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Your name John Egbert and you are 17, junior and are an outcast. In all the movies the outcast really aren't that weird. They are just all normal people that might be a little awkward. In most movies they hate being outcast and long to fit in with the 'in crowd'. Your friends are far from normal. You all have a weird quirk that makes people not want to hang with them.

Sollux is a complete computer nerd. He can go on and on and on about computers. He also has a strange obsession with bees but he hates wasp. He has a really bad lisp so a lot of people find it hard to understand him. He is openly gay and is not afraid to say it especially if Karkat is in the room

Karkat also loves computers but not as much as Sollux. The main issue people have with him is his anger issues. He swears more than necessary and goes on long rants about nothing. He seems to hate everyone but we all know that he doesn't hate many people. Really he just hates himself. It did not help that he was kicked out of his house for being gay. He lives with his grandfather who is referred to as crabdad.

Gamzee is Karkat's older brother but he is still in our grade. He failed a grade, not because he isn't smart but because he is a stoner so it's hard for him to concentrate. Despite being a drug addict he is a pretty awesome guy. He is really nice and calm. He walked out of his parents' house about a week after Karkat. He also makes really good food. He is pansexual and has a crush on Tavros, though Tavros is too clueless to notice.

Kanaya is very nice and is kinda related to Karkat and Gamzee. She is their 5th cousin's daughter's daughter or something like that. She is also living with crabdad for parent issues. She seems very proper but actually has a love for blood and violence. She is very into fashion and chainsaws. She is like the mother to our group and is very good at calming us down.

Jade is really happy and loves to talk. She is also your cousin and is a year younger. She seems pretty normal at first glance. Pretty, happy, and nice but once you get to know her you will see how violent and mean she be. She loves technology and guns. She knows how to use both very well and secretly brings them to school. She always has safety on and usually doesn't load the guns. Usually is a key word.

Tavros is Jade's best friend. He is really shy and has low self esteem. Jade and Gamzee are the only one who can get him to feel semi confident. He was in a car crash when he was younger and became paralyzed so he is in a wheelchair. Like a lot of people he just wants to stay a young innocent kid forever. Never learning how evil the world can get. Who knows maybe he never will but you are sure one day he will have a rude awakening.

Vriska is your best friend ever and is Tavros's older sister. In front of people she is loud and mean. She doesn't regret anything she has ever done in her life including setting fire to a girls house cause the girl to go blind and Vriska to lose an arm and causing the car accident that made her brother paralyzed and has made her legally blind in one eye. Of course that not the real Vriska. Real Vriska is still in-your-face mean but she is still caring and protective. She did not blind or paralyze anyone. She just became the Vriska in all the rumors. She is wonderful in everyway and you don't know where you would be without her.

Finally, there is you. You are annoying and loud. You are very smart and have a pretty good home life witch is very rare on your school. But your biggest flaw is that you never let people get close to you so know one wants to be your friend. You make sure never to let any of your friends get too attached to you and you don't get attached them. Eventually they leave you. You learn this from experience. You have a sister named Jane that left as soon as she turned 18, you haven't heard from her since. Your mother walked out on you in the 2nd grade and didn't return until the end of 3rd your aunt, who was your mother figure when your mom disappeared, packed her things and moved to France for reasons unknown in 4th grade. There is one more person who left but you choose to block him completely out of your mind and pretend like he never existed. Vriska is the only person that you have let in and you still worry that one day she will leave like everyone else.

Although it seems like you would be a sad a depressed boy with a horrible life, you actually have the complete opposite. Well that's how you fell right now. You have good grades, awesome friends, and a happy home life.

"Hey, John! Over here!" Vriska calls from across the black top. You head over to her but sense something strange, like something is missing. "Is something wrong?" She asks. You suddenly realized what was missing "Where's Kanaya?" You ask. Those two have become inseparable for some reason, and not having her around was weird. "She has a lot of irons in the fire right now and besides I thought it would be nice for just you and me to hang out. It hasn't been just us in awhile." She says. "Come on lets have a Nic Cage marathon" " We have to do it at your house cause my mom is in cleaning mode right now and the entire house will smell like cleaning chemicals." You say. "That's fine but we have to stop at the corner store to get junk food. My mom took all the junk from our house and brought it to work." She tells you.

On your way to the corner store you run into Sollux and Karkat. They seem to be arguing again. "Hey guys! What is our Kittykat complaining about this time?" Vriska sneers. "Fuck you spiderbitch!" Karkat yelled. "KK ith trying to get me to watch thome romcom with him" Sollux informs us. "Why don't you get Gamzee or Kanaya to watch it with you?" You ask. "Fucking Gamzee is going the mall with Jade and Tavros and Kanaya is doing some project!" he yells. "Watch it alone! No one likes your stupid movies Kittykat! Come on John or we won't have time to watch national treasure and con air." Vriska says and pulls you along. You ended up getting a giant bag of Doritos, a 12 pack of doctor pepper from, and some gummy spiders.

"John, when do you plan on coming out to your mom. Your dad seems to already know but your mom is blind and stuck in the past. I don't think she even knows Sollux is gay and he practically radiates gayness of him" Vriska said. "Ya, I was planning on doing it next weekend. Dad is going to be off work and I think I'll feel more comfortable with him there" you tell her. "Okay and you know I will always be there for you right?" she asks. "Of course I do! Now let's watch some Nick Cage" you cheer walking into her house.

Your Nick Cage Marathon was a something you guys did every week. You would both snuggle up on the couch and watch all your favorite Nick Cage movies until both of you passes out. It didn't matter whose house it was at as long as there was no interruptions. Both of your parents know how important this routine is to you so they make sure that they make plans around your Nick Cage schedule.

You always watch Con Air first, followed by both National Treasures and Ghost Rider. Then you watch The Knowing and Drive. If you are still awake then you watch Con Air until you both are asleep. You ended up watching Con Air five times until you were finally able to fall asleep.

You woke up alone in a dark you. You couldn't see anything so you just started walking straight. After a few minutes of walking you heard some familiar laughing. "Jane is that you?" you called. Jane appeared from the shadows smiling at you. You ran towards mind already filled with questions to ask her. When you within arms reach of her something pulled you back causing to fall. As soon as you hit the found Jane disappeared. Soon you heard footsteps coming towards you. You glanced around to see who it was. It was your mother. She offered you a hand to help you up but as soon as you hand touched hers she turned to ash. "John! John! Where are you?" your aunt called. You tried to answer her but you had no voice. She still found you though. She was always very good at finding you. "Come on John your mother is back." She said. You got up and followed her to a door. She held it open gesturing for you to go first. You walked in and turned around waiting for her to follow but she had disappeared. You looked around for your mother but instead you found the one person that you try so hard to forget. It was clear that he didn't have anything to say to you so you decided to speak "Why did you leave? You told me you would never leave!" "I was just did what everyone else did" he said and started walking away. "No come back!" you called and started chasing after him. But the person you ended up catching was Vriska. "Hey John! I'll stay with you for now but don't be fooled one day I'll leave you too. Nobody ever stays john and I'm no exception. But for now you just need to wake up." She said. "John you need to wake up. You mother called."

"John, wake up. You need to be home in half an hour!" Vriska exclaimed. You opened you eyes to find Vriska showered and ready to walk you home. "What time is it?" you ask. "Almost five, but don't worry I just got up like twenty minutes ago. Come on so you can eat something." She says. You scarf down a sandwich then brush your hair and try to look somewhat presentable. The whole time Vriska is complaining about school and all the people she hates. Thankfully when you start walking to your house she had ended her rant and was now talking about a new Nick Cage movie that will be coming out. You were walking across the street, Vriska slightly in front of you clearly not paying attention when a car turned the corner. It was going too fast to be able to stop before hitting Vriska. "Vriska watch out!" you yelled. She turned, saw the car and froze like a deer in headlights. The next moments happened in slow motion as you ran and pushed her out of the way. The car instead hit you sending pain throughout your whole body. Vriska screaming your name was the last thing you heard before you blacked out.

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