at a painstakingly slow pace. Juushiro smiled in appreciation and wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist. After a while, deciding that it was too much of a torture for Renji—if the man's frown and clenched jaw were any indication, Juushiro tightened his hold on Renji and shook him gently.

Renji paused, confused at first, then his eyes widened in understanding. Nuzzling the captain's neck, he snapped his hips forward. With a powerful stroke, he sheathed himself to the hilt inside the older man. Overwhelmed by the sudden tightness around him, Renji let loose a deep growl from the back of his throat and buried his face into the white strands tucked neatly behind Juushiro's neck..

Juushiro cried out and arched his back as a sharp ache shot up his spine, his body reacting naturally to the invasion. His legs went around Renji's hips for support.

"Are you okay?" Renji asked, his voice thick with arousal.

Too breathless to speak properly, the captain simply nodded, his face flushed and covered in a light sheen of sweat.

"I'm gonna move, okay," Renji warned in a whisper. When Juushiro nodded again, he pulled out and drove back in, earning another cry from the man beneath him.

Juushiro clung desperately to Renji, unable to do anything but moan in time with the man's thrusts. Their rhythm was irregular at first, but it didn't take long for them to pick up a comfortable pace. The sound of sweat-slicked skin sliding against one another, along with the increasingly urgent cries that spilled freely from their lips, filled the room.

Renji's hair began to escape their bindings as its owner moved faster and faster, his thrusts becoming almost violent. Every sound from the captain fed the fire in Renji's loins, and as the heat grew in his belly, he knew he won't be able to last much longer. Supporting himself on one elbow, he reached between them and began to stroke the arousal pressed hotly against his body.

Juushiro's hips bucked, Renji's added touch pushing him that much closer to his release. He could tell that the younger man was close too, so he raised his hips to meet each powerful thrust, his breath becoming harsher and more ragged as they raced towards their peak.

And then they were suddenly there. After an especially well-placed snap of his hips, Renji heard a soft gasp, and the captain stiffened beneath him. Unable to resist the constriction of the velvet walls around him, the redhead followed suit with a strangled cry, spilling himself deep within the throbbing heat.

It was then, as warmth spread inside him, that Juushiro realized that he did care. He cared about this young man; perhaps not when he first invited him into his home, but definitely now. The guilt that he had been carrying washed away as he looked up into the dark eyes above him. This was right after all.

Juushiro didn't know how long they remained still, his mind too hazy to do anything except struggle to get his breath and heart rate back to normal.

Renji eventually moved, rolling off Juushiro's body and settling down next to him with a contented sigh. "You do care," he said softly. His hand reached up and wiped the corner of the captain's eye—his fingers came away wet.

Juushiro turned to the redhead and placed a kiss on his hair. "Yes," he admitted. "I do."

After a moment of silence, Renji propped himself up on one elbow. "Remember how you told me that there are many ways to handle emotions?" he asked, running a finger along the lean arm next to him. "And I told you that I only know one?"

Juushiro raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"Well, I think I just found another." Renji grinned.

The captain chuckled and threw an arm over his forehead. "If you're going to 'handle your emotions' like that, you're going to kill me one day," he said, wincing as he straightened his legs.

Renji's face fell as a look of guilt spread over his face. "Sorry."

"Oh, I didn't mean it that way," Juushiro said with an uncharacteristically mischievous grin. Really, Renji's nature was beginning to rub off on him. Sitting up, he heaved himself onto the redhead with a strong flex of his torso. "What I mean is..."

Renji's eyes widened as he waited for the bomb to fall.

Straddling the lieutenant's hips, Juushiro bent down and whispered in his ear, "I know of slower, much more sustainable ways that you can use to 'handle your emotions'." He dragged his nails down the young man's tattooed chest. "If you know what I mean."

The redhead's grin returned. "Teach me, sensei."


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